Ambassador Denies Saudi Collusion With Plotters of Lebanon’s Dismemberment

[It seems that a little Lebanese news site has reported something that has ruffled Saudi feathers.  The following denial by the Saudis in Lebanon’s biggest news site (Daily Star) led me to the real story in little SLABNEWS in Lebanon (BELOW).  Basically, the news guy in the article got a royal ream-out for reportedly linked the royals to Israel’s plot to dismember Arab states into ethno-religious divisions, a.k.a., the plot for “Greater Middle East.“]

Embassy: Riyadh stands against terror

daily star LEB

Ali Awad Asiri
Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awad Asiri says the two countries are linked with deep historical bonds. (The Daily Star/Mahmoud Kheir)

BEIRUT: Riyadh stands at the forefront of those facing the global threat of terrorism, the Saudi Embassy in Beirut said Monday, while dismissing recent criticism of the kingdom as “an affront to truth.”

“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia suffers first and foremost from terrorism and has contributed to the field of counter-terrorism,” the statement said, “winning praise and appreciation from the international community, which pays tribute to the approach of moderation and wisdom pursued by the kingdom.”

The statement was widely seen as a reaction to Lebanese journalist Ghassan Jawad, of, who called for visa restrictions against Arab Gulf tourists and accused them of having a “desert” and “Bedouin” mentality during an appearance on OTV’s “Think Twice” over the weekend.

Without naming any specific detractors, the embassy lashed out at accusations that the kingdom was responsible for terrorism, including a bombing at the Deroy Hotel in Beirut where a Saudi national blew himself up during a raid by security forces.

“The embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has become used to ignoring this type of nonsense and those who publish it, knowing that the writer is backed by parties who wish the Arabs and this region ill,” the statement said, without naming Jawad. “In fact, he is throwing himself into something he does not understand, and has allowed himself to wade into internal strife and turn his pen into a tool of [division] among the Islamic nation.”

The statement also attacked Jawad personally, accusing “the writer” of “contradictory loyalties” and implying that no one should believe him.

“The embassy would like to clarify to the entire Lebanese public that the information published by this writer and his ilk is misleading and an affront to truth. He knows the sources of terrorism but he turns a blind eye to them.”

The statement then said the writer speaks only for himself and “certain sides” who would spoil relations between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and praised Lebanese mainstream media for its professionalism.

America and Saudi Arabia and their allies to seek a new political geography


Altsnic: private messages – Source / Author: Farouk Aldhanawi


In the meeting between Saudi King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz and French President Francois Hollande during the latter’s visit to Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah put two things: first, how to provide military and logistical support to the Syrian opposition. II: How to take advantage of the cluster of human (IDPs) that came out from Syria to Lebanon and Jordan, which is predominantly Great as described by the Sunni community, and how to turn it into a pressure group to be used against the Syrian regime.

French President responded the possibility of the establishment of an international relief, especially those on the pattern of the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, but King Abdullah took the initiative to illustrate the idea that what was said by the French president is not the meaning of his words, but required that the process of coordination between these displaced persons to their use in politics. Not matter issue amounts of milk, blankets, rice and canned goods that can Kingdom secured individually and without the United Nations if it wanted, but needed to work on coordination between these Sunni bloc and blocks other Sunni in Anbar Iraq and Deir al-Zour and some tribes in Iraq, Syria and Jordan, to form a Sunni bloc and one stretching from Iraq to Syria, Jordan, in coordination with the displaced people and the rest of the ingredients clan in the three countries, Abizaid said: I do not mind a state of the Shiites in southern Iraq.

The Project for the New Middle East

Here, initiated by the French president asking if this proposal was intended amendments to the Sykes-Picot map and play up to states. In a private meeting that was held between a number of princes and counselors French President, raised the issue of a new but clearly, strong statehood Sunni start of Iraq’s western Anbar, an extension to Syria through to Iraq so that they form this state categorically between Tehran and Damascus, and managed to keep what they called the “Shiite Crescent”, and reshaping the political geography of the region starting from Iraq.

Shocked the French president’s advisers of this proposal and submitting it to the President promised during the return trip. In Plane View advisers what they heard from Saudi princes to the French president, who answered that a project like the U.S. can not afford it, let alone Baloctav heavily French economic and political problems, and others. But reported the incident to say that the idea of ​​dividing Iraq and Syria into small sectarian and sectarian but is the idea inspire Saudi Arabia, working on a long time, equates with the American project of the Zionist for the region, which was considered a center of studies and research the U.S. since he took the neo-conservatives of governance in the United States.

