Iraqi Kurdistan leader threatens to intervene in Syria to defend Kurds from al-Qaida fighters

Pershmerga special forces Pershmerga special forces

Iraqi Kurdistan leader threatens to intervene in Syria to defend Kurds from al-Qaida fighters


BEIRUT –  The president of Iraqi Kurdistan vowed Saturday to defend the large Kurdish population across the border in neighboring Syria from al-Qaida-linked fighters.

The comments from Massoud Barzani follow weeks of clashes in predominantly Kurdish parts of northeastern Syrian near the Iraqi border between Kurdish militias and Islamic extremist rebel factions that have killed dozens on both sides. The fighting in the oil-rich region has emerged as yet another layer in Syria’s increasingly complex and bloody civil war.

In a statement posted on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s official website, Barzani called for a delegation to visit Kurdish areas in Syria to verify the reports of fighting. If confirmed, then Iraqi Kurdistan “will make use of all its capabilities to defend the Kurdish women, children and citizens in western Kurdistan,” he said.

Barzani offered no other details about how he would protect Syria’s Kurds. Iraqi Kurdistan boasts a powerful militia known the peshmerga, which includes experienced and equipped fighters hardened by years of guerrilla warfare.

But Barzani seems unlikely to risk a direct military intervention. Such a move would likely trigger a furious reaction from Iraq’s central government as well as neighboring Turkey, which has been wrestling with its own Kurdish insurgency for decades.

Iraqi Kurds control three provinces in the country’s north. The largely autonomous region has all the trappings of an independent state, but still heavily relies on Iraq’s central government to help meet its budget needs.

Tens of thousands of Syrian Kurds have found refuge in Iraqi Kurdistan since the Syrian conflict broke out in March 2011.

In Syria, Kurds are the largest ethnic minority, making up more than 10 percent of the country’s 23 million people. They are centered in the poor northeastern regions of Hassakeh and Qamishli, wedged between the borders of Turkey and Iraq. There are also several predominantly Kurdish neighborhoods in the capital, Damascus, and Syria’s largest city, Aleppo.

Long oppressed by President Bashar Assad’s regime, Syria’s Kurds now find themselves enjoying near autonomy in the northeast after Assad’s forces pulled back, ceding de facto control to armed Kurdish fighters. Some Kurds openly call for an officially autonomous region in Syria similar to that of northern Iraq.

But clashes have erupted in the Kurdish-controlled areas with increasing frequency in recent months, pitting Kurdish militias against rebels with an Islamic bent. Following the killing of a prominent Kurdish leader late last month, a powerful Kurdish militia said it was mobilizing against the al-Qaida-linked rebels.

Rising tensions on the Arab-Kurdish front come on top of virulent sectarian hatreds between pro-rebel Sunnis and pro-regime Alawites and Shiites. Now in its third year, the Syrian conflict has killed more than 100,000 people, according to the United Nations.

Opposition activists said Saturday that government warplanes bombed a predominantly Sunni village in northwestern Syria, killing at least 20 people as government forces pushed to retake territory in the region along the Mediterranean coast.

The rebel capture last week of 11 villages in the regime stronghold of Latakia province along the coast was a symbolic blow to Assad, whose troops have otherwise been making gains in central Syria and around Damascus. Assad’s forces are trying to retake those villages, which are predominantly populated by members of Assad’s Alawite sect.

The mountainous region near the Mediterranean Sea is also home to villages populated by Sunni Muslims, who dominate the rebel ranks. The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said fighter jets struck one Sunni village, Salma, late Friday, and that at least half of the dead were fighters.

The group reported heavy clashes between troops and rebels in the surrounding Jabal al-Akrad mountains on Saturday. It had no reports of casualties.

The state media said Saturday that government troops recaptured three of the 11 villages. Activists confirmed the fall of one village but said fighting was continuing in the other two.

Most of Latakia province has been under tight government control and comparatively peaceful during the conflict. But earlier this week, rebels including foreign fighters swept through a string of villages, causing civilians to flee. At least 60 civilians, mostly women and children, were killed in the rebel offensive, activists said. They say another 400 civilians, mostly Alawites, are missing and are presumed to be in rebel custody in the area.

