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Pakistan Continues To String-Up Its Terrorists–Musharraf Attacker Hanged In Peshawar

Another convict in Musharraf attack case executed in Peshawar

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Another convict in Musharraf attack case executed in Peshawar


PESHAWAR: Niaz Muhamamd, convicted of orchestrating the murder attempt on former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, was executed here at Central Jail on Wednesday.

Niaz Muhammad who belonged to Swabi was an aide of Adnan Rashid, a notorious militant leader and an accused in the Musharraf attack case.

The death row prisoner was shifted from Haripur Central Jail to Peshawar last night where he was executed early in the morning.

Jail authorities say the body would be moved to Swabi for burial. A military court had handed down death sentence to Niaz Muhammad for the 2003 attack on Pervez Musharraf.

Pakistan lifted a moratorium on capital punishment after a deadly militant attack in a Peshawar school that killed almost 150 people majority of them children on December 16.


Rafik Hariri and Nasrallah Were Prepared To Work Together Before Beirut Assassination

[SEE:  Saad Hariri Admitting That It Was A Big Mistake To Accuse Hezbollah of Murdering His Dad ]

Hezbollah, Rafik Hariri were readying alliance: STL defense

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BEIRUT: Hezbollah and former Premier Rafik Hariri were preparing to form a broad, powerful Sunni-Shiite coalition in Lebanon before he was killed, defense lawyers at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon said Wednesday, pushing back against claims that the relationship was tense in the run-up to the assassination.

In his seventh day of testimony in The Hague, Hariri’s former adviser and Economy Minister Marwan Hamade also revealed that Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah told him in a secret meeting in the spring of 2005 that he “did not know” if Syria had anything to do with an attempt on his life in late 2004, the first in a string of attacks targeting anti-Syrian political figures in Lebanon.

Hamade survived the car bombing that targeted him in October days after his bloc in Parliament opposed the re-election of the deeply unpopular pro-Syrian President Emile Lahoud, which passed after alleged threats from Syrian President Bashar Assad in a meeting with Hariri.

“I asked him, ‘Sayyed, did you target me last October?’ And he said absolutely no,” Hamade testified, referring to the secret meeting with Nasrallah and Hezbollah MP Nawwaf Musawi, which he said was either in late April or early May.

“I followed up with a quick question, ‘Did the Syrian brothers have a role?’ he continued. “He told me ‘I do not know.’”

If the details of the meeting are accurate, it would be the first time Hezbollah has expressed ambivalence regarding Syrian involvement in the string of political assassinations in Lebanon that began with the attempted killing of Hamade.

Hezbollah publicly says that accusations against Syria are politically motivated. It has blamed Hariri’s killing on Israel despite the widespread belief at the time that Syria was behind the attack.

The STL is trying in absentia five Hezbollah members accused of complicity in the Valentine’s Day bombing in 2005 that killed Hariri and 21 others and led to massive demonstrations that forced the withdrawal of Syrian troops from Lebanon.

But the other intriguing parts of the hearing were the questions posed by Antoine Korkmaz, the defense lawyer for Mustafa Badreddine, a senior Hezbollah operative accused of being the apex of the conspiracy, implying that the alliance between Hariri and Nasrallah was broader than previously believed.

In his questions, Korkmaz asked Hamade if he was aware that Hariri and Nasrallah had formed a joint, permanent committee of Future Movement and Hezbollah cadres to prepare for the 2005 parliamentary elections, holding meetings every 10 days including secret sessions in Paris.

Korkmaz claimed the frequent meetings between Hariri and Nasrallah and the creation of the parliamentary committee were precursors to what he described as a “comprehensive” Sunni-Shiite alliance that was set to be announced in 2005.

If true, the claims point to a much broader rapprochement and budding political alliance drawing together Hariri and Nasrallah that went far beyond their public cordiality at the time, and hinted at a possibly far-reaching settlement that would have brought together Lebanon’s Sunni and Shiite communities, now at loggerheads over the Syria war.

Korkmaz pointed out that the Future Movement and Hezbollah ran in joint parliamentary lists in some districts in 2005 and Nasrallah ordered his party’s supporters in an edict to vote for the March 14 candidates in the Aley/Baabda district.

