Germany Set To Help Militarize the Political Situation In Eastern Europe

Germany May Send Military Aid To Eastern Europe In Response To Russia’s Actions

EW News Desk Team

By: EW News Desk Team

The German defence ministry is considering providing military assistance to some eastern European members of the NATO defence alliance, in order to assuage fears of further Russian aggression following their actions in Crimea, reported Der Spiegel over the weekend.

The defence ministry in Berlin could send up to six air force planes to patrol the Baltic region, the news magazine said, adding that the number of NATO aircraft could be doubled at least.

A decision will be announced during a NATO meeting in Brussels on the Ukraine crisis on Tuesday, Der Spiegel said.

Other NATO members have also begun increasing their military presence in Eastern Europe, particularly in former Soviet states.

Denmark will send six F16 fighters to the Baltic countries to help patrol their airspace, Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard said on Thursday; while according to Reuters, France might send four planes to Lithuania if NATO decided to boost air defences.

Nevertheless German military missions overseas remain a sensitive topic due to their Nazi past. In response to the Der Spiegel report, a defence ministry spokeswoman told Reuters that any army mission still remained in the hands of politicians.

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  1. It is impossible to do the dance moves required without Germany. Coy Germany has had many reverses but one must remember the ‘Fatherland” does not shun the steel hat. We never get news of gay marriage from there, so best keep an eye.

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