Russians Scuttle Kara-Class Cruiser To Block Entrance To Donuzlav Air Base In Crimea

Lake Donuzlav Naval Air Station

Ochakov is 569′ in length, the opening to Donuzlav measures about 1,000′

Russian anti-submarine ship sank in Black Sea

ukrinform  UKRINFORM

KYIV, March 6 /Ukrinform/. According to the Ukrainian military, the Russian Black Sea Fleet ship “Ochakov” has been sunk off the coast of Crimea, the 0652 online publication learned from the regional media center of the Defence Ministry of Ukraine.

“The Russian military have sunk the decommissioned ship “Ochakov” at the entrance to the southern naval base of the Ukrainian fleet to block Ukrainian ships in the Donuzlav Lake,” the report reads.

The large anti-submarine ship “Ochakov” was launched in 1971, affiliated into the Black Sea Fleet (BSF) in 1973. It was part of 30 divisions of the BSF surface ships. The ship made nine military campaigns, participated in the exercises “Okean- 75”, “Crimea-76”. In 1977, 1979, 1986 the Ochakov was declared the best ship of the USSR Navy.

Since 1991, the Ochakov was under repair at the Sevastopol Marine Plant. After repair and modernization, the ship was planned to be put into operation in 2004-2005. However, this did not happen. In 2011 the large anti-submarine ship “Ochakov” was removed from the Russian Navy.


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  1. Its a cheap,effective and bloodless method to bottle up remaining Ukrainian naval vessels diminishing the chances of any confrontation at sea be it by gunfire or ramming.An ‘act of war’ implies the use of military forces in direct contact with the opposing force,this scuttles (pardon the pun) that possibility altogether.

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