Hamade said that Hezbollah had sought the electoral alliance in 2005 after Hariri’s assassination because they realized there was a change in the balance of power with the withdrawal of Syria’s troops.

Korkmaz also asked whether Hamade was aware that Hezbollah had launched its own investigation into the Hariri case and had shared its results with the Hariri family and Gen. Wissam al-Hasan, who would later become the Lebanese intelligence chief, in addition to pledging to take “all necessary measures” to find and apprehend Hariri’s killers.

Hezbollah’s investigations at the time had revealed that a bomb with a size in excess of 1,000 kg and was above ground had destroyed Hariri’s motorcade, before U.N. investigators had drawn their own, matching conclusions.

Korkmaz asked Hamade if he thought Nasrallah was being truthful when he expressed his sorrow for Hariri’s assassination and condemned the crime during the March 8 rally after the attack, recalling how he visited Qoreitem Palace personally to offer condolences.

“You ask me about the credibility of these words – at that moment, we were seriously thankful to him for those statements,” Hamade said. “On the other hand, we were frustrated and surprised at the [March 8] festival, what became a festival to defend the Syrian regime and its tools in Lebanon.”

Korkmaz also offered up a surprise revelation, showing that an individual who had called Hamade’s telephone in late 2004 had also called a telephone belonging to Sami Issa, an alias of Hezbollah commander Mustafa Badreddine, on a telephone that was allegedly used only to contact other members of the conspiracy.

Hamade said he did not know who used his cellphone at the time since he had lost it in the car bombing that targeted him in October 2004, but suggested it may have been a ploy by the assassins to mislead investigators.

Korkmaz also read out newspaper columns written by Hamade in the late 1990s and in 2000 praising Syrian presidents Hafez and Bashar Assad, in an attempt to discredit his statements on Syria’s growing domination and oppression of the Lebanese before the assassination.

Hamade said he had changed his views on the relationship with Syria with the growing clampdown and control exerted by Assad over Lebanon after the Israeli withdrawal in 2000.


Bandar bin Sultan’s Blueprint for Civil War

Bandar bin Sultan’s “Blueprint for Civil


Peter Chamberlin

bandar3 jeffrey feltman

[Only the Jewish press took note of this most newsworthy report.  The  Western media didn’t even bother ridiculing it or calling the idea of an actual “blueprint for Syrian civil war” “ludicrous.”  Now that most of the facts reported in the Syrian news report have largely come true, reading it should seem less like fiction to all of you non-believers.  For the rest of us, the the report is self-validating, simply because of its prophetic accuracy.  Proving “premeditated mass-murder” in Syria will make the preliminary case for Nuremberg-like war crimes trials possibly “crimes against humanity” for both Bandar bin Sultan and Asst. Sec. State Jeffrey Feltman, or anyone who helped them commit the criminal acts.]

(a) Crimes against peace:

(i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;

(ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

Why did website linked to Syria regime publish U.S.-Saudi plan to oust Assad?

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Mar. 30, 2011
A regime-linked Syrian website reports on a U.S.-Saudi plan to foment unrest and oust Bashar Assad through killings, mass demonstrations and arson, not unlike what is happening now.

By Zvi Bar’el

The heavy blackout imposed by Syria on coverage of the deadly demonstrations there, including the number of casualties and the extent of the serious damage caused to Ba’ath Party offices in a number of cities, is not hindering another kind of reporting.

The media there are seeking out details of involvement of “foreign elements” they say are trying to foment a revolution in Syria. These reports impart information about kinds of vehicles these “elements” have used, the weapons in their possession and the means by which they have recruited demonstrators.

The Syrian media have never been as open as they are now in describing the subversives. The sunshine reached new levels with a recent expose by the Champress Internet site, which has close ties to the regime, on a secret Saudi-American plan to topple the government of President Bashar Assad, presented in full.

According to the report, the plan, which was first broadcast on the Iranian Arabic-language television station Al-Alam, was formulated in 2008 by the Saudi national security advisor, Prince Bandar bin Sultan and Jeffrey Feltman, a veteran U.S. diplomat in the Middle East who was formerly ambassador to Lebanon and is currently the assistant secretary of state for Near Eastern Affairs.


