Russia has plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Russia has plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia

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A senior source in the Air Force of Russia reported a telegrapher , that Russia has plans to bomb the Gulf monarchies – Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


“It is absolutely no secret, such plans were developed in the USSR, since they have slightly changed by replacing the landing in a friendly at the time Iraq to refuel in the air above the Caspian Sea,” – said the officer.

He noted that it can perform as a member of the Su-27 fighter jets, bombers and modern Su-34 with extra fuel tanks, accompanied by the Su-27.

“Today the situation is such that even in the case if the Su-34 does not have enough fuel to get out of Iran’s airspace on a refund, they will be able to sit right there,” – he said – “a combat radius of the Su-27 will fly to Capitals monarchies and back, the Su-34 as it is smaller. “

On the question of when and why the developed plans, the officer replied: “Saudi Arabia is a key U.S. ally in the region, not Israel, as many have suggested, namely regime of King Abdullah, who is willing to get involved where you want to please their owners, so of course the Soviet Union was preparing plans for the destruction of this regime, because without it – Saudi Arabia will no longer be integral state and Washington will get hordes of barbarians who destroy their base yourself using the same techniques the U.S.. “

The source also said that the entire operation to destroy the ruling circles of the monarchy from the air to no more than 24 hours.

China Blames Massive Knife Attack In Xinjiang On East Turkistanis Returning From Syria

[For some reason, the following extremely difficult article to dig-up, has been flushed from the Global Times site, but this article from October, on the same topic is still there (SEE:  Xinjiang jihad hits Syria).  SEE REUTERS: China state media blames Syria rebels for Xinjiang violence]

Xinjiang: ‘East Turkistan’ elements from the war zone to sneak into Syria


[Global Times special correspondent to Xinjiang Qiu Yongzheng] violent terrorist criminals recent series of attacks in Xinjiang, making the case, the impact of grassroots organs of state power, killing innocent people, harsh nature, means cruelty to people’s lives and property safety of all ethnic groups and social stability in Xinjiang serious harm. Meng Jianzhu, secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission on June 29 evening in Urumqi, Xinjiang Armed Police Force attended the swearing in ceremony, stressed that terrorism stability maintenance, inside and outside the ‘three forces’ chaos my heart die in Xinjiang, do everything possible to sabotage manufacturing execution trouble. << Global Times >> Reporters recently learned from the Chinese anti-terrorism authorities exclusively informed that from 2012 onwards, the ‘East Turkistan’ faction of some members from Turkey into Syria, Syrian opposition to participate in religious extremist terrorist organizations fighting with the Syrian army, and also from in Syria Combat ‘East Turkistan’ elements in identifying candidates to sneak into Chinese territory planning terrorist attacks.

From Urumqi to Aleppo

‘Chinese authorities recently arrested a terror by the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ and ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association’ dispatch, has been involved in the Syrian war ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist.’ Chinese authorities counterterrorism official told reporters << Global Times >> exclusive disclosure of this message(

Two years ago, 23-year-old Mohammad Levitra from Urumqi to Turkey ‘study.’ To Turkey soon, headquartered in Istanbul ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association,’ came to her door, take the initiative to want to Mamat Levitra provide ‘help.’ Eric Mamat at this time do not know, in the Turkish public activities of the ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association’ is actually the name of ‘help newcomers’ on the cover, engage in identifying and training ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist organization.

In an interview with the ‘background check’, ‘lecture’, ‘help each other activities’ strict ‘screening’ and the ‘brain’ process after Mamat Eric was accepted as the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement,’ a full member of this When his mind is full of ‘jihad’ ideology .2012 by the end of the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ and the ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association,’ notice Mamat Eli, he was ‘glorious’ selected to go to Syria war! Mamat Levitra Inquiries his China to counterterrorism officials frankly stated: ‘In listening to ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association’ people’s agitation and ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ instructors who own experiences, the brain hot bent only ‘jihad’ a , academic and family told all cast aside. now in retrospect, a bit like a dream. ‘

Sneaked into Xinjiang to engage in terrorist

Levitra by Mamat idea, he returned to Turkey and want to go to school in the local: ‘First, a confession to the family, the second is to adjust their mood.’ However, the ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ and the ‘East Turkistan Education and mutual aid association ‘gave him the layout of the new task: Immediately back Xinjiang to participate in’ jihad(Military News ‘Mamat Levitra statement said:’ They specifically asked me to carry out sabotage activities back to Xinjiang to enhance the ‘struggle level’. ” but did not Unexpectedly, it was discovered just come back. ‘Mamat said Eric.

‘Like with Mamat Eli, ‘East Turkistan Islamic Movement’ and ‘East Turkistan Education and Mutual Assistance Association’ successively sent some ‘East Turkistan’ molecular visit Syria war.’ Chinese authorities counterterrorism officials told << Global Times >> Reporter: ‘with the previous ‘East Turkistan’ molecules to Pakistan and Afghanistan, like the war, the purpose of ‘practice gall’, ‘started’, to enhance the experience of engaging in terrorist activities.’

