Zawahiri’s Stooge In Syria Spouts Empty Threats and 5-Day Countdown To Total War with ISIS

Abu-Mohammad-al-Golani-NUSRA-FRONT2Abu Mohammed al-Golani nusra leader3

[This Golani clown (whoever he proves to be, or whether he even exists at all) has allegedly promised to do the impossible in 5-days.  The fake Islamists’ Front cannot possibly expel ISIS from Syria.  It has even less chance of running Al-Q In Iraq out of Iraq, even the combined might of the Western coalition could not accomplish that.  Yet, here we have the self-avowed spokesman for the old Egyptian doctor warning us to expect the impossible in just five-days. 

This should prove to be entertaining.]

Leader of Syrian militant group challenges rivals


The Associated Press
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CAIRO — The leader of a powerful al-Qaida-linked jihadi group in Syria has given a rival al-Qaida breakaway a five-day ultimatum to seek arbitration by leading clerics or be expelled from the region.

Abu Mohammed al-Golani, leader of the Nusra Front, warned the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant that it would be driven both from Syria and “even from Iraq” if it rejected the results of arbitration “under God’s law.”

The threat came in an audio message produced by the Nusra Front media arm al-Manara al-Baydha and posted on militant websites Tuesday.

Al-Golani’s ultimatum came two days after the killing of Abu Khaled al-Suri who acts as al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri’s representative in Syria. He was believed to be assassinated by two ISIL suicide bombers.




Kerry “Peace” Deal To Set Jordan On Fire

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Islamists say Jordan must freeze peace deal with Israel

the daily star
File - Jordanian protesters, mostly Islamists, demonstrate after prayers in Amman.

File – Jordanian protesters, mostly Islamists, demonstrate after prayers in Amman.

AMMAN: Jordan’s opposition Islamists called on the government to freeze a 1994 peace treaty with Israel as the Knesset was Tuesday to debate Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

“We urge the government to meet the demands of people who have repeatedly called for freezing and eventually cancelling the peace treaty,” the Islamic Action Front (IAF) said on its website.

The Israeli Knesset, or parliament, is due to debate in the evening a bill introduced by MP Moshe Feiglin, a hardline member of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, which envisages the “application of Israeli sovereignty” over Al-Aqsa mosque compound.

No vote is envisaged at the end of debate. Netanyahu is opposed to the bill and commentators say it is unlikely to attract much support.

But the IAF, political arm of Jordan’s branch of the Muslim Brotherhood and main opposition party, said the planned debate “proves that Jordanian policies in dealing with the enemy (Israel) have failed.”

Under the peace treaty, Jordan is the custodian of Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.

“The custodianship is a Jordanian national interest and a sacred religious duty,” said the IAF.

Jordanian officials were not immediately available for comment.

The IAF statement came as Israeli police early Tuesday entered the compound to disperse stone-throwing Palestinian protesters, with an Israeli police spokesman speaking of “high tension”.

The Al-Aqsa compound, which lies in Israeli-annexed east Jerusalem’s Old City, is a flashpoint because of its significance to both Muslims and Jews.

Sitting above the Western Wall plaza, it houses the Dome of the Rock and Al-Aqsa mosques and is Islam’s third-holiest site.

It is also Judaism’s holiest place, as it was the site of the first and second Jewish temples.

Earlier this month a panel of Jordanian MPs warned that “Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa represent a red line”.

Demonstrators raise Russian flag in Kerch




Demonstrators raise Russian flag in KerchPicture: AFP

Kerch. Demonstrators raised a Russian flag onto a pylon of the city hall in Kerch, which is a city on the Kerch Peninsula of eastern Crimea, UNIAN reported.
A protest rally was staged in Kerch by people who oppose EU association. The protesters were carrying flags of the Russian Unity party and others. They were also carrying posters which read ”Shameful intervention” and ”Crimea wants peace”.
The protesters started chanting ”Kerch-Crimea, we want [to be] in Russia” in front of the city hall. The Mayor tried to subdue them without success. Clashes followed.
The demonstrators took down the national flag of Ukraine, which was fastened to a pylon, and raised the flags of Russia and the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.

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Saudi doublespeak hits India’s core interests

Saudi doublespeak hits India’s core interests

pakistan today

M K Bhadrakumar

The writer is a former Indian diplomat.

Pakistan, India, USA and Iran


Wow! Shall I credit myself with a touch of prescience? After all, what I wrote about the visit of the Saudi Crown Prince and Defence Minister Salman bin Abdul Aziz’s visit to Pakistan last weekend was spot on. (See my article “Don’t ask what Saudi Arabia can do“).

The AFP just reported quoting Saudi sources that Riyadh is in talks with Islamabad “to provide anti-aircraft and anti-tank rockets to Syrian rebels to try to tip the balance of the war to overthrow [Syrian] President Bashar al-Assad.” (here)

But I won’t be triumphalist here, since this is a dangerous development that affects India’s core interests. Saudi Arabia is dealing a terrible blow to regional security by engaging Pakistan (’subcontracting’ might be the right word) in its jihadi enterprise in Syria.