The following Eng. translation of Bandar’s Syrian confession, exactly how it was published in Champress, was saved for us by Stratfor Global Intelligence firm (Mossad)

From: “Chris Farnham” <>

Media sources reveal details of a conspiracy by Bandar Bin Sultan and Feltman to “destroy” Syria

March 30, 2011

Several media sources have revealed the details of a “well-organized” plan
to destroy Syria and create chaos in the country. The plan is said to be
drawn up by Bandar bin Sultan, the former Saudi ambassador to the United
States, in collaboration with the former U.S. Ambassador in Lebanon,
“Jeffrey Feltman” to overthrow the regime in Syria and to bring Syria back
to the “stone age”, according to the sources.

The lengthy and detailed plan, developed by Bandar bin Sultan and his
friend Feltman in 2008 with a funding reached $ 2 billion, consists of
many items and precise details which significantly intersect with the
incidents of disturbances the city of Daraa has recently witnessed.
According to sources, the plan “strategically” depended on the
exploitation of peoples’ legitimate desire in freedom, dignity and getting
rid of corruption and on the turning of these wishes into a revolt against
the regime through convincing the people that the road to reform from
within the regime is closed and the solution is an all-out revolution.


However, the plan tactically divided Syria into three areas (big cities,
small cities and villages), and the established five types of networks:


1- The “Fuel”: This network comprises educated and unemployed youths who
are to be linked in a decentralized way.

2- The “Thugs” network which includes outlaws and criminals from remote
areas, preferably non-Syrians.

3- The “Ethnic-Sectarian” network which consists of young people with
limited education representing ethnic communities that support or oppose
the president. They must be under the age of 22.

4- The “Media” network that comprises some leaders of civil society
institutions which have European funding not American one.

5- The “Capital” network which comprises traders, companies owners, banks
and commercial centers in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs only.

On how to use these networks and link between each others, the plan
provides for:

The utilization of ambitious young people from the first network (Network
of fuel)
through attractive phrases such as:

– You must have a voice

– Change can’t be achieved except by force

– Your future is yours to determine

– Your silence is the cause, and so on a*|.

The plan also provides for exploiting the skills of members of the second
network (Network of thugs) through:

– Training the thugs on professional killing including sniping and
murdering in cold blood.

– Training them on burning public buildings quickly by using flammable

– Training thugs on penetrating prisons police centers and security

According to the plan, members of the third network (sectarian ethnic
will be exploited by

– Feeding their strong feeling of support for or opposition against the

– Making them feel that their communities are threatened in all cases.

– Creating the concept of using excessive force against others.

– Convincing them of the idea that all who oppose them in anything are

– Leading them to a “state of color blindness”, so see only black and

-Exploitation their age and lack of knowledge of history and geography and
leading them to the brink of being ready to do anything.

The fourth network (media network) will also be exploited to serve the
plan. Members of this network will be recruited and their skills will be
enhanced to lead the (public opinion) through:

– Enabling them to communicate with the media by satellite phone that
can’t be monitored or cut off.

– Promoting them as nationalists and as individuals who don’t oppose to
the regime, but call for civil society.

Qualifying cadres and training them on techniques of modern media such
as blogging and using the Internet
which help them communicate with the

– Holding regular meetings with them and coordinating their efforts so
that no one will contradict the other.

The fifth network (capital network) will be exploited by using their fear
of their money being wasted, so the following must be achieved:

– Linking traders with trade officials in the European embassies under the
cover of trade relations.

– Holding luxurious parties to be attended by businessmen and during which
exclusively Arab Gulf deals and investments are to be made.

Threatening them with certain sexual relations that are filmed for later
blackmailing them.

– Urging them against the regime and creating ideas such as: “The country
is yours and outsiders control you. The regime makes wealthy people on
your expense. You are the ones who build the country and others rule it.
Bashar al-Assad steals you via taxes and his supporters enjoy it. All your
businesses projects are a loss due to bribery and corruption. Your wealth
is threatened and must be transferred outside Syria because the regime
will collapse. We will make you rule the country after the collapse of the
regime. “

The plan also contained in its “executive” chapter several scenarios, and
precise details of how to start and move, how networks will be exploited
and how to move forward.
According to executive chapter, the plan adopts the following stages:

1- If a targeted person from the Fuel Network responded, another stage
will immediately begin based on exploiting his/her need for money, so the
plan starts to:
– Provide him/her with small amounts of money.
– Ensure him/her a rented car, a cellular phone and Internet connection.
– Ask him/her to look for and bring other young people and use the same
method with them.

