Hekmatyar Warns Against Western Plot To Divide Country, Empower Minorities—Promises To Go Midevil Against Remaining Shia

Hekmatyar accuse foreigners and minorities for dividing Afghanistan


By Ghanizada

hekmatyarGulbuddin, leader of the Islamic Party of Afghanistan (Hezb-e-Islami) accused foreign troops for plotting the division of Afghanistan with the support of the minority groups, in a bid to pave the way for continued war in the country.

Hematyar in a statement released on the occassion of Eid-ul-fitr said that foreigners are scrambling to disorganize the central government by creating the federal system in the country and devilry by differentiating the minority and majority groups.

He said the foreigners have given more share to minorities in security institutions, and has created a separate province for the minorities besides where the governor is also appointed according to their will.

According to Hekmatyar, Bamiyan and Daikundi provinces have the status of independent states similar to Balkh province. Hekmatyar in his letter also accused the presidential palace for being under the pressure of Irn Dollars and programs of the United States of America.

He said Daikundi was created an independent province due to Iran and U.S. pressures, and all the authorities including civil and military institutions were given to Hazaras and Shias.

He also pointed towards the territorial issues between the Kuchis (Nomads) and Hazaras in central Maidan Wardak province, and said that certain groups backed by United States were encouraged to conquer the lands of Pashtuns, and do not allow the Kuchis to go to their lands.

Hekmatyar in his letter also warned the Hazara minority that the oppressed people of Afghanistan one day fight against their rights which have been seized from them and at that time there will be no place for the Hazaras to hide.

He said that a number of the Hazaras will escape to Iran but they will not be welcomed and will face barbaric cruel behaviors of the Iran people and government.

In parts of his letter, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar compared the current situation of the country with the soviet occupation and warned that the minority groups in favour of the foreing troops will face such a punishment that will remain a lesson for their coming generations.

Gulbuddin Hekmatyar is leading an anti-government militant group in Afghanistan and has been blacklisted by US Department of State. His militants are mostly operating in eastern and north-eastern provinces of the country.

He is believed to be hiding somewhere in Pakistani tribal region.

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Did Secret Deal Between Erdogan and Syrian Kurd PYD Lead To Massacre of Tal Abyad

“We have planted the idea of a provisional administration to ensure delivery of the public services that have been hampered because of the war.”

We are against al-Assad and want him to be overthrown.

“‘Claims that we are with the regime are baseless. We have been a part of the opposition since the beginning,’ Muslim said.”

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Video- Kurdish civilians massacred by terrorists in Syria before the secret meeting between PYD Leader and Turkish Intelligence

islamic invitation turkey

The bloody massacre before secret meeting between PYD leader Saleh Muslim and Turkish Intelligence Chief Hakan Fidan?






Democratic Union Party (PYD) leader Saleh Muslim has arrived at Istanbul's Atatürk airport July 25 on a flight from Arbil, Hürriyet has reported. AA photo

Democratic Union Party (PYD) leader Saleh Muslim

PYD Leader Saleh Muslim. “We are against Assad, We are under the command of Turkey, We want the overthrown of Assad…”

PYD Leader Saleh Muslim. “We are against Assad, We are under the command of Turkey, We want to overthrow Assad…”
The leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Saleh Muslim, who is currently on an unexpected visit to Turkey, has said the Syrian Kurds will seek a “new status” in the new political system to be established in Syria.
Muslim also emphasized the need for a provisional council in the territory controlled by Kurds in northern Syria, which could also comprise Arabs, Syriacs and Turkmens, to ensure governance until the two-year-long conflict reaches a settlement.
“By all means, Kurds will need to have a status in the new order in Syria. But what’s in question now is a provisional arrangement until we arrive at that phase. It’s not about making a Constitution, but practical rules are necessary,” he told Anadolu Agency July 27.
He added that as the main Kurdish group in northern Syria, they weren’t intending to “impose” anything on anybody. “No decision has been taken yet. Our thought is to establish a provisional council of 40-50, maybe a hundred people. This council will comprise Kurds, Syriacs, Arabs and Turkmens. They will choose the provisional administration from among themselves,” he added.
The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated PYD has increased its control in the north of Syria after violent clashes between its armed wing and the al-Qaeda-linked al Nusra-Front for over a week.
Turkish officials have expressed strong concerns about the “fait accompli” imposition of a de facto autonomous Kurdish region in the north of Syria. The developments prompted the government to hold an emergency meeting on July 24, which was followed by Muslim’s surprise talks.
Meetings with senior Foreign Ministry officials
Muslim confirmed that he had held talks with Foreign Ministry and other senior officials on the recent developments in northern Syria.
“We met first degree officials from the Foreign Ministry and other senior officials. We held talks on various issues. We were already close to each other. [Foreign Minister Ahmet] Davutoğlu had some positive statements. The al-Nusra Front is pursuing a war against us. This is very important and we discussed it with Turkey,” Muslim said, stressing that the provisional rule they were intending to establish was causing “misunderstandings” in Ankara.
“We have planted the idea of a provisional administration to ensure delivery of the public services that have been hampered because of the war. The administration will be comprised of all parties in Rojava [northern Syria]. We discussed and talked about these matters,” he said.
The PYD leader has also stressed that Syrian Kurds were opposed to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. “We have had a constant policy since the beginning. We are against al-Assad and want him to be overthrown. But because we can’t position ourselves with certain sides or send our young people to fight in Damascus as we protect our region, some are displeased. But claims that we are with the regime are baseless. We have been a part of the opposition since the beginning,” Muslim said.
He also added that their ties would improve after the election of Ahmad al-Jarba, a tribal leader from the mainly Kurdish Hasaka region in northern Syria, as the new head of opposition.
“We are making efforts to meet the needs in Rojava where mostly Kurds are living. But these efforts are not only directed to Kurds, but also to Arabs, Syriacs and Turkmens living there. We don’t want any of them to [be harmed]. We have managed to protect our region until now. Hopefully we can protect it in the future as well,” Muslim said.
Turkish Prime Minister Erdoğan had said that Muslim held talks with intelligence officials along with Foreign Ministry diplomats. The developments also come as the government is working to finalize a democratization package to boost the ongoing Kurdish peace process, which started seven months ago.

Taliban Mine Graveyard In Nangarhar—Blast Kills 14 Women and Children Visiting Site

14 women, children killed in Ghanikhel graveyard blast





JALALABAD (PAN):  A mine blast killed seven women and as many children ahead of Eidul Fitr prayers on Thursday morning in a graveyard in the Ghanikhel district of eastern Nangarhar province, an official said.

The explosion took place around 7am in a cemetery in Golai area, the governor’s spokesman, Ahmad Zia Abdulzai told Pajhwok Afghan News.

He said the dead included seven women and seven children and another three women and a child were wounded. The incident was being investigated, he said.

A resident of the district, Mohammad Bilal, said the victims were visiting the grave of their relative to offer prayers for his soul as part of cultural tradition.

He said the grave belonged to a brother of a former jihadi leader, Ghalib. The man was killed last and his family members were visiting his grave on the first day of religious festival Eidul Fitr when most of them were killed in the blast.

Bilal said the bomb had been planted in the grave and was detonated as women and children gathered around it.