Who Attacked CIA HQ At the Arianna Hotel In Kabul?

[This latest Kabul attack follows on the heels of last week’s bombing murder attempt (June 18) of prominent ethnic Hazara lawmaker Mohammed Mohaqiq, a member of the Northern Alliance.  It seems as though the Taliban, or whoever has been attacking Kabul are building-up to something real big, perhaps a massive attack upon the Afghan Parliament much like the 2001 ISI-sponsored terror assault upon the Indian Parliament.  Afghan security did recently warn of such an attack upon Parliament to take place the first week of July (SEE:  Afghan Intelligence Warns of Impending Attack By Pakistani Militants/Military On Parliament).  There have been too many evidence trails leading back to Rawalpindi to continue to ignore.  Rule #1 in this war, is that all forensic trails which seem to lead back to Pakistan’s ISI usually lead to Washington, or to Langley, Virginia, except when the target is a CIA installation, as this case seems to be.  The Arianna Hotel has been Afghan CIA HQ since Enduring Freedom ended.  So, this is either another spat between Washington and Islamabad, or an unknown, outside force has just telegraphed a deadly warning to that CIA outpost.  Time will probably NOT clarify this situation, since more evidence on this one attack will not be likely to be forthcoming.]

“The firefight took place in Ariana square, about 500 meters (yards) and several more checkpoints away from the presidential palace.”

Clashes ended near Afghan presidential palace in Kabul


By Ghanizada

Attack on Afghan presidential palaceHeavy explosions rocked capital Kabul early Tuesday morning after a number of militants carried out coordinated attacks near the Afghanistan presidential palace. Militants had reportedly entered the highly secured compound with Land Cruiser vehicles and fake VIP cards.

The explosions triggered heavy gun battle between the presidential palace security forces and the assailant militants which continued for more than one hour.

The attack was carried out near the entrance gate of presidential palace in Shash Darak area which is also close to ISAF headquarters and ministry of defense of Afghanistan. Over 15 explosions were heard in the area.

There are no reports regarding the casualties as a result of the incident and clashes have reportedly ended between the security forces and militants.

This comes as Afghan president Hamid Karzai was due to appear in a press conference to brief Afghan media regarding the Taliban political office in Qatar and Afghan peace process.

Taliban group claimed responsibility behind the incident.

A spokesman for the Taliban group Zabiullah Mujahid said the main target of the suicide bombers were Ariana Hotel which is used by United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

In the meantime Gen. Daud Amin deputy security chief for Kabul city said clashes have ended near the Afghan president Palace however he said that still there are no reports regarding the casualties.

Gen. Ayoub Salangi security chief for Kabul city said, at least three militants in coalition forces uniform were looking to enter the presidential palace using fake identity cards.

Mr. Salangi further added that clashes started after presidential palace security guards prevented the militants to enter the compound.

Another security official speaking on the condition of anonymity said four militants were looking to enter the presidential palace compound with two Land Cruiser vehicles.

The source further added that all militants were shot dead and Afghan security forces did not suffer any casualties.