– When the number of young people reach 5000 in major cities and 1500 in
small cities and 500 in the villages, these people are asked to start to
express their desire in change and reform. At this very stage any talk
against any side of the people must be avoided. Not a word on sectarian,
partisan, rightist or leftist basis is allowed at this stage.

As this stage proceeds, objections by non-enthusiasts are to be faced by a
set of appropriate responses such as:
– If someone says there is a change, the response must be: “There is no
change at all. This is all a lie”
– If he says change is coming, then the response must be: “We have heard
this for more than 40 years”
– If anyone says that time is not suitable, the response must be: “So when
must we move. Are we going to move after 100 years”
– If one says that of our dignity lies in resisting America, the response
must be: “We have nothing to do with resistance, we want to live” and so

A Moving group has to be pushed into streets inside already existing
such as in crowded markets, in mosques after prayers and in
narrow alleys. This group is divided into three rings: The shouters, the
photographers, and the hidden people.
The shouters gather at the center
of the circle and begin chanting within the gathering. This ring is
surrounded by the ring of the hidden people, while the photographers’ ring
surrounds all. If anyone tried to disperse the shouters the hidden people
defend them under the pretext: ” let them speak”, and if no one try to
disperse them, the same ring of the hidden people assaults the shouters
and disperse them. In both cases,” We get an excellent picture for the

– In general, the authorities have to be provoked to be drawn into the use
of torture and cruelty
. Here the authorities have to choose one of two
solutions; either to intervene or not to intervene.

– If the authorities don’t interfere, the number of enthusiasts will begin
to increase, because young people’s demands will attract a bigger number
of new enthusiasts who all, according to the plan, must not know anything
about the network link.

If the authorities intervene and arrest one of the network members,
he/she must make himself/herself appear “innocent and pathetic”,
immediately change his/her stance and illusively promise the authorities
not to do that again.
According to the plan he/she is to be completely
frozen to the final stage, but funding continues.

– If the authorities intervene and arrest one from outside the network,
the incident must fully be exploited by raising the level of demands. If
the security forces torture him/her, this will be better as it will help
in fueling the people’s feelings and here phrases linking torture to the
whole regime not only to the security forces are to be promoted and the
following statements and ideas are to be disseminated: “Have you seen
what happened to the poor man, this is what the president wants. It isn’t
fair, the man wants only to live. Do those traders only have the right to
have money. Is it a government or a group of thieves. The reason behind
this is the top leadership”, and so on …

2- When moves start in the streets, people must be instigated as fast as
possible to change their just demands into calls for the downfall of the
regime. Here the following must be implemented:

– The second network, “network of the thugs”, is introduced to the scene
immediately to attack all of the demonstrators and security personnel.

Videos and photos for dramatic events which hurt religious and social
feelings, such as attacking women, preferably veiled ones, must be taken.
As a result alleged demonstrators shout general slogans and if they are
attacked by security forces it will be very excellent. But if they are
attacked by civilians, the group says “security forces dressed in civilian
clothes,” attacked the demonstrators. However, if no one attack them, a
member of the same group will attack the demonstrators, even if this leads
to minor injuries. Video shots must not last more than 20 seconds and they
must be taken from a very close position not from a far one.

The rapid use of bloodshed, because of its significant impact on the
people. This includes the killing of a protester from outside the network,
preferably a youth from big and famous families, or a youth who has major
social ties or a highly educated person, especially a doctor, an engineer
or an intellectual. The killing must be committed rapidly by

Dec. 31, 2011   Dec. 31, 2011

snipers and with bullets of the same type used by police or security forces. This
stage also includes the killing of security personnel or guarding police.

