MUOS and drones , Sicily platform of the wars of the twenty-first century

[The following report from Italy, on the controversy surrounding the new US Navy MUOS Satellite ground station and the high-frequency radiation emanating from the facility, much like the HAARP issue.]

NO MUOS event in Niscemi of March 1, 2014

Il Muos è completo, Crocetta si nasconde ma la lotta continua

(The Muos is complete, spreader is hidden but the struggle continues)


MUOS and drones , Sicily platform of the wars of the twenty-first century


The MUOS (Mobile User Objective System) embodies the many contradictions of neoliberal globalization . Kills in the name of peace and order supra . Destroys the climate, the environment, land . Squander human and financial resources endless. Regenerate injustice. Deprives each control from below . Expropriates democracy. Reinforces the transnational power bloc . Irrevocably pollute the nature and reason. Violates the right to health of entire populations .


It is in Niscemi (Caltanissetta ) , in the heart of an important nature reserve, that preparations are underway for the installation of three large satellite dishes with a diameter of 18.4 meters , operating in Ka-band for transmissions to geostationary satellites and two transmitter coil UHF (Ultra High Frequency) , 149 meters high, the geographical positioning . While the maxi -ante transmit frequencies that reach values ​​between 30 and 31 GHz , the two transmitters will have a helical transmission frequency between 240 and 315 MHz Electromagnetic waves that penetrate the ionosphere and tissues of every living being .


The earth terminal of Niscemi will be one of four facilities around the world that will ensure the operation of the latest generation of satellite network in the UHF ( ultra high frequency ) that will connect between their centers of command and control of the U.S. military , logistics centers and more than 18,000 military radio terminals existing groups operating in combat, cruise missiles and Global Hawk ( UAV- UAV ), etc. ..


At the Sicilian project , the U.S. Navy has invested more than $ 43 million , of which 13 for the preparation of the reserved area to the ground station , control center , megageneratori of Electrical and storage of diesel fuel ; $ 30 million for shelter and the purchase of technological equipment of the MUOS system .


Star Wars Made in Sicily


In fact, originally the chosen base terminal of the new satellite system was to Sigonella, the main Naval Air Station Navy of the United States in the Mediterranean. Then, the U.S. Navy has decided to hijack the Earth’s plant at the nearby station Niscemi , which since 1991 provides communications both super and non- surface forces , submarine , aircraft and ground-based command centers and intelligence the U.S. and NATO . The change of use was dictated by the findings of a study on the impact of electromagnetic waves generated by large antennas MUOS , developed by AGI – Analytical Graphics , Inc., a leading company based in Exton, Pennsylvania, in collaboration with the Maxim Systems San Diego , California. The study, called “Sicily radhaz Radio and Radar Radiation Hazards Model” , included the development of a model of risk assessment of electromagnetic radiation on weapons systems , ammunition, propellants and explosives at the airport Naval Air Station hosted Sicilian ( HERO – Hazards of Electromagnetic to Ordnance ) . The computer simulation of the model led to an unexpected “No” to the hypothesis of using the base in Sigonella .


“The model radhaz Sicily – we read on the website of AGI – has been implemented with success in Sigonella, playing a significant role in the decision not to use the site for the terminal terrestrial MUOS and to find a new destination .” Even Philip Gemma , administrator Gmspazio Srl in Rome ( in Italian society that represents the U.S. AGI) , has confirmed the negative results of the study on electromagnetic . During an interview with RaiNews 24 , passed November 22, 2007 during the special ” Use Base at Sigonella . The danger announced , ” Gemma said that” one of the recommendations of AGI was that this type of transmitter should not be installed close to aircraft with weapons , detonators which could be affected by the electromagnetic emissions of the transmitter itself. ” Researchers that is established that the strong electromagnetic emissions can initiate the detonation of ordnance in the military base.


With the transfer of the MUOS ground station in Niscemi , the U.S. Navy has given to solving the problems to weapon systems and aircraft housed in Sigonella, ” eliminating ” the possible risks to the military and U.S. civilians who live and work on the base. No consideration instead for the effects on the health and safety of the people living in areas close to the railway telecommunication call to accommodate the new satellite system . The severity of sweat and inconsistencies that have paved the way for the granting of authorizations of MUOS have pushed the municipal administration of Niscemi to permit the Polytechnic of Turin an Analysis of the risks of the Mobile User Objective System at the Naval Radio Transmitter Facility district Ulmo .


