Does MI-5 Have Our Friend, Mostaque Ali?–( MIA since 5-31 Article On Brit Spies)

MI-5 Islamofascist agent whisked to a safe house by Criminal UK State….to allegedly protect him from a MI-5 psy-ops.(race baiting)



mostaque ali

MI-5 runs the Israeli loving EDL.

MI-5 also runs nearly ALL the Islamo-fascists in the UK.

What we end up with is a MI-5 run, race baiting Punch and Judy show with consequences.

Five types of Islamo-fascists run by Western Intelligence:

(i) Foreign Islamists with academic backgrounds funded by the Criminal UK State to study in the UK, and develop their radical Islamist literature in the UK, often with Social Security assistance, or work in British education institutions, after they finish their studies. Their sword of Islam is their writing.

(ii) Foreign Jihadi military trained fighters who use the UK as a refuge under the aegis of MI-5, most often funded by the Social Security Service or small low pay work. Often hired out for ops in the Middle East and Africa, illegally by the Criminal UK State, as and when the whim and spotlight takes them (Syria, Somalia).

(iii) Domestic often educated second, or third generation immigrants who are recruited by MI-5 at places such as SOAS, LSE to fight for Islam in the Greater Middle East and Africa as Islamists or activists. The Criminal UK State helps them with Social Security help, networking in their community, and career development in the UK, organizational development. ANJEM CHOUDHURI.

(iv) Criminal ethnics in jail for various crimes. MI-5 recruits them whilst in jail, with preconditions….method more favored by the CIA, then MI-5. These criminals then suddenly grow a beard, and become ‘pious’ Muslims……..sent on terrorist missions in the UK or abroad.

(v) Christians and Jews pretending to be Islamists working often for two governments example Israel/UK…..who carry out terrorism for MI-5, in the UK or abroad.

The elite Jews run MI-5. The current head of MI-5 may be a covert Jew….his eyes are quite close together and he seems to have a hook nose.

The International Jews are implementing Neo-liberal, Monetarist, Reaganomic policies in the UK steadily since 1979. These policies are obviously unpopular…….they make the rich richer (a high percentage of whom happen to be JEWS) and the poor poorer. A feudal society…..a regression of society to the Medieval era, or even beyond.

Neo-liberal policies are also disastrously unsuccessful in the few countries where they were introduced in their PUREST form….Argentina, Chile and Russia.

The USA is the richest country in the world presently, purportedly; NOT because of neo-liberal policies applied since 1783, BUT A COMBINATION of economic policies which were subsequently adjusted, and varyingly contrasted depending on the politics of the time…….FDR’s New Deal etc.

SO how do you implement bad economic policies and brazen Criminality by the City banks, with austerity, which harms 95% of the population?

YOU put on a DISTRACTING CIRCUS…..of Islamists terrorism, pedophilia revelation of a few elderly has been stars (I’m making an observation of this as a vehicle for a specific agenda, and not a criticism of the lawful process against it), David and Victora Beckham and so forth….’Soccer is my only reason for existence’…’I love Coronation Street’.

Smart nations such as China, Taiwan, Australia? Who enjoy good economic performance, and small Jewish populations understand that Neo-liberalism as an economic theory is impractical. They have seen what it has done to certain countries.