Proof of FSA’s chemical weapons usage isn’t information everyone likes

[(SEE:  Was the Damascus Gas Attack This Qatari False Flag Unfolding, As Reported In January?)   If proof is found, leading back to Qatar, then Russia should present it to the UN, before pounding Qatar back into the sand that the Fat Pig of Qatar crawled out of.]

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Proof of FSA’s chemical weapons usage isn’t information everyone likes

Voice of Russia

химическое оружие полигон Дагуэй испытание химическое оружие

Russia has given irrefutable evidence regarding the use of chemical weapons by the armed Syrian opposition to the Permanent Members of the UN Security Council according to a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russia’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vitaly Churkin.

The relevant report was submitted to official representatives of the American government. Thus, one of the most acute issues of the civil conflict in Syria can be closed, if there is a political will of Western leaders.

However, this situation is not that simple. Washington claims it is studying the information of the Russian experts, but it continues to blame Moscow of allegedly blocking the investigation into the circumstances of the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

In response to numerous accusations on the part of Western leaders against the current Syrian government of having used lethal weapons, Russia has offered to speak the language of facts.

According to Vitaly Churkin, the examination has unequivocally established that rebels had used the poisonous substance sarin on March 19 in Aleppo. Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov exposed the details of the results of the investigation.

“Our experts took samples, examined them on the spot in laboratories that are certified by the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, and came to the conclusion that the shell and sarin that was in it were homemade. There are quite clear and unambiguous conclusions concerning the fact that characteristics of both the shell and this very sarin do not meet the standards used in industrial production. According to our additional data, the shell and this substance were manufactured in February, 2013, in the Syrian territory, which was then under the control of the Syrian Free Army, by one of the groups, which was affiliated with this Syrian Free Army”.

Such information is not to everyone’s liking. And first of all not to those, who are at any cost interested in convincing the world of the opposite.

And there are plenty of them. For example, there are political and military lobbyists in some Western and Eastern countries that benefit from pushing through the decision to supply weapons to Syrian opposition. And this is not only a question of geopolitics, but also of finance.

In the light of the recent veto of the American Parliament on the initiative of President Barack Obama, there already appeared a statement of the official representative of the Pentagon George Little. He says the U.S. will proceed with seeking opportunities of providing military assistance to insurgents.

For those, who just can’t wait to annoy Moscow claiming that it protects the criminal regime, it is also profitable to convince the international community of Bashar al-Assad’s «atrocities». The Syrian opposition is also extremely interested in covering up their actions and blaming their opponents for that.

Meanwhile, the elementary logic indicates that the use of chemical weapons by the government troops is unprofitable for a single «player» in this prolonged drama – for Bashar al-Assad. The army units achieve evident success, and pointed strikes with the use of prohibited types of weapons, traces of which are almost impossible to hide, will put an end to his political career and to all international peace initiatives. But Assad clearly does not look like a suicide.

By the way, before the USA has received the Russian conclusions about the events in Aleppo, the White House Press Secretary Jay Carney once again hurried to prooflessly accuse the Syrian authorities of the atrocities.

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But even after the 80-page report of the Russian experts was in the hands of the Americans, the State Department Spokesperson Jennifer Psaki stated that “Washington still does not believe that the opposition used chemical weapons”.

As if it is a matter of faith or belief, and not of exhaustive evidence collected by the Russian specialists. There is a feeling that the US relay statements by militants, who dissociated themselves from the use of chemical weapons calling the Russian report «false and fabricated».

By the way, Jennifer Psaki added that Russia, “although it has provided the report, is blocking the efforts of the UN Security Council aimed at ensuring access of international experts to studying the issue of chemical weapons”.

In response to this, Vitaly Churkin reasonably said that such a decision should be accepted not by the Security Council, but by the Syrian government as a sovereign state. And in fact, it has never avoided that. On the contrary, on the initiative of Damascus, an international Commission was created headed by Swedish Professor Oke Sellstrom, which is awaiting entry into the country.

It is worth noting that recently quite an unexpected statement came from London. The published report of the Committee on Intelligence and Security of the UK says that in case of overthrow of Bashar al-Assad, stockpiles of chemical weapons located in the territory of the country might fall into the hands of militants and terrorists, which may lead to catastrophic consequences.

At the same time, the Swiss press published data refuting the statement of French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, who had accusing Damascus of using prohibited substances. Thus, with a conscientious attitude to facts and pursuit of objectivity, political intrigues around sarin and other toxic substances must finally give way to constructive initiatives.

Unfortunately, there is little striving for it among those, who want at all costs to deprive Syria of legitimate authority and finally plunge the country into chaos. In this big and not quite fair geopolitical game, the interests of the Syrian people are the last to be taken into account by supporters of hard security measures.