22 Afghani “Boat People” Drown In the Bosphorus Straits–What the Hell?

“42 Afghan refugees and a Turkish smuggler.”

[They were on their way to Europe.  Did they expect to “fit in” there?]

At least 22 die in migrant boat disaster off northern Istanbul coast


ISTANBUL Photos: Hürriyet / Eyüp Serbest – Fırat Alkaç

A ship carries out a search and rescue operation after a boat sank in the Bosphorus Strait, near Istanbul Nov. 3. The accident took place near Rumeli Feneri, a small village at the confluence of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.

A ship carries out a search and rescue operation after a boat sank in the Bosphorus Strait, near Istanbul Nov. 3. The accident took place near Rumeli Feneri, a small village at the confluence of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.


At least 22 migrants have died while many are missing after a boat carrying refugees capsized off Istanbul’s northern coast in the early hours of Nov. 3.

Six people have been rescued by fishermen and Turkish coast guards were dispatched to the area, while 22 bodies have been pulled from the sea near the site of the incident so far, Turkish Coast Guard officials said, after revising a previous death toll of 24.

The boat was carrying 42 Afghan refugees and a Turkish smuggler, and security officials said there were 12 children and seven women among the refugees.

The accident took place near Rumeli Feneri, a small village at the confluence of the Bosphorus and the Black Sea.

Seven coast guard boats, a helicopter and a special team of divers are assisting the rescue work, officials have said, while fishermen have also been assisting.

“The wind is making our task very difficult. The boat is a very small one, it’s in fact just a small boat. But they were carrying 40 people in it. We are seeing bodies of children floating in the sea,” said Ali Saruhan, one of the rescuers in the area.

The refugees were believed to be heading to Romania. According to claims, they paid 7,000 euros each to human traffickers in their desperate attempt to reach Europe.

A local fisherman suggested that the migrant boat was hit by a vessel. “The weather wouldn’t have damaged the boat. So probably a boat hit it, as it sank in a place where there is a lot of traffic,” said Emre Can Kolcu.

An investigation has been launched into the incident, with two prosecutors dispatched to inspect the scene.

Dozens of boats have capsized in the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea over the last year, but few have been reported transiting near the Bosphorus.

Just two months ago, a boat carrying 82 migrants was rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard off the northern coast of Istanbul. The refugees, mostly Syrians and Afghans, were also reportedly headed to Romania.

‘Bodies of babies floating’

Fishermen who witnessed the accident said all the bodies were found with life jackets. “Those people [the smugglers] should stand in a war tribunal. There were bodies of babies floating in the water. We didn’t manage to pull them out,” said Kadir Sert, one of the first fishermen to arrive at the scene.

Another fisherman also said they saw many bodies floating in the sea as they approached the capsized boat. “We saw someone struggling in the sea. He had a life jacket but was alive. We pulled him out. His sister was next to him, but she wasn’t alive. We also pulled out a three or four-year-old girl. Unfortunately she wasn’t alive. A man aged about 25 who we rescued was crying ‘my brother’ in Turkish. He was in shock,” said Salih Bayraktar, another fisherman.

The number of migrants trying to reach Europe through the risky sea route via the western and southern Turkish coasts has dramatically increased in recent years, particularly since the beginning of the civil war in Syria. Tens of thousands migrants have also attempted to cross the Greek and Bulgarian borders by land.



Peshmerga Commander Reveals Islamic State Terrorists Run-Down When the Captagon Wears-Off


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Hemin Salih
BasNews, Erbil

An Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga commander has revealed the secrets of Islamic State militants, and how they were recently defeated by the Peshmerga.

One of the Peshmerga commanders in the newly liberated town of Zumar, north of Mosul, revealed that Peshmerga have now completely understand the tactics of the Islamic State (IS) attacks.

The commander told BasNews that the IS insurgents use drugs before going to fight and after the effect of the drugs wears off, they retreat.

Peshmerga Commander in Zumar, Colonel Gharib revealed to BasNews that when IS insurgents attack Peshmerga forces, the attack is temporary and after a short time, they start to retreat to their held areas.

“We found out that when IS militants attack us, they use drugs to take their consciousness away to motivate themselves. When the drug leaves their bodies, they recover their consciousness and start to retreat and flee,” said Gharib.

He mentioned that it is the reason that IS faced so many casualties and so many of their members have been killed.

“Now, they have been completely weakened, they don’t even have the strength to attack us,” added Gharib.

Earlier this week, Peshmerga forces were able to retake the strategic town of Zumar, north of Mosul, in northern Iraq.