120324013012-syria-homs-pipline-story-top Burning properties of the traders

who have been involved in the plan and
dragging them into a state of fear together with other economic figures
with the purpose of having influence on the lives of as many people as

– Provoking Bashar al-Assad loyalists and engaging them in polemics with
others, especially the Islamists,. Here the loyalist are to be accused of
being from the intelligence and that they are horns of the regime and
beneficiaries from the authority.
Creating mistrust and tension between the loyalists and the people,
telling about the near end of Bashar al-Assad and calling for random
supportive demonstrations and calls advocating slaughter, murder and
are planned to be launched. In turn, opponents keep calm and
delay any move till after the creation of sectarian and ethnic killing.
They have to be well-organized in their calls for political reform,
freedom, democracy and civil life.

– Foiling any attempt to attain political solutions by the regime through
burning symbols of power such as the Baath Party headquarters, police
stations, prisons and security forces centers in addition to distorting
Bashar al-Assad pictures.
3- The fourth network (The media) is introduced. The aim here is to link
Bashar al-Assad to all previous era and to devalue all his actions by
opening all the old files and holding the current regime responsible for

Bandar bin Sultan recognizes in his plan that Bashar Assad enjoys a real
popularity inside and outside Syria that should not be underestimated. He
believes that this popularity must be exploited and transformed from a
point of strength into a point of weakness through the use of the
enthusiasm of supporters against demonstrations.

To undermine the military, the government and the security system, Bandar
believes that they must be torn into sects, and here comes the role of the
third network the
( ethnic-sectariannetwork) taking into account the
neutralization of major doctrines like the Shafi’I and the Hanafi. This
will be done as follows:

– Urging each sect to commit horrible bloody massacres against violators.
These crimes must be filmed and posted to the
media as soon as possible.
The start should be in places far from Damascus and there should not be a
lot of blood for fear that people may retreat.



[SEE:  Lattakia, Alawite farmer tortured,eye plucked out by moderate FSA beheaders 18+ brutal ]

For instance,

in Latakia

and Tartous, people from the Alawite sect from the network slaughter youths from the Sunni sect, cut parts of their
chant long live Bashar.

In Aleppo

Salafis from the network attack Alawites’ villages, burn their
homes and terrorizing the people to leave their villages
and chant “Death
to the “Nasirien” death to the enemies of the Sahaba”.

children al hasakah In Hasakah,

Arabs from the network

 4fe415213fe1e6bb65958bbb3798232d slaughter and

19693-fuck!-young-boy-hanged-in-syriabig1  hang some young people

and make fun of the Kurds in a visual way without language and clear
enough to be understood by the Kurds without translation.

christians Some Christians,
particularly Armenians are planned to be killed.

daria sniper 2011 In Daraa,

“snipers” from outside the city of Daraa kill young people from
the Jawabra and the Mahamid families without approaching anyone from the
Abazeed and the Masalmeh families.

Al-Boukamal In the city of Al-Boukamal,

the Shi’ites kill Sunnis and scream, “Oh Karbala, Oh Hussein”.

In Homs, Arabs kill Turkmen and loot their shops, particularly gold shops
and also kill Catholic Christians and Murshdis
In Sewidaa, Druze members of the network kill a number of Christians in
surrounding villages and burning several churches
In Qamishli, Kurd members of the network avenge the killing of Kurds in
Hasaka. Some Armenians also kill Arab Muslims.
In Deir Ez-Zour, “snipers” from outside the city kill young people from
the Agidat and Bani Naeem tribes without approaching smaller tribes like
the “Rolla”, the “Jabour” or the “Shummar” and scream during the filming
in the name of the “Bokhabour and the “Mohassan”.

Bandar thinks that the regime as a whole will be busy trying to settle the
disputes between communities and ethnic groups. Bashar al-Assad will send
delegates from his government to resolve sectarian and ethnic differences
while Damascus will be empty of government pillars and here comes the turn
of Damascus where each minority group avenge and the city flares up from
all sides. This will be done as follows:

– The Christians in the east of Damascus kill Muslims who live among them
in areas like Qassaa and Bab Touma. They also kill the Druze in the
village of Jaramana.

– The Sunnis in the south of the city kill Shiites living among them in
the “Shaghour” and the “Muhajereen” areas.

– Salafis in the areas of “Duma” and “Darayya” burn the headquarters of
the municipality, courts and police stations.

Alawites in the west of the city in “Mezze Jabal” area kill Sunnis who
live among them.