The activists spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals.


Yacoub reported from Baghdad.


Bandar Claims “Two Months” To Turn the War Against Assad Around–(it takes time to cut that many throats)

[Probably the first time in history that a world-class war criminal is such a celebrity, a power icon who is fawned over by every major media outlet, looking for a news “scoop” on whatever major war crimes he is preparing to commit next.  Never before, has there been a case like the present scenario, where a dominant, most respectable global “moral authority,” like the United States, has used the persuasive power of abject terrorism (primarily against civilians), without being ostracized by the civilized world for it  Not only does the civilized world ignore American-sponsored terror, but every legitimate news outlet in the world celebrates these acts of American terrorism as, somehow, good news for rest of the human race.

If every news-watcher could understand the truth about the hidden hands behind each celebrated “counter-terror” report, then all events would begin to reveal themselves through the false news reports about them.   I am astounded every day, whenever I pay attention to the news, long enough to read about the daily mass-murder being committed by agents of the US GOVT, or the mercenaries in their hire, or by individuals susceptable to manipulation by them.  Every single report on violent beheadings, kidnappings, or car-bombings can be traced directly to an American/Israeli terrorist asset.  It doesn’t matter whether that terrorist asset was an actual “agent,” of the US GOVT or someone effectively controlled or manipulated, their violent actions and Western-inspired reactions to those actions are ours to claim.   Everytime that the nightly news uses one of these reports to further frighten or disgust the American sheeple, it is reporting on an American terrorist event in a manner which hides the true nature of the event.

What will it take to make the “selectively” blind/deaf American people aware that they are being represented by a bunch of terrorists, being protected by a terrorist military force, on a mission to kill all of the individuals who are resisting our terrorist offensive.  Agents of the military/intelligence (most of them claim to be “retired”) train, arm and transport gangs of criminals and terrorists to target areas, in order to justify full-blown military intervention, under the popular banner of “humanitarianism.”  How can the CIA and the Pentagon create real terrorists, if they are not terrorists themselves?  The American people are demoralized by news on the terror that the Pentagon creates and then torn in the opposite direction by the counter-measures that the Pentagon takes in reaction to its self-created terrorism. If the Pentagon wages war to control the terrorism that it unleashes, then why does the American people support our troops?  Perhaps the epidemic of military suicides, where self-inflicted deaths far exceed battlefield casualties, is due to many soldiers facing-up to the war crimes that they have been helping to make possible?

Bandar is the mover and shaker behind the American terror offensive.  He creates the humanitarian nightmare in Syria that Gen. Dempsey and friends insist that they want to stay out of.  It is obvious to all, that this is already a losing offensive, before Bandar’s new jihadis can even come together behind Bandar’s new plan.  Bashar al-Asad now has this thing going his way,.  At best, 300 new trainees a month cannot hope to make a difference for the terrorist prince.  He is there to harass Asad by killing as many innocent Syrians as he can.  Nobody on our side seems to be a bit concerned by the hundreds or thousands of Syrian civilians who will die in the next few months to aggravate the Syrian President.  When Bandar loses this one, he will be celebrated for his valiant efforts to turn the Syrian war into a major terrorist victory.  Nobody will bother to blame him personally for any of those deaths, even though the blood of every dead Syrian and jihadi from here on out will be on Bandar’s pudgy, princely fingers.]

Bandar a prince for the jihad: will modify the the balance of powers soon


Bander says that the next two months will witness the completion of what has been initiated by the armed forces and training to the opposition (Hassan Ammar AFP)

Theoretically, he became the commander of the Syrian opposition fighters unite: Bandar bin Sultan. Man outside of a failed military experience in Beirut, betting today to modify the balance of power on the ground in Syria. But opponents say they will not let him win this time too

Hassan Blackberry

Not the head of Saudi intelligence, Bandar bin Sultan, the traditional policy maker in the kingdom ruled by his family. Is, according to follow his career, «to resolve the country’s crisis diplomacy, and her problem at once. Saudi Vassador ‘historic’ in Washington, compensate for the total absence of those decision in the hands of the ruling family. These are divided between passive by nature, and the inability أعيتهم diseases, and they are now practically out of service, King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal, passing through the Crown (Salman bin Abdul Aziz) and the Second Deputy Prime Minister (Horny bin Abdul Aziz). The man is the initiator almost the only one of his family members in the diplomatic field. Knocks on the doors it opens to him, from Washington to Moscow, passing through Paris and London. Sends man holds his first name to Turkey to lead the process of arming the Syrian opposition, and sent to the King of Jordan and generous promises against which asks for wider engagement of Oman and effective security organs in the Syrian war.