The report, filed November 4, 2011 by Professors Massimo Zucchetti (professor of nuclear facilities at the Polytechnic and research affiliate at MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Thecnology ) and Massimo Coraddu ( external consultant of the Department of Energy ) , noted the environmental unsustainability of the new system and the “serious shortcomings ” of studies carried out by the Americans . ” In the assessment report drawn up by the U.S. Navy in 2008 – write and Zucchetti Coraddu – is not even looked at what is probably the worst of all possible risks : an accident that leads to accidental exposure to microwave beam , dangerous and potentially lethal , even for short exposures at distances of less than about 1 km . “


“Despite the meager data available – add the two researchers – with the creation of the new antennas will occur an average increase of the field strength in the vicinity of the nearest houses as a few volts per meter compared to the existing level , with the possibility of the occurrence of hot spots , with an increase of the field considerably higher. There is also the risk of acute effects associated with exposure to the direct beam emitted from the parables MUOS a result of malfunction or a pointing error . The damage to people accidentally exposed to distances less than 20 km will be severe and permanent , resulting in tissue necrosis . “


MUOS nightmare for the airport of Comiso


Electromagnetic waves also have heavy effects on air traffic in the skies Sicily and in particular the nearby airport of Comiso , near the opening . ” The power of the microwave beam of MUOS is certainly capable of causing severe interference in the instrument panel of an aircraft that had to be invested accidentally ” explain Zucchetti and Coraddu . “Accidents caused from direct aircraft away tens of km event are anything but remote and incomprehensible as negligible and is not taken into consideration by the Design Studies . The risks potentially interfering invest all air traffic in the area surrounding the site of installation of the MUOS . Within a radius of 70 km there are three airports in Comiso , a little more than 19 km from the railway Niscemi , and airports Sigonella military and civilian Fontanarossa (Catania ), which are respectively 52 Km and 67 Km ” . Sigonella, among other things, is the subject of reckless operation of aircraft landing and taking off from war unmanned Global Hawk , Predator and Reaper at the disposal of the U.S. military and NATO.


A system -business for the merchants of death


Until now , the “revolutionary” MUOS system has seen very little . The launch of the first satellite in orbit took place just last February 24 twenty-four months in arrears with respect to chronograms design .

5102 relay road, chesapeake, va

5102 relay road, chesapeake, va

According to what was originally planned , by the end of 2012 had come into operation four terminals on the ground , one in Hawaii ; one at Norfolk, Virginia ; one in Australia and the fourth in Niscemi . In addition, the giant antennas had to be betting and communicating with two of the four geostationary satellites scheduled . However, it has been an impressive number of ” unexpected ” technical , have failed numerous tests , alternative solutions have been added to the equipment ground and space and has been amended on the link with the most powerful central espionage planetarium , NSA – National Security Agency USA . Eventually, he also discovered a glaring design error : the four satellites provided were insufficient to ensure coverage of all the continents. And manufacturers have had to submit to Congress to ask for a special loan of $ 340 million for achieving a fifth.


According to the programs reviewed and corrected , the ground infrastructure will be fully operational only within the first quarter of 2013 , while the satellites will be launched in order one a year (the second by the end of 2012, the third in 2013 , fourth in 2014, the latest by October 2015). But it is to believe that the time for the full operation of MUOS will expand further , as yet grow the costs of design and construction . With great joy of the lords of the U.S. military-industrial complex , the only beneficiaries of a system whose usefulness and increasingly challenged by congressmen and military analysts .


The MUOS program was entrusted in 2002 to Lockheed Martin , the most powerful companies in the U.S. defense sector , the producer of the infamous F -35 fighter-bombers , over 126,000 employees and an annual turnover of 45.8 billion dollars. As the prime contractor, Lockheed Martin Space Systems , the subsidiary of Sunnyvale (California) has the task of designing and producing almost all the components and equipment of satellite and terrestrial systems . A few crumbs of the deal MUOS goes to other major arms companies : General Dynamics C4 Systems ( Scottsdale, Arizona), called to install the mega- satellite antennas and preserve the bond between the four distinct segments of land ; Boeing Defense Space and Security (El Segundo, Calif. ) for the commissioning and testing of compatibility of the system; Harris Corporation ( Melbourne , Florida) for the provision of the network of reflectors ; the branch of the Swedish Texan Ericsson for the construction of certain portions of the integrated terrestrial segment .