– Kurds in the north of the city in “Rukn Eddin” area attack Arabs from
all sects.

Meanwhile, Bandar believes that the army will be divided, the security
systems and the government will collapse and Bashar will only have the
Republican Guard, which he will not be able to move because the army will
stand against him. This will make Bashar al-Assad’s presence in power the
cause of all problems, and here comes the role of the fifth network the
(network of the capital). The following has to be implemented:

– Holding a meeting between capital owners (businessmen) and leaders of
the army and security bodies as well as ministers from Damascus and
Aleppo. The plan is to convince them to abandon Bashar al-Assad promising
them survival after the end of the President’s rule.

– In case some businessmen refuse to cooperate, they are threatened of
canceling authorizations, of withdrawing investments and of sex scandals
if they are among those penetrated by sexual relations.

– In case some army leaders refuse, they are threatened of imprisonment or
. If it is possible under a state of chaos, officers of high
ranks, not from Damascus or Aleppo, could be assassinated to terrorize

-A national council of businessmen, ministers and security chiefs must be
formed and recognized by the United States, France, Britain, Saudi Arabia
and Egypt.

Intra-Saudi War In Syria Evidence of Real “Civil War” Within the Saudi Royal Family

[Here is another forgotten, unfinished piece which is full of interesting links.  It is leftover from 2014.]

Global Jihad being portrayed as an alternative “al-Qaeda”
Syrian Jihad: The Weakening of al-Qaeda’s Leadership

it is nearly impossible to understand WHY Obama has chosen to sponsor Islamist terrorists in their criminal aggression against Syria, or Libya, but many pieces have fallen together lately which might explain HOW Obama’s minions engineered a synthetic “civil war” against the government of Bashar al-Assad.

The manufactured war in Syria has finally settled into a pattern, revealing that the “Islamist” forces have been built into the largest, most effective anti-Syrian fighting force.  The battle now is between the Islamists and the Free Syrian Army, between the Islamists and the Kurds, and within the Islamist forces themselves, as two groups of militant Islamists (both identified with “Al-Qaeda”) fight it out for dominance in the anti-Syrian aggression. Meager Western reporting on this inter-rebel fight is limited to reporting is all done for the purpose of creating an extremist rating scale, to be used in judging the various factions of the Syrian rebellion, before releasing military aid to those groups.  With ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Levant, formerly “Al-Qaeda In Iraq”) set as the most extreme on one end, and FSA (Free Syrian Army) on the other end, as least extreme, we are being encouraged to see a group of “moderate extremists,” where there is none.  This is a manipulative psychological ploy intended to whitewash the bloody image earned by the terrorist group Jabhat al-Nusrah, the “Islamic Front” and probably the new “army of mujahidin.”

Rash, radical actions taken by Bandar bin-Sultan and his Saudi intelligence agency have so disrupted the anti-Assad rebel coalition in Syria as to turn the insurgency into a free-for-all fight for dominance.  Multiple fronts and “armies” have sprouted almost overnight, as radical terrorists choose-up sides for an Islamist civil war between dozens of both new and old terrorist outfits designated by unfamiliar Arabic names and groupings of letters.  This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to decipher the growing mess, or to understand just “who” is on “what” team. One group calls itself “Al-Qaeda In Iraq,” the other may call itself Al-Nusra, but they swear allegiance to Ayman Zawahiri, the CEO of “Al-CIA-da.”  Al-Nusra is the new Saudi Al-Qaeda battalion.  Their first known terrorist act is to take claim for the murder of Rafik Hariri (SEE: UN Hariri Murder Report Unravels Abu Adas Mystery).  Actually, it is doubtful that AQ In I can even be considered to be true “Al-Qaeda,” since the group’s leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed in Iraq.  Zarqawi’s Qaeda credentials were always shaky anyway, as seen in seized letters from Zawahiri written to Zarqawi.

