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Saad Hariri Admitting That It Was A Big Mistake To Accuse Hezbollah of Murdering His Dad

A man walks away from an area where clashes happened between Hariri supporters and the Lebanese army after the former prime minister lost his position when his government collapsed. (Matthew Cassel)

Lebanon PM: Accusing Syria in Hariri killing was a mistake

jerusalem p
Sep 6, 2010

Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad Hariri said Monday that it was a mistake to accuse Syria of being behind the 2005 assassination of his father.

The statement was a major turnaround for Hariri, who for years has blamed Damascus for his father’s death in a massive truck bombing in Beirut.

Syria directly dominated Lebanon for nearly 30 years and kept tens of thousands of troops on its soil. The killing of Hariri’s father, former prime minister Rafik Hariri, sparked anti-Syrian protests and led to Syria’s withdrawal.

Hariri told the Saudi-owned newspaper Asharq al-Awsat in an interview published Monday that “during a period of time we accused Syria of being behind the assassination … This was a political accusation, and this political accusation has ended.”

Hariri’s comments came a week after UN prosecutor Daniel Bellemare said that there would be no rush to indict suspects in the international probe into the killing of the former Lebanese prime minister.

“Let me state clearly that the indictment has not been drafted yet,” Bellemare was quoted as saying by the website NOW Lebanon. “I will only file the indictment when I am satisfied there is enough evidence.”

Did Obama Help Eliminate Kaddafy To Keep Libyan Money In European Banks?

NATO rescues euro in Libya


Libya NATO intervention intended to save French banks and thus the euro

Xander Meyer,
Xander News
September 1, 2011

A Libyan rebel fighter takes pictures of killed soldiers. Some 50,000 Libyans paid with their lives for the temporarily for saving the French banks and the euro.

In the mainstream media in recent months proclaimed so much nonsense about the supposedly necessary, but in reality scandalous “humanitarian” NATO war against Libya -in some 50,000 deaths would are- that we still have a number of hard facts put a list showing that had the real reasons to expel Gaddafi nothing with his nonexistent “bloodshed” but everything to do with saving the major problems facing French banks and thus the European éénheidsmunt, the euro. Learn how incredibly -again- was misled by politicians and the media.

The fact is that in countries such as Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates no military intervention is planned to depose the ruling dictators there. On the contrary, European countries like Germany support these regimes even with skills and weapons. Why indeed intervene in Libya?

In October 2010, Nuri Mesmari, the head of Gaddafi’s secretariat in Paris questioned by the French secret service. Applications in the Asian media reported that Mesmari against hefty payment Libyan state secrets betrayed. For French President Nicolas Sarkozy was a hard slap in the face, especially since Gaddafi’s plan would be to withdraw all Libyan oil assets from Europe. Those funds were located especially in French banks and would be transferred to Asia.

Fear of collapse French banks

Sarkozy feared that this step would have far-reaching consequences for the already serious financial problems facing French banks, which would not survive the removal of Libyan oil billions. As a result of the collapse of the French banks France would not be able to participate in the European rescue fund, which would also collapse. There would be a chain reaction that would endanger the survival of the euro and the euro zone.

Another factor was the fact that Gaddafi had announced no French Rafale fighter jets to buy more and to award the construction of a Libyan nuclear power plant in any case to a French consortium. French oil company Total wanted new oil contracts in Libya, but Gaddafi gave it to the Italian ENI group (Gaddafi and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi are good friends).

The rest went something like the revolution in Iran in 1953. Then it was the CIA that caused this, now it was the French who did the same in Libya. In the prestigious Asia Times was everything again its nice to put a row. First France assured himself of the support of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain with the promise to make these regimes now alone on the human rights violations in these countries. Both Arab regimes then took care of the support of the Arab League. The US and other European countries participated -including Netherlands- “natural” it in order to prevent the imminent collapse of the French banks.

Rebel Uprising organized by France

French topfilosoof and media darling Bernard Henri-Lévy was flown to Benghazi to be the mouthpiece of there by the Western secret services patched ‘rebel’. In the presence of the media drummed Henri-Lévy phoned from Benghazi with Sarkozy and announced it would go off the beginning of the Libyan democratic movement that Qaddafi. Libyan billions (7.6 billion from the government and an additional private billions of Gaddafi) were then frozen and French banks were rescued, at least temporarily.

The whole circus looked for the Western population from credible enough. In Libya, the existing rivalry between the various tribes exploited to the media step by step over the imaginary conquests of areas to leave messages by the rebels. The next phase was already planned: supporting these rebels by NATO.

Reports that the CIA in 1500 fighters from Afghanistan to Libya would have flown to support the rebels there were from Pakistani government circles, whose relationship with the CIA had fallen far below freezing. Since the so-called off by Osama bin Laden Pakistan began in anger bring all kinds of false rumors about the CIA in circulation. One of these rumors concerned the transfer of hundreds of Persians and Uzbeks to Libya. The numerous journalists in Libya, which continually accompanied the rebels, however, are not there come a Persian or Uzbek.

