Taliban Spokesman Claims School Attack “Payback” for Waziristan Operation

Pakistani forces reclaim school following gruesome attack


Army troops killed seven militants who stormed a military-run school in the northwestern city of Peshawar Tuesday, the Pakistani government said.

Army spokesman Major General Asim Salim Bajwa told reporters gunmen killed 141 people — 132 students and 9 staff members — in one of the deadliest attacks the country has seen in its 66-year history.

He said all seven militants were killed in the operation.

“The school has been cleared and handed over of school administration,” Bajwa said.

“They [militants] did not come for the purpose of hostage. They stormed the school and started killing students and staff members”, he added.

He said 7 army commandos have been wounded in the operation and two of them were in serious condition.

The gunmen began the siege by burning their vehicle, a sign that they had no intention of coming out alive, according to officials and eyewitnesses.

Dressed in uniforms of a local government-backed paramilitary, they scaled the school’s walls and entered an auditorium where a farewell party for the year’s graduates was taking place.

The militants immediately began firing on students, killing and injuring many of them, witnesses said.

“I was trying to snatch my cap from [my friend] Mustafa when I heard sounds of shots. Our class teacher, who was standing outside, entered the auditorium and shouted: Lay down, lay down,” Muddassir Shah told The Anadolu Agency from his bed at Lady Reading Hospital.

“She closed the auditorium’s main door and rushed to close the back door as heavy firing began outside. As we were trying to figure out what was happening, someone started hitting the main door, and in no time, broke it.”

Another student, Mahmood Khan, said the attackers burst into his class and started firing.

“My mind was completely blank as bullets were hitting and injuring my colleagues,” Khan said. “I fell on the ground while trying to hide behind a table. All of a sudden, three blood-soaked bodies fell on me. Their blood soaked my body and clothes. I do not know how and why, but I closed my eyes.”

The Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan militant coalition claimed responsibility for the attack, calling it a response to the Pakistani army’s anti-militant operations in the Waziristan tribal area, which began on June 15.

“We selected the army’s school for the attack because the government is targeting our families and females,” Taliban spokesman Muhammad Umar Khorasani said. “We want them to feel the pain.”

The army said it killed more than 1,500 Taliban militants in the past six months.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said there will be no return from the ongoing military offensive against the Taliban.

“Terrorists have struck in our hearts, but let them know that military operations will continue until terrorists are eliminated,” Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said.

Meanwhile, at least 100 soldiers have been killed in landmine blasts and clashes with militants in the restive region.

The fight has since broadened to include other militant groups and has spread across the tribal belt, displacing 1.5 million people.

Since October, much of the fighting has been focused in Khyber Agency, 15 kilometers from Peshawar, where Taliban militants have found new havens.

This led to a new military operation called Khyber-One and a new wave of displaced tribesmen.

The Next Economic Crisis, the Real Crisis, Will Exceed $100 Trillion

The Real Crisis Will Be North of $100 Trillion

zero hedge

The 2008 crash was a warm up.


Many investors think that the markets could never have a crash again. They think that the 2008 meltdown was a one in 100 years crisis.


They are wrong.


The 2008 Crisis was a stock and investment bank crisis. But it was not THE Crisis. THE Crisis concerns the biggest bubble in financial history: the epic Bond bubble…


If you need proof that bonds are in a truly epic bubble… one that will implode the financial system when it breaks… consider that half of ALL government bonds in the world currently yield less than 1%.


What is clear is that the world has become addicted to central bank stimulus. Bank of America said 56pc of global GDP is currently supported by zero interest rates, and so are 83pc of the free-floating equities on global bourses. Half of all government bonds in the world yield less that 1pc. Roughly 1.4bn people are experiencing negative rates in one form or another.


These are astonishing figures, evidence of a 1930s-style depression, albeit one that is still contained. Nobody knows what will happen as the Fed tries to break out of the stimulus trap, including Fed officials themselves.




Why are yields this low?


Because, by holdings interest rates at zero or even negative, global Central Banks have forced investors to pile into bonds in search of yield (stocks are too risky for many of the largest pools of capital).


When investors pile into bonds, bonds rally, which drives yields lower. This has been reinforced by the fact that Central Banks have been engaging in or promising QE (buying Government debt) consistently for the last five years. So investors have been front-running the Fed and other Central Banks.


After all… if you know a Central Bank will buy your bond at a price that is higher from where the market prices it… you effectively know there is a “bigger fool” waiting in the wings.


The end result?


The bond bubble today is over $100 trillion. When you include the derivatives that trade based on bonds it’s more like $500 TRILLION. And it’s growing by trillions of dollars every month (the US issued $1 trillion in new debt in the last 8 weeks alone).


When this thing bursts it’s going to be an absolute disaster as it will involve entire countries going bust.


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Russia: We Have The Right To Put Nuclear Weapons In Crimea

Russia: We Have The Right To Put Nuclear Weapons In Crimea

business insider

Russia announced on Monday that it believes it has the full right to deploy nuclear weapons in the recently annexed Crimean peninsula.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Interfax news agency that since Crimea was now a part of Russia, Moscow had full rights to deploy nuclear weapons into the region.

Lavrov argues that Crimea can be treated just like any other part of Russia and can therefore host nuclear infrastructure. “Now Crimea has become part of a state which possesses such weapons in accordance with the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty,” says Lavrov. “In accordance with international law, Russia has every reason to dispose of its nuclear arsenal … to suit its interests and international legal obligations.”

The Russian foreign minister is using “international law” selectively here. After all, only a small handful of countries, including Syria, Venezuela, and Afghanistan, recognize Russia’s annexation of the peninsula. The rest consider Russia’s seizure of the region to be an illegal act of aggression.

Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine in March following a widely disputed referendum. The vote was carried out after thousands of Russian troops had already entered the peninsula. The validity of the referendum has been called into question following a 97% approval rate for union with Russia.

In the face of crippling Western sanctions and a crashing ruble, Lavrov likely mentioned Russia’s ability to place nuclear weapons in the contested peninsula as a means of rallying the Russian people around Moscow’s nationalist policies.

“Lavrov has brought up this nuclear weapons issue to demonstrate that the Kremlin considers Crimea such an inalienable part of Russia that it may choose to do with it whatever it wants, including the deployment of nukes,” Alexander Golts, a deputy editor of Yezhednevny Zhurnal and a Russian political expert, told the Los Angeles Times.

Lavrov’s insistence that Russia has the right to move nuclear weapons into Crimea marks only the latest instance in which Russian officials or pro-government public figures have spoken openly at the country’s arsenal. In March, a prominent Russian broadcaster warned that Moscow could turn the US into “radioactive dust.” This was followed by a warning from the Russian Pravda that Moscow had a “nuclear surprise” for the West in November.

Technically, neither the US nor Russia can move strategic nuclear forces without verifying the deployment with the other country due to the 2010 New START treaty, which set a timeline for mutual cuts to the countries’ nuclear stockpiles. Any Russian movement of strategic nuclear weapons into Crimea (long-range, high-yield weapons, as opposed to tactical or battlefield nuclear warheads) without prior notification to the US would result in Russia violating the treaty.

Obama Finds the Man Most Eager To Initiate Govt. Behavioral Control and Makes Him Surgeon Gen.

[If you are a smoker, overweight, a diabetic, or own a gun, then you are now a special project for the new Surgeon General.  Whatever it is that makes you such a cigarette-smoking, fat slob, who doesn’t eat properly, while twirling your unlocked gun on your finger and bouncing little “what’s his name” on your knee, then Obama’s new man is out to get you.  In other words, Obama is going to change the behavior of all American redneck, “white trash” and whoever copies their bad habits.  Look for your medical care to steer you through the nightmare world of psychiatry, if you want to continue receiving any health care at all. 

And you thought that our world was FUCKED-UP before this.]

The Covert Dictatorship Called “Obamacare”   ;  The rise of the Psychiatric State under Obamacare ;  ROTHSCHILDS HIDDEN BEHIND obama AND THE GENOCIDAL OBAMACARE ?  ;  Obama To Save Medicare By Killing-Off the Sick and the Elderly  ; Americans Slowly Waking-Up To Harsh Reality of the Unaffordable Nature of “Affordable Care Act”Obamacare Is A Bureaucratic Cyber-Weapon—“Stuxnet” for Healthcare Plans 

US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy on obesity, medical marijuana, vaccines—and, yes, guns



Vivek Murthy is the new Surgeon General of the United States, after a hard-won confirmation by the Senate yesterday. Murthy, whose position that guns are a health-care issue in the US earned him the ire of the country’s powerful gun lobby, will serve a four-year term as the nation’s top doctor and public health advocate. The position has lacked a permanent director since July 2013.

Murthy co-founded Doctors for America, a group of 16,000 physicians and medical students that sent a strongly-worded letter (pdf) last year to the Congress, urging politicians to take stricter measures to stop gun violence. That earned him the ire of the National Rifle Association, slowing his confirmation, but may have also been one of the factors that ultimately helped him win the support of dozens of politicians, medical groups, and universities.

The letter proposed attempting to cut gun deaths in half by 2020, by banning assault weapons, tightening safety regulations, funding research on gun violence, and repealing laws that ban physicians from discussing gun safety with patients. It said:

The circumstances and causes of gun-related injuries and death are diverse–mass shootings, suicides, individual disputes, robberies, and accidents. There is no single provision that will stop these tragedies from happening, so we must approach the issue from all available angles, just as we have successfully approached other threats to public health such as motor vehicle accident deaths and deaths from fire and drowning.

During his February 2014 opening remarks (pdf) in front of a Senate nominating committee, Murthy stressed the US’s other health problems, saying if he was nominated he hoped to “marshal partnerships across the country to address the epidemics of obesity and tobacco-related disease, to reduce the crippling stigma of mental illness, to roll back the resurgence of vaccine preventable disease” and to address many other issues.

During that nearly tw0-hour hearing, senators questioned him about his track record on public-health management, what he thinks of medical marijuana (he’s heard of “anecdotal evidence” but believes “more information” is needed to safely prescribe it), and, predictably, guns.

“I do not intend to use the Surgeon General’s Office as a bully pulpit for gun control,” Murthy said, in response to a question from a Republican senator:

My concerns with regards to issues like gun violence have to do with my experience as a physician, seeing patients in emergency rooms who have come in with acute injuries; but also seeing many patients over the years who are dealing with spinal cord injuries, post traumatic stress disorder, and other chronic complications from gun violence.

In his May 2014 address to graduates of Harvard Medical School, he first thanked the crowd for not opposing him as commencement speaker, saying that “it’s nice to be out of the line of fire, for a change.” He then delivered a speech that stressed the courage necessary to be doctor when medicine is facing “crises with costs, quality, and coverage,” and “critical public health challenges.”

Murthy called on the students to follow in his footsteps and become public-health advocates:

We can no longer remain within our exam rooms and ignore what happens in our communities. As physicians and dentists, we must have a presence in both places. Our sacred responsibility is both to help the patient in front of us and also to safeguard the health of the nation.