According to this difficult to understand editorial on Al-Qaeda In Iraq and the Levant, the organization was picked-up and “re-structured by Baghdadi in 2006 from 26 factions, including the organization «base» [Al-Qaeda].”   (Nowhere is it explained how this shadowy man was able to finance this restructured private army).  When Bagdadi brought his retrained fighters to the war in Syria, he tried to forge an alliance with Al-Nusra, until this merger was denounced by Zawahiri.  This is the so-called split within “Al-CIA-da.”  The Saudis and the other Gulf monarchies are now openly, brazenly, pouring money and equipment to both sides of their homegrown “Al-Qaeda” forces, in the war to reshape the Middle East to Saudi/Israel liking.  The alleged “fighting” reported within Al-Qaeda is more of a conflict between the Islamists’ royal sponsors in Riyadh, than anything to be reported from the battlefield.

The Syrian war is now following Saudi/Qatari plan, hatched by Bandar bin-Sultan, in his struggle to regain royal favor.   Since his conflict with Prince Turki, a royal spat which led to Turki’s resignation as Saudi Ambassador to the US in 2006, Bandar had wanted his job of 22 years back, no matter how much he had to sabotage Turki to have things his way, even if it disrupted US foreign policy plans as a result.  Bandar is a long-time friend of Israel, Turki is anti-Israeli.  “Bandar Bush” was not just the only royal who was tight with both Presidents Bush, he was also a close neocon adviser to Cheney.  Bandar was the whispering voice in W’s left ear, while Prince Turki (who was then the actual Saudi Ambassador to Washington) was talking low in Bush’s other ear, urging him to oppose Cheney’s plans for attacking Iran.  Bandar spoke for the American/Saudi/Israeli “cowboys, while Prince Turki represented the “Deep State” elements, having served as one of the founders of the super-secretive “Safari Club” (**SEE NOTE at end of report).

The turmoil generated by the conflicting opinions being fed to Bush signalled the end of the “War On Terror,” as we knew it then.  After that, Bush was hesitant to act, after so many very important people had tried so hard to convince him that every single step before him was probably wrong.  Both the Iraq war and the Afghan occupation went into idle, as the Pentagon was without direction from the Commander-In-Chief.  This rudderless period was the apathetic fuel which powered Obama’s run for the White House.  Bush and Cheney had done so much that was wrong, based upon the advice given by Bandar Bush and others like him, that any Democrat nominated for president would have won by default, because the American people were spiritually worn-out .

(SEE:—Prince Bandar’s Wake-Up Call).

July 23, 2006  U.S. Plan Seeks to Wedge Syria Away From Iran



Dec. 8, 2006   Tony Blair intervenes in BAE investigation on behalf of Saudis.   VIDEO
December 12, 2006   Prince Turki al-Faisal, Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the United States, flew out of Washington yesterday after informing Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and his staff that he would be leaving the post after only 15 months on the job

It all went off the tracks with the Israeli debacle in Lebanon, basically losing to Hezbollah’s superior planning (July 12 – August 14, 2006).  Bandar failed to produce local support on the ground for Israel, other than some token terrorism.  Israel expected massive air support from the US, which was not forthcoming.  Ehud Olmert tried his best to convince Bush to open a front against Syria, to help them snatch victory out of the jaws of defeat, to no avail.  After that, Bush no longer trusted Bandar and Cheney’s advice.  He lost his zeal for setting the Greater Middle East on fire.



Somehow, for whatever reasons, the Saudi royal family has been, and remains, under the control of the CIA.

It stands to reason that the conflict generated around Bandar is a result of his “cowboy” ways, still pushing the Neocon agenda to crush Iran, still working with, or for the CIA.  He has been working to help implement the CIA’s plans, often taking Saudi royal interests where King Abdullah didn’t want them to go.  By reviving the “Al-Qaeda” network and the supply lines which keep them running, Bandar/CIA, organizing around credible “Islamist” leaders from elsewhere in the Middle East.  Like the rest of the terror war, the CIA/militant network has been driving the rest of the terror war.  The CIA is training men to kill American soldiers…training them AND using them.


