Watch Syrian Air Force Eliminate 175 Al-Nusra Terrorists

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Elimination of dozens of terrorists “Front victory” and “the banner of Islam,”

including Saudis and Qataris and Chechens in East Gouta

26/02/2014 10:50:57

Based on the information you want intelligence unit of the brave members of our military armed terrorist group nationalities of the dead, including Saudi Arabia and Qatar and a Chechen in East Gouta Rural Damascus.

He said a field commander for the CFTC SANA to East Gouta that the unity of our military spotted terrorists / Front victory / and so-called / banner of Islam / while traveling on the hub / Alnchabah Midaa Adra Industrial conscience well reeds Jordan / and caused more than 175 people, including and wounded others.

He added that the field commander of this operation comes as a result of cracking down on armed terrorist groups in East Gouta and ready military units to prevent terrorists from sneaking toward the East Gouta.

He pointed out that the terrorist group was trying to relieve the pressure on the terrorists who receive fatal blows from our military in the region of the brave Kalamoon by bringing terrorists backed by Western nations and regional cross the Jordanian border.

The elimination of terrorists and the confiscation of 300 thousand narcotic pills in their possession Kptagon Damascus Suburbs
It ruled units of our army valiant armed terrorist groups on most of its members from the front of the victory and the so-called Islamic Front and destroyed them with weapons and ammunition in a series of operations against their communities and their hideouts in Damascus.

The sources said it was destroyed nests of terrorists and eliminate them some numbers from the front of the victory northwest town supervisor in farms and Rima threshold and elbow Jers hills and the road broad and Mount Saint Maron in the area Yabrood.

The sources added that the units of our army brave clashed with terrorists Southeast shrine Ms. Sakina in Darya and caused deaths and injuries among their ranks while destroyed and a second unit car equipped with a machine gun and gatherings for terrorists East Electricity Company and Southeast Tower of teachers in the district of Jobar and towns Arbin and Zamalka.

The sources pointed to the fall of many of the terrorists of the so-called Islamic Front dead through the quality of our military units near the shrine stone valiant bin Udai Adra in the country and the expansion of the city of Adra labor housing.

It clashed unit of our army brave with a terrorist group in Tlvia farms and seized a car that was in their possession containing 300 thousand Kptagon narcotic pill.