Iraqi Oil Ministry Threatens To Sue Reuters and AFP for False Reports On Terrorists Controlling Baiji refinery

Oil Ministry threatens to sue my agency “Reuters” and the “French”

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BAGHDAD / obelisk: threatened and the Iraqi Oil Ministry, on Thursday to resort to the judiciary after the establishment of the Kalta News Almuten Reuters (Reuters), French (AFP) broadcast inaccurate information on the Baiji refinery, stressing that the security forces to take control of the refinery.

The ministry said in a statement obtained by “obelisk”, “The Oil Ministry deplores the agency is Almuten News, Reuters (Reuters), French (AFP) broadcast inaccurate information on terrorist gangs control parts of the Baiji refinery.”

The ministry confirmed that “the security forces in control of the refinery and vicinity and do not allow the terrorists approached him, and all the claims made otherwise is incorrect.”

The ministry noted that “the information reported by the two agencies in news reports for the past days is incorrect and contrary to truth and reality, and can be interpreted as mislead and confuse the security situation and give the implications and repercussions of the negative,” indicating that “it was incumbent upon Bolokulten information from official sources to be neutral in the transfer of information, especially since the Iraq faces a terrorist attack calls for everyone to deal with it professionally devoid of fancies and affiliations. “

The ministry stressed the need to “commitment and media professional standards and credibility in dealing with the information provided to them,” pointing out that it “reserves its legal right to deal with anyone who tries to falsify the facts and manipulate public opinion of the Iraqi and global and mislead in order to serve the interests of the enemy of the people and the homeland.”…

One thought on “Iraqi Oil Ministry Threatens To Sue Reuters and AFP for False Reports On Terrorists Controlling Baiji refinery

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    If you want cheap Gasoline contact isis. Baiji’s Refinery is ISIS’s from yesterday.
    Iraq engaged in multibillion dollars disinformation, media-dark-out, crude propaganda, Mediawhores whitewash and censorship for the ground truth of isis gains, wins and advances. Replaced by hoax and failing Photoshop. Suing Reuters is one of many.
    President George W. Bush says U.S.’s goal is unified and democratic Iraq, but we have no way to get there. As Americans search for answers, there is one obvious alternative: split Iraq into separate Kurdish, Sunni and Shiite states.
    I ain’t sure what kinda pot Peter W. Galbraith is puffing.
    Before publishing this trash Why ain’t you ask who calls the shots first? ISIS of course their phones are switched or are you guys too Israelifirsters to call.
    Save your breath. I will answer on behalf of ISIS: ‘the Blitzkrieg answer is Nope’.
    ISIS wanted their Iraq back ain’t Shiite, ain’t kurd, ain’t Christian, ain’t secular, ain’t Jewish but Sunni. Any objection before I go to next point. Yes we have 5 objection. Let’s take ‘em respectively:
    Kurds go back to Duwain where you belong.
    Shiite go back to Iran where you belong.
    Christian and Jews go back to Israel where you belong.
    Seculars go back to EU & USA where you belong.
    ISIS got no point to continue fighting if the finished product is ‘break it owned it’ as design by the damn Honigga Colin Powell. Just drop your arms and the whole world fuck Islam.

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