What About the Rockets Allegedly Used To Gas Ghouta, Syria?




chem weapon ghouta

chem weapon damascus. 4PG

chem weapon ghouta 5

chem weapon damascus. 6JPG

chem weapon damascus. 5PG

chem weapon damascus. 6PG

chem weapon damascus. 7PG

chem weapon damascus. 8PG



[Below is a photo of a home-made chemical rocket taken from the Free Syrian Army site back in May.  It is based around a common 20 lb. propane gas cylinder.  From the remains shown by the ITN video, it appears that there was a large cylinder on the Ghouta rocket, implying that it was also home-made.  The pictures from the Guardian and from Naharnet show the same type of rocket.  How is it that all of these people can stand around without protection, even handling the cylinders, with no apparent ill effects.  Perhaps they were all later added to the body count.]

Syrian free army

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