Enters the Red Square in Moscow as a negotiator «Amir of Mujahideen in Syria. And among those he knew well, Russian President Vladimir Putin, especially those coming from Chechnya, Dagestan and the Caucasus countries and regions. It Dagestan alone, more than 100 ‘Mujahid’ fighting in the ranks of migrant Army and supporters of al-Qaeda, and widespread in the north of Syria. Russian immigrants and their fellow Syrians, who come from the four winds of the earth, lead them (in theory) of one man: Bandar bin Sultan. Is the head of livelihood financial and Tzlyahya, a political spokesman on their behalf, directly, or by his agent, president of the Coalition »Ahmad Jarba.
Bandar bin Sultan, is the same problem for Saudi Arabia. Unlike the ‘calm’ (albeit virtual) Riyadh policy, raising the roof Bandar forecast to more than reality. Recent experience ‘of a military character has fought in Lebanon after 2006. At the time, persuaded the king to spend money to build a militia of Saad Hariri. Some observers say close to that experience that Bandar spent more than $ 200 million on the militia. But this Altgria over to a catastrophic failure in less than 20 hours of fighting.

Syrian in his experience, did not violate the Bin Sultan usual. Raise the ceiling of expectations, and still is filed. Did not ask about the fate of successive invasions promised, which fell on the walls of Damascus. But they are not. The man does not see today is Syria, according to met him during the past few weeks. Negligible Yemen or Iraq or Lebanon, but from the angle of ‘defeat Iran and Hezbollah in the Levant. It continues to be optimistic. He said some of the finally met him that time range is not tight in front of him. He has more than 8 months of support and reinforcement and monitoring of rows to modify the balance of forces on the ground in Syria. He did not say that he wants to change this balance, but he talked about the modification, in order not to be the hands of the Syrian regime is supreme in any political negotiations take place in the future. Says that the next two months will witness the completion of what has been initiated by the armed forces and training to the opposition. After that, says Bender, will begin harvesting phase, which will extend for months. And in front of visitors, the man talking about the difficulties faced. Complain about fragmentation fighters, and the inability to provide training for more than 300 of them a month. In armament, depends on the sale of arms, which sends it to several combat battalions, which eventually settle in the hands of fighters Qaeda and Mtafrath. But the complaint does not prevent him from betting on what will achieve fighters in the coming months. Wants Syria’s achievements in the north, from the city of Aleppo. In the south, will seek to persuade the Jordanian government to open the doors to the arms and fighters to the shield and the Golan Heights. Believes that such achievements will persuade Moscow to adopt a political solution to «do not have to Bashar al-Assad’s role at the end. But the words of the Syrian Emir of Jihad, according to convey him, apparently ignoring the fact that the other party does not stand idly by. In Damascus and the southern suburbs of Beirut, Tehran and Moscow, there are those who work day and night to prevent Bandar axis of achieving the aspirations. In this battle will not be providing any effort: armed and funding and training, planning and supply mankind. What he wants Syrian regime «after the liberation of the central region will provide to him the reasons for success. Some supporters of the regime who hear the words quoted in Bandar answer by saying that «what do the enemies of Damascus during the past two years, at all levels, was enough to overthrow Assad. Did not lack the money nor weapons nor men nor plans nor implementation. Their problem is not in this side, but we resisted and we knew how to stop them from achieving what they want. Members of the ‘axis of evil’ themselves assert that the next battle in the Syrian war will be as its predecessors, and to modify the balance of power is very difficult, but almost impossible, and Bandar bin Sultan, will come out of Syria also came out of Beirut in 2008.