The total cost of the MUOS ? Still a mystery because even in the budgets of the Department of Defense satellite system intended for the voices multiply over the years and make order of the numbers is Sisyphean task . In some official documents , reference is made to a total expenditure of $ 3.26 billion . One thing that absolutely does not believe the Government Accountaibility Office (GAO ), the Court of Auditors of the United States of America, in a report of March 2011 on the weapon systems being acquired by the Pentagon has estimated a final cost not less than 6 billion and 830 million dollars , unless other twists .


The mafia MUOStro


Environmental damage has been added to circumvent the institutional protocols in terms of legality and public works. With the start of work , the subcontractor has appeared as ” Concrete Steps Ltd” , a company under observation by the investigating bodies for alleged criminals contiguity .


According to Senator Giuseppe Lumia (Pd ) and February 14, 2012 presented a specific question to the Ministers of Defence and Interior , ” the Concrete Square has as its sole director Concetta Valenti , whose husband is partner Vincent Piazza, who , according investigations of the district Anti-Mafia Directorate (DDA ) as well as other elements of Caltanissetta info- investigative reported by the police , it would appear strongly related to the well-known exponent of the mafia clan June- Arcerito , Giancarlo June , currently available in Niscemi . “


Senator Lumia notes that in the course of Atlantis – Mercury ‘s anti-mafia prosecutor in Caltanissetta ( January 2009) ” have emerged contacts with members of the Square mafia ” that ” show interference and constraints of Cosa Nostra in the tender for the work of recovery , consolidation and landscaping of the area below the Belvedere , commissioned by the City of Niscemi . ” On 7 November 2011, the Prefecture of Caltanissetta announced that after inspections ordered by the regulations governing the certification mafia , ” are no elements which can not rule out the existence of mafia infiltration attempts aimed at influencing the choices and addresses of the aforementioned company . ” The basis of the ruling of the prefect , the contents of a report by the Police Anti-Crime Division of the Police of Caltanissetta of 6 October 2011, and that of the Organized Crime Section of the same police station on 27 December 2010.


Following the intervention of the prefect , November 25, 2011 the director of the Area Technical Services of the Province of Caltanissetta suspended ” Concrete Steps ” from the Register of companies for procedures piecework – contract . Twenty days later the head of the general affairs division of the City of Niscemi ordered the exclusion of the company from the list of suppliers and the Register of enterprises of confidence. Against the measures , the Square have filed an appeal , threatening lawsuits against Senator Lumia and journalists who reported the company’s presence in the work of MUOS . “The knowledge or the attendance of Giancarlo June by Vincenzo Piazza did not affect the personal choices of the second , which instead have been exactly the opposite sign with respect to the proximity to a mafia behavior ,” say the lawyers of the ” Concrete ” . ” It is not clear , therefore, according to which the first logical step would have such a profound influence on the second and extended to make it probable meddling in the management of the company, the second of which, however, is not a shareholder or director .” A thesis that has convinced and reassured the Department of Defense , the U.S. Command in Sigonella , the U.S. Embassy in Rome and the Consortium Team MUOS Niscemi . In this way, with impunity , the company has been able to complete its work . A visit to the places , in the middle of the nature reserve zone B ” Sughereta” ( SCI ), shows the painful scenes of devastation in the area. Following complaints of directors and environmental groups, the public prosecutor of Caltagirone has opened a file for ” alleged” offenses.


The countless lawlessness and arrogance of criminals potentates have reported Niscemi back a few years. The City had been dissolved for mafia infiltration twice in less than twelve years, before July 18, 1992 , the day before the assassination of Judge Borsellino and his escort , the second on 27 April 2004. Laboriously were then been ransomed spaces practicability of democratic legality and , above all thanks to the courage and leadership of the new generations. But with the MUOS and work in the hands of the friends of the boss , the weather is back to being heavy .


Danger in the skies Sicilian UAV


For two years, Catania Fontanarossa, the third busiest airport in Italy such as traffic volume , over six and a half million passengers a year , is subservient to dronomania Navy and Air Force of the United States of America. Landings and take-offs , delayed, suspended tasks on the track and platforms , timetable for that crazy domino effect across the continent , contingencies and tiring hijacking of Palermo. Flying from Catania to say or inconvenience which add to the discomfort , new dangers that are added to the old ones. In the future it will be worse . By 2015, the largest Naval Air Station Sigonella will be consecrated global capital of unmanned aerial vehicles ( UAVs ) and will accommodate up to twenty Global Hawk drones and swarms of attack and death. And Fontanarossa will be choked , imprisoned , enslaved to the war .


