Delhi Police cites proof of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan

Chota Rajan (L) and Dawood Ibrahim (R): When they were friends

“NEW DELHI, September 22: The split between the mythical and mystical underworld dons of India – Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Rajan – has turned into a war between the super intelligence agencies of India and Pakistan.”—The War of Underworld Dons Sucks in Indian, Pakistani Agencies

Delhi Police cites proof of Dawood’s presence in Pakistan


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NEW DELHI: Even as Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif’s special envoy to India, Shahryar Khan, may claim that Dawood Ibrahim was “chased” away by Islamabad to UAE, the Delhi Police, who is on his trail for years, says it has evidence to the contrary.

The Delhi Police chargesheet in the IPL spot-fixing scandal makes a strong case that the D-Company boss Dawood Ibrahim is still in Pakistan and freely runs his illegal activities from there. In fact, the chargesheet has gone a step further, placing evidence on record to prove the don’s presence in Pakistan like shuttling from one city to another. It lists the fugitive’s cellphone number through which he contacts his deputies in other countries and his four addresses in Pakistan.

Khan on Saturday retracted his statement confirming that Dawood — wanted in India for 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai along with several other cases and who was designated by the US as a “global terrorist” — was holed up in Pakistan.

The statement, subsequently retracted, surprised only because it came from a high-ranking member of the Pakistani establishment. The fact that Dawood was in Pakistan, which uses him as a “strategic asset”, is no secret. UN Sanctions List — last updated on August 6 — which has designated him a global terrorist clearly lists his four Pakistan addresses.

Islamabad could have contested the United Nations’ 1267 Committee’s fact-sheet on Dawood if they could prove without doubt that he was no longer living in Pakistan. In fact, Interpol has relied on the UN Sanctions List as well as information provided by India while issuing a global Red Corner notice against the don.

“Any country has to present evidence contrary to what is there in the UN Committee to de-list name of any individual or organization from the al-Qaida sanction list. Pakistan had tried this in the past, but could not convince the world body,” said an official.

Official sources in Delhi reacted to Khan’s confirmation about Dawood’s presence in Pakistan by stressing that the 1993 Mumbai blasts dossier against him had not been closed and that India would pursue the case. “We will not rest until all those responsible for the 1993 attacks against our citizens are brought to justice wherever they are,” they said,

Delhi Police gives a sequence on how it first traced a call from Pakistan to Dubai, which was from Dawood to his aide Dr Javed Chautani, when it became clear that IPL matches were being compromised. The fresh evidence of Dawood being in Pakistan to India emerged when on March 26, 2013, at 21:32 hours, Delhi Police intercepted a 160-second call between two international numbers +9233332064488 (a Pakistani number) and +971561363786 (a Dubai number) when the call used an Indian International Long Distance (ILD) gateway probable on account of congestion in the direct foreign gateways between India and Pakistan.

Since Javed Chautani was in touch with some Indians, Delhi Police arrested three Indian cricketers – S Sreesanth, Ajit Chandila, Ankeet Chavan — and several bookies, including an important underworld bookie, Ashwani Aggarwal alias Tinku Mandi. Mandi also revealed that he was a close aide of underworld conduit Dr Javed Chutani, a native of Pakistan, who works from Dubai and with other members of D-Company like the Chota Shakeel syndicate based in Pakistan, Dubai and India. Delhi Police had also taken help of central intelligence agencies and RAW to confirm these numbers.