Oil Deal in exchange for aid revolt

Back to France, where the Libyan oil billions for the most part will remain in the possession of the French banks. Of probably more than € 10 billion will France there namely at most € 1.5 billion release for the new Libyan government. Incidentally, banks in other EU countries, where also Libyan oil billions are parked, now relieved. Indeed, one can now sell in exchange for these billions of many goods to Libya. The new Libyan government must finally show her gratitude for the “liberation” of their country. The media reports today that France has indeed a secret oil deal with the rebels closed in exchange for French support for the uprising against Gaddafi (3).

Soon it will become clear whether Libya still decide to purchase French fighter jets, the construction of a French nuclear power plant and the awarding of oil concessions to the French Total. The secret services will have to see how they can provide various contacts of new work. Gaddafi’s Dutch whore madam was already questioned by the AIVD. They provided the regime with the necessary prostitutes, and would now for the new rulers can do the same.

France distributes spoils

So now you know how the “democratic” Libyan resistance movement originated and who was behind it. Some 50,000 people paid with their lives for the collapse of the French banks and thus the euro while sliding forward. Today you will find in Paris a ‘reconstruction’ conference, where more than € 34 billion, of which Libya has in Western banks stand will be ‘divided’. Sarkozy has already emerged as the big man reconstruction of Libya. In other words, he wants through billion contracts with the new Libyan rulers the preponderance of the spoils of war in France.

Last Saturday we reported that nota bene linked to Al Qaeda brigades have now become the boss in Tripoli. Yesterday, President Obama confirmed this (2). In short, where the West in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq has been fighting for years against Al Qaeda, the same Muslim extremists are now in Libya aided by NATO in the saddle. It is further proof that the so-called Western principles are totally worthless as soon as (much) money is at stake. The real hoerenmadams therefore are in the financial and political power elite.

Middle East ablaze?

The big (end) game meanwhile continues. Sarkozy has already publicly announced that the Islamic Republic of Iran could well be the next military target. The Turkish-Saudi preparations for military intervention in Syria are in full swing. Please note once again how the next great war, the entire Middle East -and maybe even daarbuiten- ablaze could put just as the Libyan revolution planned by France in our media as a “complete surprise” will be presented. (1)


(1) KOPP
(3) NOW

Gazprom Buys-Out Ill-Fated South Stream Partners, After EU Cuts Its Own Throat

“’Bulgaria was strong-armed or attempts were made to discourage it from making certain decisions or giving certain permissions,’ Germany’s former chancellor Gerhardt Schroder…said at a closed-door meeting of Russian and European business circles in Moscow.” (Germany’s ex-chancellor names two reasons for South Stream termination)

© AP Photo/Mikhail Metzel

Russia’s Gazprom buys 50% stake in South Stream Transport BV to become its 100% owner

itar tass

South Stream Transport B.V. was set up to do the planning and construction works and to operate the seabed South Stream pipeline that was supposed to be laid across the Black Sea

MOSCOW, December 29. /TASS/. Russia’s gas giant Gazprom said in a release on Monday it had signed a deal with Eni, Wintershall and EDF on the purchase of 50% of shares in South Stream Transport BV.

Thus, Gazprom will be a 100% owner of the company.

Commenting on the decision to sell its stake in South Stream Transport BV, Wintershall said participants in the project had decided to close it since there were no guarantee permits for the South Stream further construction could be issued soon whereas economic impacts of delays in the project implementation could hardly be calculated.

South Stream Transport B.V. is an international joint venture set up to do the planning and construction works and to operate the seabed South Stream pipeline that was supposed to be laid across the Black Sea. Gazprom’s share in the company was 50%, Italy’s Eni held a 20% stake, France’s EDF – 15% and Germany’s Wintershall Holding GmbH – also 15%

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the decision on Russia’s withdrawal from the project on December 1 while on visit to Turkey. South Stream was Gazprom’s global infrastructural project of a gas pipeline system with a capacity of 63 billion cubic meters across the Black Sea stretching from Russia to Bulgaria and through Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia further to Austria. Vladimir Putin blamed  the EU and Bulgarian authorities for lack of cooperation.  According to the South Stream Transport Company, European companies will suffer direct losses valued at no less than €2.5 billion due to the termination of the project.

Instead of South Stream, Gazprom will build a gas hub on the Turkey-Greece border under a new 63 billion cubic meter pipeline project. Gazprom CEO Alexey Miller said the construction of a gas pipeline to Turkey will make it possible to reduce the risks linked with natural gas transit through Ukraine.  Russia’s steel pipe manufacturers hope that all their products originally meant for the South Stream project will be redirected to the new gas pipeline project.