Chinese anti-terrorism expert Li Wei told the Global Times >> << reporter, said, ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist war into Syria for some time, even still available online related videos: ‘Compared with other international terrorists is different, ‘ East Turkistan ‘terrorist hotspot regions to participate in terrorist activities abroad has two aspects: First, they rarely engage in suicide attacks, but rather focuses on the recruitment of involvement in terrorist organizations, propaganda, terror of learning, this is for their own and terrorist organizations accumulate experience, back to China after highlighting their personal identity and status, and encouraging others to participate, and secondly, they tried in this way to seek international community for their support and recognition in the international terrorist organization with high-level contacts process, they put human intervention in the form of international terrorism, in exchange for a future phase of international terrorist organizations ‘East Turkistan’ of support in terms of funding and equipment to enhance their ability to terrorist activities. ‘

Li Wei said: ‘The recent terrorist incidents occurred in some of the show, ‘East Turkistan’ terrorist tactics have been applied to some of the Xinjiang, such as international terrorist organizations attacking focus is to maintain social stability and law enforcement forces.’ Li Wei has put forward four combat terrorist activities suggested: ‘First, terrorism in Xinjiang building needs further improvement. Xinjiang current anti-terrorism forces, such as the public security police and armed police are mainly concentrated in large cities, villages and towns cope with the terrorist attacks far will not be forthcoming. want to deal with ‘ decentralized multi-point ‘of the terrorist attacks, you need to make up the shortfall from three aspects: distribution of anti-terrorism special forces need to threaten the larger towns, training grassroots police counter-terrorism capacity, grassroots anti-terrorist forces need to be further strengthened. Secondly, we should pay attention strengthening grass-roots anti-terrorism equipment construction this year in April Bachu incident has exposed the deficiencies in equipment, therefore, the primary anti-terrorism police station equipped with professional equipment needed due to the vast Xinjiang region, so the grass-roots level to strengthen counter-terrorism priorities mobility, so as to achieve rapid response time of the incident, and the third, a few terrorist activities as terrorists, but the general public is hurt can refer to the United States to provide clues rewards terrorism, as well as the practice of mainland Samaritan Fund, the discovery of terrorist activities and to provide clues were given rewards, fourth, Xinjiang terrorist violence has nothing to do with the national religion, the implementation of anti-terrorism measures should, regardless ethnicity, are equal in front of everyone. ‘

Terrorists ‘rescue’ to their body against injury

Xinjiang terrorism also requires the full support of the international community, according to Itar-Tass reported that the Syrian Information Minister Omran · Zu Abi early this year with the Russian Federation Council Vice Uma Alu talks, said that fighting in Syria Foreigners militants more than 80%, from 29 countries, including Yemen, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, and the United Kingdom, France, Australia and other Western countries.

<< Global Times >> Reporter past year and more has worked twice in an interview from Turkey to Syria in the Turkish province of Kilis border crossings, the reporter noted, Turkey surface heavily stationed at the border line, border police, armed forces, border officials soil completely blocked Syria border, do not allow anyone to enter northern Syria through Turkey, however, the Turkish side of the ‘specific groups’, ‘rescue’ obvious bias Syrian opposition such as some Western and Middle Eastern countries, media reporters need only chapters that cover a free round-trip transit, do not want to pass through customs ‘normal channels,’ the customs checkpoints can be far away from the walls break out of a cement plant borders, and in the border area between the shuttle Turkish border guards and border police this ‘turn a blind eye.’ into the Syrian opposition fighting personnel to enter Syria is simple: After nightfall, wearing camouflage uniforms filled with young men of foreign car without any license, but still clearance by.

For the Government of Turkey near the border open to ‘rescue’ approach, the United States, Canada, and European countries are quite critical of the government, such as are known to have more than 120 citizens in Syria fighting the Dutch government to protest, said: ‘Turkey connivance extremist ideas Syria multinational staff into combat, and the results will jeopardize global security and stability, and to make the world anti-terrorism complicate the situation. ‘

Southern neighbor Syria, Jordan, Turkey also very unhappy. Jordanian scholar Abdul Aisha told << Global Times >> reporter: ‘I personally support the Syrian opposition, but we must distinguish between genuine opposition and extreme terrorist organization. Jordanian extremist ideology can not accept the so-called opposition, they are terrorists, terrorism, Jordan has also been great harm, as we will never turn on the water like Turkey. ‘

American << >> in the latest Atlantic Monthly journal article that recently occurred in Turkey nationwide anti-government activities in support of the Syrian government in fact everything about the opposition: ‘These people in Syria, Turkey, the practice has become a model youth, and even directly harm Turkey itself, such as soil Syrian customs border of suicide bomb attacks, as well as several towns in southern soil terrorist activities. ‘

(Original title: ‘East Turkistan’ elements from the war zone to sneak into Syria Xinjiang)