Satellite Reveals Bright Flash of Light On AH 5017 Flight Path

The flight crew membership of DAH5017
• Commander Augustine Comerón Mogio
• Second Pilot Isabel Gost Caimari
• Surcharge Miguel Angel Rueda Gonzalez
• Cabin Crew Rafael Gasanaliev
• Cabin Crew Raul Rodriguez Montero
• Cabin Crew Federico Miguel Cardenas Ares
“On Jul 26th 2014 The Aviation Herald received the satellite image taken by NOAA’s SUOMI-NPP satellite (VIISR sensor) below with the comment, that a strong burst of light has been observed on Jul 24th 2014 between 01:55Z and 01:58Z, when the satellite overflew the area. The light was located at position N15.1356 W1.0802 in an area, that normally is entirely dark (no settlements in the area). The origin of the burst of light is unclear, it could be associated with lightning or similiar or something on the ground.”

Air Algeria AH5017–Registered Passenger List

[Arabic and Western media are now claiming that one of the 6 Lebanese citizens listed below is an official for Lebanese Resistance.]

Air Algeria flight: List of registered passenger flight AH5017, fell to northern Mali


Spanish Swiftair

Vol d'air Algérie : Liste nominative des passagers du vol AH5017, tombé au nord Mali



Air Algeria flight: List of registered passenger flight AH5017, fell to northern Mali

Vol d'air Algérie : Liste nominative des passagers du vol AH5017, tombé au nord Mali


Air Algeria flight: List of registered passenger flight AH5017, fell to northern Mali
Ouagadougou, July 25, 2014 offers below the list of names of passengers on the flight AH5017 Air Algeria, linking Ouagadougou and Algiers fell in northern Mali with 116 people on board including six crew members .

Registered passenger list of flight AH5017

Reynaud Zoe (France)
Reynaud Natahan (France)
Michelle Reynaud (France)
Reynaud Laure (France)
Reynaud Julia (France)
Franck Reynaud (France)
Reynaud Estelle (France)
Eric Reynaud (France)
Reynaud Bernard (France)
Reynaud Alexis (France)
Christelle Moreau (France)
CAMISSOGO Brahima (France)
RAUZIER Jean Marie (France)
PARDINA Pierre Alain (France)
Jesus REDIN Marie (France)
CAIlLLERET Elno (France)
CAILLERET Chloe (France)
CAILLERET Bruno (France)
Boinard Caroline (France)
Sokambi Nadège (France)
FLOURY Katell (France)
Jennifer GALLON (France)
KNIT Frédéric (France)
SCELLIER Patrick (France)
THROUGH Laurence (France)
KOUSSIKANA Rivel (France)
Ouedraogo Vinciana (France)
Seydou Ouedraogo (France)
Ouedraogo Samson (France)
Ouedraogo Noa (France)
Ouedraogo Elora (France)
LHEUREUX Maryse (France)
SAVADOGO Dessay Celes (France)
JULIA Richard (France)
JULIA Paulina (France)
KABORE Nabolé Mariata (France)
POLICE Nicolas (France)
POLICE Didier (France)
LOUIS Véronique (France)
LOUIS Jason (France)
GINESTE Veronique (France)
GINESTE Rodolphe (France)
GINESTE Mathis (France)
GINESTE Bertrand (France)
GINESTE Adrien (France)
ISNARD Mathieu (France)
FLYING Maena (France)
PASCARD Jenny (France)
André Joly (France)
ZOLLER Jutta (France)
Calvin Klein (France)

KOUANDA Kadidia (Burkina Faso)
YAMEOGO Abubakar (Burkina Faso)
DIANE Daouda (Burkina Faso)
BASSINUDIA Rolanda (Burkina Faso)
ZOUNGRANA Ben Arsene (Burkina Faso)
ZOUNGRANA Ahmed Brice (Burkina Faso)
ZOUNGRANA Rabdo Salim (Burkina Faso)
SOMDA Winmalo (Burkina Faso)
SOMDA Wilfried (Burkina Faso)
SOMBIE Arona JeanMichel (Burkina Faso)
Ourda Yaci Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)
RASTORGUEFF Zongo (Burkina Faso)
HASSAN Roukaya (Burkina Faso)
HASSAN Mounji (Burkina Faso)
Hassan Husein (Burkina Faso)
HASSAN Zayatna (Burkina Faso)
Hassan Mohamed (Burkina Faso)
Kompaoré Sandrine (Burkina Faso)
Mankoudougou Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)
KAM Hervé Magloire (Burkina Faso)
Aher Salah (Burkina Faso)
ZAHER Chayna (Burkina Faso)
Zaher Ali (Burkina Faso)
Dabiré Somé Baonidome (Burkina Faso)
SANDWIDI Bikyenga Mar (Burkina Faso)
Hassan Hassan (Burkina Faso)

RESTOM Fadi (Lebanon)
Akdar Mohamed (Lebanon)
DEhaini Bilal (Lebanon)
Joseph Hage (Lebanon)
ALSYOUFI Fadi (Lebanon)
Basma Randa (Lebanon)

SOMDA Natahanael (Canada)
SOMDA Arielle (Canada)
KPODA Angélique (Canada)
Isabelle Prevost (Canada)
Fabienne PLAN (Canada)

Dominique GUILLAUME (Belgium)

DEBAILI Lotfi (Algeria)
Merbah Omar (Algeria)
MESSAOUDI Boumediene (Algeria)
Messahli Noureddine (Algeria)
KHALDI Mohamed Laid (Algeria)

AREND Camille (Luxembourg)
SIEBENALLER Noémie (Luxembourg)

Osi Ogbu Tamr Emmanuel (Nigeria)

DEHAINI Rahan (Germany)
DEHAINI Olivier Jabinc (Germany)
DEHAINI Malick (Germany)
BERNT Corrina (Germany)

MBIA Houkemajou Loren (Cameroon)

Asraf Hegaly Ahmed (Egypt)

Bakary Diallo (Mali)

MORGAN David Grande (Britain)

Penguin Florie Esther (Switzerland)


President of Burkina Faso, Blaise Compaore on Friday visited the crash site of the Air MD 83 Algeria Algeria Search airline in Mali.

Blaise Compaoré went see firsthand the crash zone where 118 people including 28 Burkina Faso, 54 French died in tragic circumstances.

It was for the head of the government of Burkina Faso to make a last tribute to the victims of Flight 5017 AH Air Algeria Algeria Search crashed in northern Mali on the night of Thursday, July 24, 2014, a statement of the President of Burkina Faso.

Earlier in the day, the President had sent a message to the families of victims.

In this time of great sadness and mourning, I express, on behalf of the people of Burkina Faso and my own behalf, my deepest sympathy and solidarity to the families of deceased persons, including girls Nations and son were in board flight AH-5017 Air Algeria he wrote.

Compaoré, the crash of Air MD 83 Algeria Algeria Search occurred July 24, 2014, is a heavy tragedy afflicting the people of Burkina Faso as a whole and many brotherly countries.

Burkinabe authorities decreed national mourning 48 hours on the whole territory.