Indeed, Pakistan is terribly unwise to get involved in the Saudi-Iranian, US-Russian proxy war or to dabble in the business of ‘jihad’ all over again when its own house is on fire.

And the most appalling thing is that the Barack Obama administration without whose concurrence King Abdullah won’t venture into this mad adventure, is being plainly diabolical.

WaPo’s David Ignatius disclosed two days ago that the CIA and the Saudi intelligence put their heads together recently in Washington to rev up the ‘jihad’ in Syria by supplying more sophisticated weapons to the rebels.

Of course, Delhi needs to be extremely watchful. Its naiveté is incredible in underestimating the robustness of the Saudi-Pakistani fraternal ties.

What an irony that Defence Minister A. K. Antony was persuaded to visit Riyadh to encourage the Saudis to invest in co-production in the Indian defence industry and to boost and give verve to ml-to-mil ties — and, lo and behold, within two years Riyadh prefers to strengthen Pakistan’s defence industry.

Why such willing suspension of disbelief on our part when it comes to Saudi Arabia? Unfortunately, the heart of the matter is that our domestic politics has crept into this template of our Gulf policy.

The plain truth is that the petrodollar oligarchies are exercising a larger-than-life influence on our corrupt political class. Partly at least, this accounts for the calibrated policy to gradually atrophy India’s relations with Shi’ite Iran in the recent years.

Hopefully, some balance will be restored under a BJP government.

Make no mistake that Pakistan is immensely experienced in demanding and extracting its pound of flesh for such highly professional services rendered in the ‘jihad’ in Syria.

In immediate terms, Salman is due to arrive in Delhi on a three-day visit on Wednesday. We should ascertain the details regarding his move to draw on Pakistani expertise in ‘jihad’ (a number of Pakistani ‘jihadis are already fighting in Syria and Pakistan is also reportedly training the ‘jihadis’ recruited from other countries by Saudi intelligence for the war in Syria.)

The point is, Saudi Arabia has a gory record of being responsible for the induction of the forefathers of the al-Qaeda in this region during the 1980s.

When the war in Syria gets over, will Saudi Arabia rehabilitate these battle-hardened Pakistani jihadis in Riyadh or Jeddah? This is a serious question.

For far too long, India has looked away from the harsh reality that Saudi Arabia is a state sponsoring terrorism, which uses ‘jihad’ as an instrument of policy to perpetrate terrorist acts in foreign countries. Delhi should speak up — unless it has lost its spine and Muslim politics in India trumps national security interests.

Make no mistake that Pakistan is immensely experienced in demanding and extracting its pound of flesh for such highly professional services rendered in the ‘jihad’ in Syria.

In the prevailing regional milieu, when the US and Saudi dependence deepens in the highly strategic enterprise to overthrow the Assad regime, they lose the moral and political standing to stop the Pakistani project to return the Taliban to power in Kabul. They will only see it as a small price to pay.

Colour revolution unleashed in Bosnia

Colour revolution unleashed in Bosnia



By Stefan Karganovic | The color revolution that was expected for over a year in Bosnia has finally started. But the fundamental point that needs to be stressed is that, contrary to what many analysts expected, this is not going to be a “regime change” in the Republic of Srpska only. It is shaping up as a country-wide putsch that will include both the Muslim-Croat Federation and the Republic of Srpska.

That is a very important point because it suggests that Western intelligence services and their governments, of course, wish to have a clean slate in the entire country. The plan is to use mounting social dissatisfaction, for which there are plenty of genuine reasons, in order to provoke general chaos. That chaos, and the illusion of a better life that Western media and propaganda agencies will generate in the minds of the public, will be then used to install a new team of puppets not just at the entity, but at the central level as well.

The basic goal remains to get rid of President Milorad Dodik and his independent policies in the Republic of Srpska, and to bring to power in Banja Luka a team of collaborationists who will facilitate the absorption of the Serbian autonomy into a centralised Bosnian state. The further goals are to bring Bosnia as a whole into NATO and to integrate it completely within Western Euro-Atlantic structures. Under the current constitution that cannot be done without the consent of a compliant government in the Republic of Srpska. What is now a protectorate, with some measure of local autonomy here and there, in the end is therefore to be transformed into a completely subservient Western colony.



The protestors in Bosnia, like those in Kiev, are motivated by the illusion that, once they “throw the rascals out”, their actions will result in a vaguely conceived and tantalisingly undefined “better life”. However, that will never happen if it is left to Western installed puppets to do the job. As we saw in the Ukraine, only Russia right now can step up to the plate and make a large enough economic contribution capable of improving their lives. The EU has made it clear that they do not have the wherewithal to contribute to the reconstruction of the Ukraine, although they of course do have the small change sufficient to buy the services of the rioters. What applies to the Ukraine  applies also to Bosnia and the Republic of Srpska.

