Cyprus To Beirut Cessna Flight Flew In Aimless Circles Before Crash Inside Turkish Declared Zone

[Was the Chief investigator’s son killed since then, on Cyprus?]

Yiannakis Loizou, head of the Air Accident Incident Investigation Board (AAIIB) October 25, 2014

Wednesday, in connection with the murder of 22-year old British Cypriot Michael Minas Loizou., November 19, 2014

Georges Obegi. A full life, a tragic death

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Georges Obegi

On 22 October, passenger aircraft one of the senior officials of the holding company of the group Obegi sank off the Cypriot coast, while he was heading to Beirut.

Diamond-DA42--400x300 Diamond DA42

On the tarmac of the airport in Paphos, Cyprus Georges Obegi and instructor Avgoustinos Avgoustin prepare to board the Diamond DA42 Twin registered 5B-CLI. Obegi takes flying lessons from light aircraft and to validate his patent, he must make a night flight. The aircraft took off at about 6:20 p.m.. The flight plan, a way to Beirut. The trip takes an hour and twenty minutes. But at 9000 feet above the air base of Akrotiri [RAF Akrotiri], 50 kilometers southeast of Paphos, the aircraft began to make wide circles.  Akrotiri control tower contacted the aircraft. The pilot says he meets minor problems it tries to solve. The aircraft continued its course, respecting the flight plan, until it reaches 40 nautical miles from Larnaca where air traffic controller allows the device to perform a turning point [a correction] – in the aviation jargon a significant shift point. The plane did not perform.

Cyprus Cessna down

(LARGER MAP)  [After the initial electronic or mechanical malfunction, which caused DA-42/5B-CLI to fly in circles over British RAF Akrotiri Air Base (the same base used by the British to bomb ISIS positions).  An attempted course correction was followed by a sudden drop 3000 feet, before disappearing from radar completely approx. 45 miles S-East of Limasol.—ed.]
The pilot will explain to the control tower that he had to change course, he still encountered small problems, but it goes to the end point. It is 7:02 p.m.. The controllers will explain to investigators that they then heard a loud noise coming from the camera. The control tower then initiates a signal. A second attempt to contact the aircraft. In vain. Of 9000 feet, the plane passes 6,000 feet. At 7:04 p.m., the plane disappeared from radar screens between Larnaca and Beirut, at sea. The Cyprus Civil Aviation will alert at 19:18. Limassol authorities will dispatch two coastguard patrol boats and a helicopter. Lebanese side, the Minister of the Interior, Nouhad Machnouk, upon receipt of the information, in contact with the commander of UNIFIL, Colonel Luciano Portolano, requesting assistance. Three German ships of the UN force rushed for searches.
Also note the assistance provided by the Israeli coast guard under an international agreement on assistance at sea that the Israeli government has signed. Spotted by a Greek tanker, the first debris will be picked two or three hours later. We find the lifeless body of Obegi and his Cypriot teacher the next day around 12:15. The survey will be very difficult to carry out. These small devices are not equipped with a black box, no recording of radio communications system. The investigations will not only be based on the analysis of debris, fuselage lying in the background. The Director of the Cyprus office of investigations for the safety of civil aviation, Yiannakis Loizou says that “the plane was new” and “very experienced pilot.” The first elements are in possession of the investigators consider the folder to an unexpected mechanical problem., the CEO of the company Total, also killed in a plane to Moscow.

Abi Ramia Julien

The heir of a family business
Father of three children raised with his wife Dana, George Obegi is the youngest son of Bechara Obegi and grand-son of Yordan Obegi, founder of the group of the same name in 1905 in Aleppo specializing in chemicals. He was at the head of three companies of the group: the agribusiness Wadi al-Akhdar, the Unifert company, specialized in agricultural chemicals and Obegi Chemicals that manufactures industrial chemicals. Obegi was also a member of the Board of Peugeot dealer for Lebanon and Syria. Holds a degree in Economics from the University of Paris IX-Dauphine, he pursued studies in administration at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC Paris) and an MBA from Insead (Fontainebleau) that make George Obegi a French captain of industry.

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