ISIS Follows British Bomber Trail Back To Cyprus–Aircraft Hijacking/Kidnapping Plot Exposed

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Cyprus on Alert Over Jihadist Terrorist Acts

Cyprus on Alert Over Jihadist Terrorist ActsAuthorities in Cyprus are on alert after receiving information from foreign secret services that Islamic State jihadists are planning to hijack airplanes in Cyprus.

A newsit report says that the airports of Larnaca and Paphos are on alert based on information by foreign secret services that IS jihadists plan to hijack a Cyprus Airlines plane and take hostages. The information says that jihadists plan to take the plane to an airport in Syria or Iraq that is under IS control and then use the hostages to negotiate with Great Britain.

The jihadists will use the hostages in order to demand that Cyprus will not allow Great Britain’s Royal Air Force to use the British bases in Cyprus to launch air raids against the areas in Syria and Iraq where jihadists have control.

According to the report, secret services say that the IS has similar plans for Greece and Great Britain. Cypriot Police have been put on alert in the airports of Larnaca and Paphos and are ordered to do thorough searches on all passengers and baggage.

The official alert was terminated yesterday, however police remain on alert as Cyprus’ secret services continue to gather information on suspects who are related to the jihadists. In both airports, passengers who are European citizens but are of Arabic origin are thoroughly searched. Secret services say that some of them plan to cross to the Turkish-occupied zone and cross to Syria from there.

Cypriot authorities say that in the last few days they performed searches on cargo at the Limassol Port. A cargo ship with destination Syria was searched to see if it was carrying any materials that can be used to make explosives. It was released after no such materials were found.

Jundullah Terrorists Strike Wagah Border Ceremony–55 Dead and Counting

IndiaTvc0518a_bomb_blast Lahore: At least 52 people, including children and security personnel, were killed and about 200 others injured in a powerful suicide blast in Pakistan at Wagah today, minutes after the popular flag-lowering ceremony at the Indo-Pak border.–India TV

As many as 55 people, including women and children, were killed and about 200 were injured in a suicide bomb attack at the Wagah checkpoint near Lahore and along the India-Pakistan border on Sunday evening. No damage was reported on the Indian side.

“A large number of people were returning after watching Rangers flag ceremony at Wagah border when a suicide bomber blew himself up near one of the exit gates,” inspector general police of Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera said. He said three Pakistani Rangers were among the dead.

Militant group Jundullah, close to Pakistani Taliban, claimed responsibility for the deadliest attack to hit Pakistan in a year, saying it was a response to the Pakistani army’s actions against their positions in tribal areas.

Indian security establishment had got intelligence inputs suggesting that the flag-lowering ceremony may be targeted, sources told HT in Delhi.

“India’s external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing had got intelligence inputs some 15 days back indicating that the flag-lowering might be targeted by the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan,” a home ministry official said on condition of anonymity.

The bombing took place on the Pakistani side at least 500 meters from the border at 6.12pm. No Indian troops were hurt but the blast left windows and doors of the Border Security Force post shaking. Most of the people who died in the blast were returning from the ceremony.

The 18-year-old bomber tried to enter the security perimeter of the border area complex but was checked by the Rangers and that is when he detonated the explosives strapped on his body, Sukhera said. He was carrying 20 to 25 kg of explosives.

“I was sitting in my office near the border when I heard the blast. I rushed to the scene and saw scattered bodies, injured men, women and children and smashed cars,” a Pakistani intelligence source said.

Security officials expressed fear that the teenager might have been trying to detonate himself further inside the complex that could have caused damage on the Indian side as well.

The dead and wounded were taken to Lahore’s Ghurki hospital, where distressed relatives, weeping and hugging each other in grief, searched for their loved ones.

Live TV footage showed people drenched in blood and crying in pain as they were evacuated to hospitals. At the hospitals, relatives of the dead cried and beat their chests and heads. “My brothers, my two brothers… They both are dead,” a man wailed.

“We received 35 bodies including those of women and children and 60 to 70 were wounded,” Deputy Medical Superintendent of Ghurki Hospital near the Wagah border crossing, identified only as Dr Khurram, told Pakistani television channels.

Lahore police chief Amin Wains confirmed it was a suicide attack. “Ball bearings were found at the scene,” he said. TV channels showed images of gutted shops and buildings near the checkpoint.

Every day before sunset soldiers from Pakistan and India gather at Wagah, the only road border crossing between Amritsar and Lahore, to simultaneously lower the two nations’ flags.

Pakistan has been wracked by a homegrown Taliban insurgency that has killed thousands of people in recent years, but attacks have tailed off since the army launched a major anti-militant offensive in the northwest in June.

An HT team that visited the joint check-post in the night saw ambulances and other vehicles moving on the Pakistani side.

India’s Border Security Force (BSF) troopers were put on high alert along the India-Pakistan border after the attack.