Despite attempts by the company that manages the airport to reassure the public , in recent months the situation has become definitely heavier. 8th March this year to Fontanarossa were suspended all instrument procedures standard in the early stages of access, departure and arrival of aircraft, ” due to the activities of Unmanned Aircraft” , unmanned aircraft supplied to the U.S. armed forces and allied as specified by a note to the pilots of aircraft ( NOTAM ) issued by the authorities responsible for the control of traffic. The restrictions were to last until the 5th of June, but a day before the deadline, NOTAM three distinct codes B4048 , B4049 and B4050 have extended the suspension of standard procedures until next September 1. Again the transit of civilian flights in full summer season , it will be subject to the evolution of the drones . Yellow light for the fighter-bombers and aircraft radar and transport men and equipment of the armed forces . Another warning , code M3066/12 , in fact, ordered the suspension of all standard equipment take-off and landing in Sigonella Airport, from 4 June to 1 September 2012 , again for the activities of Unmanned Aircraft. Inconveniences and limitations to air traffic throughout the summer due to the evolution of the drones out well Trapani Birgi three NOTAM similar to those of Catania, issued on the morning of 1 June , require the suspension of the standard procedures for pilots civil aircraft until 29 August 2012.


Affaire drones


Sicily trampoline war turns into an experimental laboratory of the plan of hyper- liberalized airspace incursions of the unmanned aircraft . The safety of the population and passengers sacrificed at the altar of economic interests of the U.S. military industrial complex . In Europe and across the Atlantic , governments and international agencies seem powerless against the intolerable pressure of producing drones. The business is enormous : according to economic analysts , over the next ten years, the annual expenditure for the unmanned systems will grow from $ 6.6 to $ 11.4 billion , and there must be a vast expansion in the civil sector . Only in reference to the type of UAVs also hosted at Sigonella ( the RQ- 4 Global Hawk, the MQ -9 Reaper and MQ- 1 Predator ) , the Pentagon wants to bring them from the current 340 to 650 in 2021 . They each have unsustainable costs . Each of the U.S. Air Force Global Hawk , the oldest one , it costs $ 50 million ( in Sicily there will soon be five) . The other five UAV to Sigonella provided with the program Allied Ground Surveillance (AGS) ground surveillance of NATO, will cost a total of $ 1.7 billion . Expense record of 233 million Global Hawk drone for the version purchased by the U.S. Navy as part of the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance ( BAMS ) that will still see the Sicily advanced platform for raids in Africa , the Middle East and Southeast Asia .


Two years ago, but the car was still governed the use of unmanned aircraft in the system of European air traffic , the Air Force and the National Authority for Civil Aviation ( ENAC ) have signed a technical agreement to allow ‘ use of Global Hawk Sigonella air spaces within the ” certain ” ( terminology completely new compared to that used in the NOTAM where space is prohibited , dangerous or restricted ) . In theory, announcing the adoption of procedures for coordination between civil and military authorities ” aimed at minimize the impact on civil aviation activities ” and ” respect for the principles of flight safety ,” even though it is recognized that for operations ” linked to situations of crisis or armed conflict,” the use of drones will not be subjected to restrictions of any kind. In the Mediterranean chronically in flames is like giving unlimited freedom of action to the global hawks and predators of the sky and the sea.


The UAVs represent an untenable risk to civilian traffic and the people who live in the vicinity of the airports used for takeoff and landing maneuvers . In the United States the rate of accidents at unmanned aircraft is significantly higher than that of the commercial and general aviation , as repeatedly pointed out by the Federal Aviation Administration , the administration responsible for the management of activities within the national airspace . On 15 July 2010, during a hearing on the Commission for the internal security of the Congress , the Vice President of the FAA has expressed serious concerns about a “rapid and full integration ” of unmanned systems in general air traffic , as advocated by the Pentagon and President Obama . “Many of the available data come only from Customs and Border Protecion (CPB ) who patrol our borders ,” says the Federal Aviation Administration . ” They reveal that the accrual of UAS accidents are very large. From fiscal 2006 to the date of 13 July 2010 , for example, the CPB has reported a rate of 52.7 per 100,000 incidental serious flight hours, which is more than seven times higher than in the general aviation and 353 times higher than commercial aviation. We must not forget that the number of flight hours reported , 5,688 , is very low compared to what is usually considered in aviation to secure the data on the safety and accidents … ” .


