Misinformation Claiming Professional Rocketry Forces Would Deploy “MacGyvered” (Homemade) Rockets

[Photo above is typical of the rockets found.  Notice size comparison to man.–ed.]

Syrian “gas rockets” appear homemade and incapable of flying 5-10 miles to target.

dem underground


“Photos of devices allegedly used to carry Sarin gas show they appear to be homemade and are clearly incapable of accurately reaching targets 5-10 miles away. That is crucially important because the State Department report asserts that the gas barrage was launched from gov’t controlled territory. But the map (below) that accompanied that report shows that several of the targets were miles away from the area in pink shown to be under the control of government forces.

These rockets have only the crudest stabilizers, no guidance systems, and would be highly inaccurate at any significant distance, which is why they are unlikely to have been the weapon used in the attack of 8/21, if the US target map is accurate along with the statement that they were launched from government-held territory.”

[There seems to be a lot of misinformation posted in this forum post—the first mistake was in misidentifying the rocket as a common Soviet-era BM-14 rocket-launching system,

then claiming that it was firing projectiles modelled on an old USARMY fuel-air-explosive mine-clearing system

SLUFAE fuel air explosive USA1 

posting videos of previous FSA homemade projectiles found and similar ones being fired, mislabled as “Syrian Army,” even though the Syrian military fires professionally-made Soviet-era rockets, which look exactly like any other type of rocket.  Why would professional rocketeers experiment with these top-heavy “albatross” weapons (which are more than likely to kill the operators than any intended targets), except perhaps, if they were building a convincing copy of an FSA weapon.  The following video posted is of a similar type of weapon, packed with high-explosives, an obvious dud.]

[Below is a video of a much larger version of the same weapon being fired from a truck launcher.  Notice the very large rocket lying on the bed of the crane truck.]

[In the following snapshots from the video, we see the true size of the weapon being fired from the converted crane truck launcher. 

Chemical rocket a 

Compared to the men who are loading/arming the damned thing, it appears that the tank end, as well as the nozzle end of the rocket is close to 3′ in diameter, indicating that this design is for a tube-type launcher only.

Chemical rocket1a 

Chemical rocket4a

Notice the length of the pipe section bearing the rocket fuel is several feet longer than an approximately 6′ tall man.]
(from Democratic Underground)  Here’s the State Dept. map of the 12 alleged targets in the North Damascus suburbs. Note the distances of some of the targeted neighborhoods from government-held territory (in pink):