2 Weeks Ago, Turkey Stopped Flow of Euphrates River Into Syria and Iraq–6 Meter Drop In Lake Assad

New Turkish attack on Syria: Ankara stopped pumping water of the Euphrates


Turkish government finally cut the Euphrates River finally, what major catastrophic affect Syria in first class, second class in Iraq. Al «News» The water level in «Lake Assad» has fallen about six meters, what keeps millions of Syrians without drinking water

Suhaib Angerana

New Turkish intervention in the Syrian crisis began two weeks ago, but this time is different from all its predecessors, and its complications portend disaster of unprecedented threats to Syria and Iraq together. In step violates all international norms, the Turkish government finally cut imports water Euphrates dam altogether. According to information obtained by the «News», Ankara began nearly a month and a half to reduce water pumping Euphrates gradually, leading to completely cut off two weeks ago.

The source, who asked not to be named, that the high water level in «Lake Assad» (which store water Euphrates Dam) has finally dropped from its level six meters of natural (which means the loss of millions of cubic meters of water). The source said that «decline attributed meters further means that the dam is out of service». According to the source, the «action to be taken in such a case is closed or reduction of water from the dam, pending address the fundamental problem of the water contained in stopping him».
This is not done organizing «Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant», which the dam is located in the areas of control, and Staff in the «General Corporation to fill the Euphrates» run under the control of the organization baseband, without that possess the power to make decisions articulated, such as the reduction of the water, as that this procedure, in itself, is nothing more than an ambulatory, loses its effectiveness is no longer contained water to the decision of the Turkish dam.

Catastrophic complication of the Turkish assault began to emerge, where the water level dropped in hand Alkhvsh in Aleppo countryside east (where the station is located suction water from Lake Assad and pumped through the channels of traction to Aleppo and its countryside). According to information «News» that the water in the reservoirs in Alkhvsh backup is on the verge of running out. (Expected to run out completely by this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest). What means the survival of about seven million Syrians without water. As well as the stop dam October for receiving any drop of water, and thus stopped turbines generated electricity, which means reducing the amount of electricity delivered to Aleppo and its countryside, and has entered into a new phase of the electrical imbalance (originally zero).
In Raqqa, has become the northern side of the «Lake Assad» completely out of service, from a small Swedish village, east and west until Jernah, threatening thirsty about two million Syrian them.
Sources confirm «News» that «the loss of the dam for the reservoir water, which means dry silt in the lake, the pressure on the infrastructure construction of the dam, and offer it for cracks and collapse inevitably», and therefore it «must close the dam to prevent drying». The closure of the dam (in the case before Daash) lead to a humanitarian catastrophe, and environmental (animal and agricultural) in Syria, as in Iraq.
Al «News» that «the initiative of the people» (who already have initiatives of several to find compromise solutions for a number of issues in Aleppo) have begun a race against time to put solutions ambulatory of the problem, first and foremost try to re-station thermal Ambassador to the work, which may contribute to the approval «Daash» to dispense the Euphrates dam turbines, and thus keep the water level of the lake in its present borders. This falls under the solution (if successful) in the context of saving what can be saved, and reduce the aggravation of the disaster, which occurred already, and became a water break is inevitable, no solution has radically unless Ankara government decision to re-inject water of the Euphrates. Taking into account the fact that the return of the lake water to natural water level need to be about a month, after the return of pumping.

Historical conflict

The dispute over the actions of Turkey regarding the water of the Euphrates historically, and continuing between Turkey on the one hand, and all of Syria, and Iraq on the other. Ankara insists on the grounds of the Euphrates River «river transboundary», not «NHRA internationally», is therefore «is not concerned with international laws», Turkey is also one of the three countries (with China, and Burundi) objected to the «International Convention for the use of waterways for the purposes of non-international navigation », adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1997.
In 1987 was the signing of the Syrian-Turkish agreement, a temporary agreement to share the waters of the Euphrates River between the two countries during the period of basin fill the Ataturk Dam. And provided for the Turkish side has pledged to provide an annual rate of more than 500 cubic meters per second at the Turkish-Syrian border temporarily until a final agreement on the distribution of the waters of the Euphrates River between the three countries located on its banks. The registration of Syria in 1994 to the United Nations Convention, to ensure the minimum of the right of Syria and Iraq in the waters of the Euphrates River.