Sec. State Kerry Acting Like Taliban’s Lawyer In Discussions with Pres. Karzai

[Karzai appears to be the only world leader who clearly sees the truth about the so-called “war against terror” (SEE:  Hamid Karzai says US, Taliban are colluding )  He understands that this has never been a real “war,” it has always been a series of staged events, or “false flags,” intended to create the appearance of a real war.  Kerry is squirming in his hot seat, struggling to negotiate a place at the Afghan table for the very terrorists that we have allegedly been fighting against.  The terror war has always been the greatest hoax in human history, intended to deceive the American people into willingly, passively embracing an American police state.  Perhaps the growing anti-Obama backlash against revelations of widespread govt. surveillance and the wholesale abuse of American Constitutional rights will expand to encompass outrage for “synthetic terror war” (SEE: 911 SYNTHETIC TERRORISM, MADE IN USABy Webster Griffin Tarpley).  No matter what happens in Afghanistan, Americans must now seize their own destinies, or surrender them to a US dictatorship.]

Karzai, Kerry spar over peace drive


By Pajhwok Report

KABUL (PAN): President Hamid Karzai and US Secretary of State John Kerry recently had testy exchanges on the issue of reconciliation between the Afghan government and the Taliban, an official said on Friday.

During an hour-long telephonic conversation with Kerry a week back, Karzai made clear the Afghans would never allow their country’s return to instability and anarchy.

While acknowledging the need for national reconciliation, Karzai said his nation’s genuine desire for peace should not be misused as a tool of promoting outsiders’ nefarious designs.

One senior official familiar with the unusually long phone conversation confided to Pajhwok Afghan News that the discussion hotted up when Kerry tended to intercede with the president on behalf of the Taliban.

He recalled the US had adopted a similar pro-Taliban stance at meetings in Washington, London and Brussels. The Americans were pushing for opening Taliban’s political bureau in Qatar on terms and conditions that would make the office look like a diplomatic mission, the official said.

Afghanistan would run the risk of sliding back into warlordism and lawlessness if the Taliban and US terms were accepted, warned the source, who alleged some foreigners literally acted like representatives of the insurgent movement.

“We have been sparring with Western officials, particularly with Americans, over the past six months on why they have been throwing their weight behind the fighters. This is a pretty bizarre situation,” the official remarked.