Saudi Arabia Is ISIS’s Sponsor…Why Is It “Offensive” To Admit This?

QUESTION: Prime Minister Maliki was clear today in holding Saudi Arabia responsible for supporting ISIL financially and morally. What do you think about this?


MS. PSAKI: It’s inaccurate and, frankly, offensive.”


If it is the official US GOV position that charging Saudi Arabia with supporting the ISIL/ISIS terrorists is “OFFENSIVE,” then it is only done to avoid self-incrimination.  The whole world knows that whatever the Saudis or other Gulf royals do in Syria, it is done on the orders of the USGOV.  If USGOV can order the hiring and firing of the Saudi chief of intelligence (Bandar), then it also controls the Saudi Iraqi policies, meaning that the Saudi Islamic Army which is currently running amok in Iraq is doing Obama’s will.  The CIA has run this “intelligence-driven” conflict since the start.  Taking advantage of the blundering image of George Bush, the USGOV established its official cover story for the CIA’s well-planned global war of aggression, hiding this truly evil revelation behind the excuse that we are in our quagmire because of our perceived ineptitude.  Our war plans have all gone awry because of this “comedy of errors.”—TOTAL LIE

We are where we are in the terror war because we have followed the CIA plan for global domination through selective national destabilization operations.  For USGOV to admit this or to allow another govt to admit this truth, or anything which suggests this, would be an admission that all of the “Islamist” terrorists who have been destabilizing the world have been ours.  If it is the official position of the IRAQIGOV that Saudi Arabia is sponsoring a well-trained army of terrorists, who are attempting to overthrow the IRAQIGOV, then USGOV must refute the state charges, or else prepare to help the Saudis defend their actions in Iraq before the UN Security Council.

ISIS/ISIL has always been associated with various intelligence agencies.  Under Bandar’s plan for Syria, ISIS was given the best training and equipment in Syria.  Upon Bandar’s forced retirement, ISIS and all of its shiny new equipment were transferred to Fallujah.  More money, men and equipment have continued to flow to these Sunni terrorists as they waged war against the Shia govt of Iraq.  Much of ISIS’s equipment was previously transferred to them in Syria from Libya, even from as far away as Bosnia.  All of this shuffling of men and equipment across Europe, across the Mediterranean, across the Middle East, even from the tumultuous conflicts in Russia, all of this, could not have happened without US logistical support.

NO, MS. PSAKI, it is neither inaccurate nor offensive to embrace the idea that Saudi machinery drives the terrorist armies of the world.  Eliminating this machinery of evil is the only action which will stabilize the world now that the CIA has worked so meticulously to destabilize all nations.  The Saudi royal family should be either be sent to Guantanamo or placed at the top of Washington’s drone
“hit list.”

…no other terrorists really matter.