Accidents, incidents and accidents still


A recent report by Bloomberg , the largest U.S. company analysis of the economic and financial market , has put his finger on drones. Since when are operational with the U.S. Air Force Global Hawk , Reaper and Preador have been 129 incidents in which the damage resulted in spending more than $ 500,000 , or the destruction of the aircraft took place on a mission. ” These three types of UAVs are those with the highest accident rate of the entire Air Force fleet ,” writes Bloomberg. ” Together they have accumulated 9.31 accidents per 100,000 flight hours, three times more than the aircraft pilot .” The Global Hawk , alone, has a rate of 15.16 .


” Indeed, the rate of accidents of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) is not encouraging ,” admits the Air Force major , Louis Caravita , author of an in-depth study on drones published by the Military Center for Strategic Studies ( CEMIS ) . “The lack of a mature capacity to sense & avoid (listen and avoid ) to other traffic can become even more critical when associated with vulnerability or loss of data link between the ground segment and flight segment : on more than one occasion a Predator has been lost as a result of interruption of the data link , “said the major. ” To date, the military UAS are not allowed to fly , if not in segregated airspace , why not have a protected aeronautical band , are not yet considered sufficiently reliable , have not yet achieved a sufficient number of flying hours to constitute a safety case representative and convincing , has not yet been demonstrated adequate resistance to attack by cyber warfare . “


Similar remarks were made by the General Command of the U.S. Air Force in the document that outlines the strategic vision on the use of these systems of War ( The U.S. Air Force Remotely Piloted Aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle – Strategic Vision) . ” The unmanned aircraft are sensitive to extreme environmental conditions and vulnerable to threats of kinetic and non- kinetic weapons ,” wrote the U.S. military . For this Eurocontrol , the organization for the safety of air traffic in which 38 participating European states , was established in March 2010 guidelines for the management of air traffic destined for the falcons global chessboard mainland . In particular , it is recommended to isolate the spy drones from other users by making use of airspace. “Given that the Global Hawk does not possess certain skills , such as sense and avoid, it is necessary for take-offs and landings take place in segregated airspace by the levels normally used by conventional aircraft pilot , while missions will be carried out at cruising altitudes not occupied by them. ” In the case of Fontanarossa , airport less than a dozen miles as the crow flies from Sigonella , the recommendations of Eurocontrol are just paper.


The wicked choices of U.S. and NATO install Global Hawk in Sicily is one of the leading aviation experts spoke Italian , Renzo Dentesano the commander , Air and Alitalia pilot for forty years , then the registry aeronautical consultant and expert witness for several Procure in proceedings related to aircraft accidents. “These military aircraft will be able to leave and return to base in Sicily after performing dangerous and secret missions , of which no one has to know anything in order to be able to successfully perform their tasks of surveillance and espionage ,” writes Dentesano . “This type of reconnaissance aircraft , designed precisely for missions too risky to be handled by means carrying human beings , despite all the security measures of which have their receivers on board, can be caught by electronic signals capable of penetrating the their guidance and control systems , so as to cause its destruction , “he adds Dentesano . ” The Global Hawk , as well as the Predator , are not able to ensure the safety of civil air traffic . They are not able to vary their flight path in the vertical direction , going up or down in altitude, as the situation to avoid a collision readily require . And the only change in the direction of motion , staying at the same altitude , it may not be enough to prevent a disaster involving a civil traffic . “


The alarm was raised some time ago but the Government, State and local governments do not see, do not hear, do not speak. The DC 9 shot down by a missile in the sky over Ustica, June 27 to 32 years ago , is a faded memory . With the drones are free to glide over the heads of Sicilians took the count down for the umpteenth massacre in the state.


Sheet drawn up at the initiative for the thirtieth anniversary of the CEPES , Palermo June 26, 2012 .
Antonio Mazzeo , peace- researcher and journalist, he has made numerous inquiries on the process of rearmament and militarization in Italy and in the Mediterranean. He recently published the books The Godfathers of the Bridge. Business Mafia over the Strait of Messina ( Alegre Editions , Rome, 2010) and An Eco MUOStro in Niscemi . The perfect weapon for the conflicts of the twenty-first century (published by The Point Sicily , Ragusa, 2012). In 2010 he received the First Prize ” Giorgio Bassani ” Our journalism in Italy . He is a member of the Campaign for the demilitarization of Sigonella and No Network Bridge . To read articles and publications :
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