Afghan Intelligence Warns of Impending Attack By Pakistani Militants/Military On Parliament

 Parliament alerted on massive Taliban raid


By Abasin Zaheer

KABUL (PAN): The Afghan spy service has alerted the Meshrano Jirga, upper house, against a possible coordinated Taliban assault that has been planned in Pakistan, a senator said on Wednesday.

The Afghan Taliban leadership in Pakistan has prepared a plan to carry out a group attack on the parliament house, lawmaker Shakiba Hashmi said of a letter the National Directorate of Security had sent to the house.

The Kandahar public representative told the house that the Taliban Quetta Shura had finalised the plan late on Sunday at a meeting held under the leadership of Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban supreme leader.

Quoting from the letter, she said the attack would be launched six days before the holy month of Ramadan that begins July 9-10.

Some Pakistani army generals, intelligence officials and Taliban-designated governors for Afghanistan’s 34 provinces were present at the Quetta meeting, she said.

The attack would be carried out by a 20-member group that would include three fighters of Mullah Mansoor, she continued.

The attackers, who would be laced with machineguns, rocket launchers, hand grenades and suicide vests, would enter Kabul in a Parado type jeep with a fake license plate of another vehicle, she said.

“I disclosed this secret report in order to prevent bloodshed and make aware security forces to be ready,” she told Pajhwok Afghan News.

Wolesi Jirga speaker Abdul Rauf Ibrahimi also confirmed receiving the letter, saying security officials were ready to prevent the attack.

Interior Ministry spokesman Ghulam Siddique Siddiqui said that preventive measures had been adopted to ward off any massive attack against public representatives.



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  1. BullShit !—[Either it will happen, or it will not. If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the warning was false. Exposure of the warning could have caused a change in plans. No matter what is said today, the odds that the Taliban will eventually attack the Afghan parliament are very high.–ed.]

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