After the defeat awful suffered by Saudi Arabia and the United States and the Allies, led by Qatar and Turkey in Syria after the great successes achieved by the Syrian Arab army on the ground, and the landslide victory of President al-Assad in the presidential election, especially after it was discovered the impossibility of the use of mass human “Sunni” that occur by the King of Saudi Arabia to the French president, and as demonstrated by the election that their allegiance to the Syrian state and the head of the lion is dropped chances to use, remove the Americans and their allies the Saudis Plan B. Judge to destroy Iraq and divide a remedy to their deaths accomplished in Syria, according to the strategy of terrorism agreed with Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Allies.

According to the information that the understandings got months ago when there were signs of failure in Syria under the auspices of the United States of Saudi Arabia on the one hand, Qatar and Turkey on the other hand, despite the differences between them on the subject of the Muslim Brotherhood, has been prepared for the aggression that took place on the connector tightly, engaged the Americans Massoud Barzani lures him away control Kirkuk, the dream of Barzani in the Kurdish annexation to Dwylth under incorporation in the Kurdistan region, a region disputed with al-Maliki. The visit of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region, Massoud Barzani, the son to Turkey in the framework of this format where regain Turkey if separated the Kurdish region, the opportunity to lay hands on the historic dream of Mosul.

In contrast, the Saudi Arabia in coordination with Daash and Izzat al-Duri, who move between Riyadh and Erbil to coordinate with groups Naqshbandi and “Fedayeen Saddam” and some members of the former Iraqi army, and perhaps the role of American advisers three hundred who arrived in Baghdad is to coordinate the division less expensive than the violence and the blood that can Ihrja America.

The project aims at Saudi American Turkish Qatar to hit the birds several birds with one stone, one hand, it lays the foundation for the disintegration of Iraq and divide it into three states as planned U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, and there is information says the involvement of Benjamin Netanyahu and Bernard Lewis and Douglas Feith, the owner of the theory of creative chaos. US-Saudi project responds to the Turkish national dream Barzani in the completion of the elements of his state, and he expressed that a statement about what happened in Kirkuk, and control of the peshmerga as the application of Article 140 of the Constitution, declaring that he can not back it up if necessary to bring all Kurdish forces, and that the patience of ten years to reach it. It was also considered that what happened is the application of Article 140 of the Constitution, and ended up, Saleh al-Mutlaq also calling for the establishment of a Sunni region whose capital is Mosul.

In addition to the division of Iraq, the victory Daash provided opportunities for the transfer of heavy weapons to Syria, which was done under the auspices and supervision of the U.S. and Turkey to try to breach the balance of power and the threat of a new regime and President Assad. British sources say that Saudi Arabia paid so far since the start of the Syrian crisis to date amount to $ 56 billion, and that Qatar paid a total of $ 32 billion, and contributed to the United States with weapons and equipment with a value of two and a half billion dollars.

For the sake of it, regained the King of Saudi Arabia King terrorism Bandar bin Sultan, and appointed as his adviser for the latter under the auspices of the project terrorist in Iraq after it failed in Syria, as an expert in terrorist organizations and has ties to deep and its own, and as one of the founders and Raiaha ranging from Afghanistan against the Soviets in coordination with the CIA, and access to all its branches in the region, will succeed Bandar bin Sultan in Iraq, including failure in Syria?

Iran, Qatar Vow To Work Together Against ‘Terror’

Iran, Qatar to Cooperate against ‘Terror’



The leaders of Shiite Iran and Sunni Qatar vowed Sunday to cooperate to fight “terrorism in the region,” President Hassan Rouhani’s office reported as Iraqi forces counter a militant onslaught.

The pledge to play a “constructive role to establish security and stability” came in a phone call between Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Rouhani, a statement from the Iranian president’s office said.

Rouhani said that in order to defeat “the hurdle of terrorism and extremism all Muslims should come hand in hand and cooperate,” it said.

Iran is ready, he said, to do just that and “fight security problems and instability in the region” that benefit only “Zionists and the enemies of the Muslim world.”

He did not elaborate.

Predominantly Shiite Iran has vowed to support ally Baghdad against the Sunni insurgency led by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), whose fighters have overrun swathes of five Iraqi provinces since launching an offensive in early June.

Iranian leaders insist the Iraq crisis is not sectarian but a fight against terrorism. Iranian media, however, have accused Qatar and Saudi Arabia of supporting the jihadist Sunni fighters.

Without naming anyone, Rouhani himself warned on June 22 that Muslim states which funnel petrodollars to “these savage terrorists” of ISIL would become their next target.

Sunday’s statement said the Qatari emir noted “the necessity for cooperation between Muslim nations to prevent the further spread of (the Iraqi) crisis in the region.”

“We should all cooperate together against terrorism in the region because the current crisis is very dangerous,” he said.

Qatar’s emir and Iran’s president spoke as thousands of Iraqi troops counter-attacked against the militant-held city of Tikrit.