Anti-Terrorism statement by Syrian official delegation

Geneva-2 : SNC’s rats of the Fake-opposition rejects an Anti-Terrorism statement by Syrian official delegation

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Syria’s official delegation to Geneva 2 conference submitted a draft statement during Thursday’s morning session, in presence of UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi, on combating terrorism, but the coalition delegation so-called “opposition” rejected it.

The statement recalled Security Council resolutions, particularly UNSCR 1373 of 2001 and UNSCR 1267 of 1999 which stress the necessity of international cooperation to fight terrorism and confront it with all possible means because of the dangers it poses to international peace and security,  stressing refrain from providing any form of explicit or implicit support, financing or administration to entities or individuals involved in terrorist acts, and taking measures to prevent such acts from taking place and refrain from providing them with safe havens.

The statement stressed “The importance of acting urgently to confront terrorist groups and eliminate them. This needs full cooperation and implementation in accordance with agreed mechanisms in order to achieve peace and security and restore calm and stability to all parts of the Syrian Arab Republic, act to prevent and stop funding, arming, training and sheltering terrorists and facilitating their influx into Syria, and calling on all countries of the world to help in that regard based on their international commitments, including stopping all acts of incitement and spreading takfiri thought and religious fanaticism in all its shapes and forms.”

It added, “The parties stress their full commitment to the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic, its independence and territorial unity and integrity and reject any form of direct or indirect intervention in its internal affairs, and that fighting terrorist organizations and driving them out of Syria is a common objective and duty for every Syrian.”

“To that end,” the statement concluded, “They have committed to the following:


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  1. The ideaology of the nwo is in sharp contrast to the principles of American ideaology as displayed in the Geneva conference. American ideaology rests squarely on the bedrock of SELF-DETERMINATION (please read Declaration of Independence) had Syrias’ delegation brought with them that document it too would have been blocked. Where as the nwo tyranny abrogates unto itself the power to decide another nations future and in the process spits in the face of Thomas Jefferson.

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