The current upheaval, which began two days ago in the Muslim-Croat Federation town of Tuzla, and spread from there to Sarajevo and other urban centres in the  Federation, has been marked from the start by the use of extreme violence on the side of the protesters. Since the “regime change” operation generally is being orchestrated  following closely Gene Sharp’s scenario of “non-violent resistance” it may strike as a bit odd that in Bosnia the non-violent phase was unceremoniously skipped. In the initial stage, the usual pattern of “provocation – escalation” in fact calls for goading the authorities to assault the peaceful demonstrators so that they could be portrayed as innocent victims. But in this case Western orchestrators may be in a hurry to quickly finish the job in both targeted countries, the Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. They may have decided to accelerate the process of installing their puppets while the illusion of a “better life” can still be plausibly nurtured and before the disappointing news of the West’s own deep economic crisis reaches the teeming masses of the East.

The way the uprising is being managed is succinctly portrayed by this picture[1] published on one of the websites of the opposition network:

This suggestive image shows at least three things. First, the aggressive level of street violence practiced by the demonstrators, including the use of burning tires. Second, the old, familiar “Otpor” symbol of the clenched fist, which has characterised similar operations ever since the first successful color revolution under Western auspices in Belgrade in October of 2000, a dead giveaway of the inspiration behind the current events. Finally, the somewhat incongruous English text on what is supposed to be a Bosnian poster, a clear lapsus lingue which undoubtedly in due course must be corrected because it accurately suggests who is behind the entire charade.

Furthermore, all the classical and telltale signs of a Gene Sharp operation are present. The regime change infrastructure that Western specialists have been carefully putting together in Bosnia for the last two years has been given the signal to surface. What we witness now is a very well coordinated network in the Federation and the Republic of Srpska cooperating to achieve identical goals and using all the standard modern technological devices to that end. The demagoguery is suitably vague and focuses on nebulous objectives, such as “respect for rights” and “decent future,” that undoubtedly enjoy mass support in Bosnia just as “end to nuclear radiation” would probably be a popular slogan in Fukushima. Oddly, no specific policies to achieve these high-minded goals are being offered. Right out of Sharp’s playbook, however, demonstrators are appealing to policemen to join them. The anonymous organizers of the Tuzla riots refer to themselves by the acronym “UDAR,” clearly evoking the name of Vitali Klichko’s political organization in the Ukraine.

The authorities in both Bosnian entities are plainly unprepared for what is in store for them. In the Federation, Muslim politicians foolishly mistook the West’s tactical support for an immutable guarantee, just as Egyptian president Mubarak did for years before them, while in the United States activists of the “April 6 Movement” were being trained  to overthrow him. In the Republic of Srpska, not only has the ruling coalition failed to make a timely assessment of the situation and to plan effective counter-measures, but the opposition as well may have miscalculated. They may wake up to realise that they also were manipulated by Western mentors for the sole purpose of undermining President Dodik but that an entirely different set of Western-trained protégés – not they – is slated to be installed.



Putin Visits With Leaders Manning Next Line of Defense In Western Psywar

[Considering the Ukrainian factor and the urgency of the hour, we can safely assume that Putin’s first important meetings after the close of the Olympic pageantry would be those national leaders manning the next line of defenses between Ukraine and Russia.  The following comes from the website of the President of Russia.  I have added links below to the national challenges currently confronting each of Putin’s visitors (excluding the Korean reps).  After Ukraine, it is reasonable to question whether the Russian military will do anything to prevent the next attack, or simply wait until Russia itself is invaded.

The ongoing US State Dept/CIA blitzkrieg across Europe is just as atrocious and immoral as Hitler’s blitz, even though ours is being committed under the disguise of “humanitarianism.” 

All of our leaders are evil men.]

Vladimir Putin held a number of bilateral meetings

president of russia

February 23, 2014,

Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office Before the closing ceremony of the XXII 2014 Winter Olympics. With President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev. February 23, 2014—(SEE: Bulgarian Nationalists Stage Rally  U.S. to Train Libyan Military Personnel in Bulgaria)
Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office Before the closing ceremony of the XXII 2014 Winter Olympics. With Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic.February 23, 2014—(SEE:  Colour revolution unleashed in Bosnia)
Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office Before the closing ceremony of the XXII 2014 Winter Olympics. With Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan.February 23, 2014—(SEE:  Protesters Say ‘No To The USSR’ As Putin Woos Armenia)

Before the closing ceremony of the XXII 2014 Winter Olympics, Mr Putin spoke with President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach. The President and Mr Bach congratulated each other on the successful hosting of the Sochi Olympics.

Mr Putin also spoke with President of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev, Prime Minister of Serbia Ivica Dacic, Prime Minister of Armenia Tigran Sargsyan, Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea Chung Hong-won, and President of the PyeongChang 2018 Organising Committee Kim Jin-sun.