Email Address Books?—Let ’em Burn Along With the Rest of Our Private Info

Salt Lake City – The National Security Agency’s mega spy data center is suffering startup glitches that make the problems with the new Obamacare site seem mild by comparison.
The glitches in the government health care exchange website are quite evident to the public but the even more serious problems with the $1.2 billion dollar NSA Utah data center take place in the secret, high security confines of the center, not obvious to the public. The Wall Street journal reported on the problems. The US prides itself on being a leader in technology but the defects in the Utah system are quite serious and destructive. Within the last 13 months, the facility has experienced 10 electrical surges that cost about $100,000 in damage to equipment each time one happens. Experts say that the system requiring about 64 megawatts of electricity costing about a cool million a month, is not able to run all its computers and servers while keeping them cool. The ten “meltdowns” have delayed the opening of the facility for a year according to a report. The Utah center is one of the largest Defense Department construction projects in the US and is supposed to be, according to a January 2011 NSA statement: “a state-of-the-art facility designed to support the intelligence community’s efforts to further strengthen and protect the nation’s cyber security”. The contractor that designed the problem plagued system, Klingstubbins, said that it has “uncovered the issue” and is working on “implementing a permanent fix”. Yet according to the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) the meltdowns are “not yet sufficiently understood”. Given that there have been ten meltdowns up to now, it would seem clear that they have yet to be well understood. Nevertheless a public statement by ACE released by NSA downplayed the problems: “During the testing and commissioning of the Utah Data Center, problems were discovered with certain parts of the electrical system. Issues such as these can arise in any project, and are the reason the Corps tests and reviews every aspect of any project prior to releasing it to the customer.” Apparently the government does not have complete information about the design of the electrical systems and this could pose a problem if there needs to be changes made to settings of circuit breakers to avoid the overheating. The report also noted that regular quality controls in the design and construction were not followed in order to “fast track” the project. This was obviously short-sighted since now the project’s opening is being delayed for a year. The appended You Tube report says there have been 13 meltdowns. Perhaps there were earlier meltdowns more than thirteen months ago. Several reports describe the surges as causing explosions.
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