French Oil (Maurel and Prom ) Captures Oil and Gas Exploration Rights In Syrian War Zone

[Thanks to the limping messenger, for preserving the map photo of Syrian “Open Areas” for oil and gas exploration…it is missing from the Internet, except for this post, even scrubbed from original Syrian Oil and Gas News site.  The following photo is from the Syrian Oil and Gas site, showing the offshore blocks which were offered for bidding on Mar. 30, 2011, the day the West turned against Syria and the anti-Assad protests began.]

Syrian Offshore blocks

[SEE:  Maurel & Prom Enters Syria]


Historical handshakes confirming Oil Ententes of the Elysée with Libya and Syria 2007 – 2009

 ”… discovery of treasure, a huge oil and gas in the basin of the Mediterranean is estimated reserves to 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas and 107 billion barrels of oil.”

Syrian gas and oil exploration map

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