Qatar and Saudi Arabia Reportedly Funding and Sponsoring ISIS

Saudi diagonal support to the organization Daash to four billion dollars to carry out terrorist attacks and prosecute foreign terrorists INTERPOL



Palm – informed sources revealed that there is coordination two years ago between the groups «Daash» in Anbar and views of country of Saudi Arabia, worked on the finance organization in Iraq, Syria, and supplied with money and arms, which are assertions that coincided closely with one of the tweets made by «Abdul Hakim Abu Omar »commander and a military spokesman in Fallujah are free through his account on the social networking site« Twitter »which he said« we are coordinating with the brothers Qatari support and reinforcement, which will come with said the international police (Interpol) for prosecuting foreign terrorists carry out suicide operations in Iraq and Syria.

And has totally this information with what I said a newspaper Emirates, which reported explicitly via a press report it to «Qatar supports the organization« Daash »by four billion dollars a year to carry out terrorist acts in Iraq, Syria, and come of these developments, in sync with the revelations of the International Police (Interpol) When confirmed prosecute foreign terrorists carry out suicide operations in Iraq and Syria.

The center of this image, politicians demanded by the international community »embrace» strategy developed by the Baghdad conference to fight terrorism and considered international approach within the law will be binding on all countries of the world.

International manhunt
The officials revealed in the International Police (Interpol) disclosed that “Western and Arab fighters flocking to Iraq to join the” Daash “, to be assigned after the implementation of suicide attacks in Anbar and Baghdad.”

Ronald Noble said Interpol Secretary-General in a press statement: “Perhaps what we are facing and we are looking forward to the future is nothing more than challenges, and that is the time to act is the current time.”

The Nobel that “Interpol tracks the flow of groups of foreign fighters into Iraq, and revealed that many of those who are being recruited are being assigned to launch suicide attacks in Anbar and Baghdad,” he said, “there is enough evidence to suggest that these people who are targeting cities in Iraq are foreign fighters, arriving from all over the world .. America, Europe, and North Africa, and Asia, as well as the Middle East. ”

He warned “that many of them will return to their country of origin, and may be assigned to launch attacks with catastrophic scale,” he “will continue to Interpol facilitate informational exchange among the member states to collect and compare information and determine the identities of the foreign fighters suspects, but it must be completed through efforts that must be implemented on the ground. ”

Saudi support diagonal
Noble’s comments came one day after the detection of the local newspaper, announced that Qatar supported terrorist entities in Iraq and Syria, the most prominent organization “Daash.”

The newspaper said the Gulf in a report, citing sources described Palmtalaap: “The Qatar continue the policy exceeded all constants and principles, it makes use of today’s topic of the Muslim Brotherhood because they think it would benefit it has changed its attitude towards them at any time,” pointing out that “the sources estimated the material cost of the policy Foreign Affairs about four billion dollars annually, which is equivalent to roughly the annual budget for a country like Lebanon, all at the expense of development in Qatar “, indicating that” the victim of policies Qatar erroneous neighbors certainly, but the first victim and the biggest one is the people of Qatar, where he arranged for his government’s priorities are not served narrow purposes only. ”

The organization “Daash” had confirmed the presence of military and financial support from Qatar after its losses in Iraq and Syria, as pointed out, according to his account official on the social networking site “Twitter” Recently, the so-called “Abdul Hakim Abu Omar,” the commander of a military spokesman in free Fallujah said Tweets in his transfer account: “we are coordinating with the brothers Qatari support and reinforcement that will come.”

Abu Omar did not reveal the date for the arrival of this support or shape, but informed sources confirmed that this support has been going on for more than two years through intermediaries inside Iraq, but said it exceeded that, noting that the industry Daash Saudi Arabia, a country with distinction.

Political claims
In the meantime, politicians demanded the international community to embrace the strategy developed by the Baghdad conference to fight terrorism and considered international approach within the law cover a wide shall be binding for all countries of the world. National Alliance MP Abboud al-Issawi said that “out of the Baghdad conference of the decisions in this manner is sober, which calls for the world to put an end to the terrorism that undermines Bldahm is enough to be a tool conclusive Walid terrorism if I got the countries that received them terrorism fully and with the participation of universal and effective.”

And concluded the work of the Conference of Baghdad, the first international anti-terrorism, with the participation of a broad international, recorded the participation of 50 countries and organizations specialized in the field of counter-terrorism, in a move that promised a serious attempt by the Iraqi government to put the problem of terrorism is international and the search for causes and develop appropriate solutions to get rid of them regionally and globally. And met with the recommendations of the Conference universally accepted and widely, which emphasized the importance of joint action to implement the terms of those agreements in order to get rid of the scourge of terrorism.

Issawi said in a press statement that the Arab and regional states to look at its future and working on how to fortify of terror next to it that will not exclude anyone, and the sooner assistance in putting an end to terrorism. ”

He continued: “Iraq is doing what he can and draw a clear way to reduce terrorism and respond to evidence that he is fighting on behalf of the world has contributed to divert the attention of the international community to support Iraq international consensus,” and called on “countries that received them terrorism that unites her with Iraq and are lined with in its war against terrorism and demanded that the international community makes the decisions of the Conference of Baghdad anti-terrorism law approach within a broad international co-compiled by an interagency all countries of the world. ”

He also noted MP for the coalition of state law that “the countries of the region, which has a hand in exporting terrorism to Iraq, which uncovered them, to raise its consideration and see the steps that could occur as a result are released from the decisions of the Conference of Baghdad, which unanimously by more than 50 state. ”

He stressed Issawi “that accused Iraq of some of the neighboring countries and the region to lend a hand of terrorism has become very clear through what is happening in the Gulf region in particular and after that pulled the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain ambassadors of Qatar, which has funded terrorism very clearly through press reports issued by Newspapers Qatar confirms that fund terrorism and “Daash” specifically “.

Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki accused the eighth of March the current Saudi Arabia and Qatar to declare war on Iraq, blaming them of the responsibility of the security crisis in the country, as they pointed out to host a “terrorism and al-Qaeda leaders” and supported “politically and in the media.”

The Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain recently announced the withdrawal of their ambassadors from Qatar, with Ezzat reason that the lack of commitment to the Doha “agreement Riyadh”, considered that this decision is part of standing shoulder to shoulder toward all designed to destabilize the constants and compromising the security of their countries and their stability.

International efforts
For his part, MP for the state law, Mohammed al-Hindawi, “need to rise all the countries of the region and the world for control of the disease of terrorism, which began moving into all aspects of life unchecked or stop.”

Hindawi said in a statement that “Iraq is working hard for a high level of control over the terrorist organizations that want to impose death and destruction on all aspects of life, in addition to its criminal in the control areas by force and impose royalties on the citizens.”

“The Iraqi security forces on the lookout for such actions and can be controlled on the work of these organizations at home and prevent the funding, but some countries in the region to stop the financing of these terrorist groups and” Daash “specifically”.

He asked “the international community to unite with Iraq in order to internationalize these decisions and turn it into a work checks on the document to cover legal and international and binding on countries that fund terrorism in any way logistical or moral or incitement, because it’s so violating all norms and international rules stipulated in the agreements and thus before the law and the whole world.