**  .”It has been  reported that the feud was over Saudi policy regarding America’s Iranian policy (SEE:  Prince Bandar’s Ambitions: Turki-Bandar Feud Over US Politics Cause of Resignation)12/13/2006.  Turki favored a more even-handed diplomatic approach, embodied in the Arab Peace Initiative for Palestinian statehood at the UN and supporting the moderates in Iraq, while Bandar wanted to butt heads with the Iranians, in order to solve the Sunni/Shia problem once and for all (SEE:  Prince Bandar Allegedly Advocating Military Response Against Iran)– – December 14, 2006

In short, Bandar represented the militant Cheney wing of the Republicans, while Prince Turki  was the Saudi advocate for the moderate Baker/Scowcroft wing.  Bush had grown tired of being let down by the ‘Cheneys’ and ‘Bandars’ lined-up at the American seat of power….Much like his pal Cheney, Bandar seemed to skulk back into the shadows after that, as efforts to drive the terror war covertly seemed to crash head-on into operations intended to prolong the individual wars, producing obvious contradictions, which began to arouse the suspicions of the American people.  Bush turned the wars over to the Pentagon advisers, thereafter turning his deaf ear towards the spies.   Bandar disappeared completely from the public eye in 2008,…In his absence, King Abdullah had given cautious support to the diplomatic measures that Prince Turki had been pushing.  Abdullah had even given Turki’s ideas on rapprochement with the dark sheep of the Arab fold, Syrian Bashar Hafez al-Assad”

This massive psychological let-down for Bandar probably contributed to his “Dark Period.”   ambitious Bandar overplayed his hand in the Kingdom by trying to force the Saudi king into supporting Cheney’s desire to crush the Ayatollahs.  He then played right into Syrian hands, according to Yusuf Dhia-Allah (SEE:  Saudi ‘royals’ secret mission to Syria), when he was allegedly arrested in Damascus on the 12th of February, 2008 (right after the bomb assassination of Hezbollah Imad Mughnieh, in Damascus, the very same night).   He entered Syria with an entourage, using false identies, with millions of dollars in cash with him.  While in Syrian hands, he “sang like a canary,” revealing all of the plan which he was there to find allies for destabilizing Syria.  He allegedly entered into a conspiracy with American Ambassador Jeffrey Feltman, coming-up with a plan for subversion.   Bashar Assad managed to keep the information secret until it was published in 2011-03-30 by Syrian Champress (SEE:  The Original Syrian Media Report Revealing Bandar/Feltman Plan To Destroy the Middle East).  Bandar confessed of major information about the assassination of the Lebanese PM Rafiq Hariri and Leader Imad Mughnieh, in addition to sabotage schemes planned for Syria.”



When the royal family learned that Bandar was being held in Syria since his 2008 arrest, his release was brokered by King Abdullah himself, who took custody of Bandar on 8 October 2009, while in Damascus to mend fences with Assad, following Bashar Assad’s visit to Riyadh on March 11, 2009.

Gaddafi condemns Arab leaders29 Mar 2008

Nicolas Sarkozy in Syria, held on 3 and 4 September 2008.

Qaddafi Erupts, on Schedule–March 30, 2009

Most of the most damaging Iranian press reports about the Saudis have been confirmed in the breaking of this report.  Abdullah forced him into “house arrest,” where he allegedly hatched a plan for a palace coup, probably leading to heavier confinement, until his unique skills became needed again.  He returned from obscurity with great fanfare on October 15, 2010, for unknown reasons.  Around that time, highly unusual events began to happen in the region.

On July 28, 2010, the Japanese supertanker M. Star reported that a large explosion had occurred on the huge ship, while transiting the Persian Gulf.  (this was allegedly the first act of new terrorist group, Abdullah Azzam Brigades)

August 6, Major-General Yuri Yevgenyevich body found along the shore near Çevlik, turkey, approximately 40 north of Tartus.

on or about Aug.14, British analyst Gareth Williams disappeared, turning-up dead, stuffed in a duffel bag, about one week later, on Aug. 20

[SEE:  The Obscenity of Humanitarian Warfare]

The Syrian conflict began on 15 March 2011,  In April 2011, the Syrian government deployed the Syrian Army to quell the uprising[40]]

30-03-2011  SYRIAN OIL AND GAS NEWS: Announcement for International Offshore Bid Round 2011 Category: Oil Ministry Decisions & Declarations

May 25, 2011, a massive explosion at Abadan oil refinery in Iran during a visit by President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

On July 7, a huge explosion takes place at an ammo dump explosion in Abadan, Turkmenistan.

on Jul 11, 2011, another  massive explosion rips through another  ammunition dump, this one is in Cyprus.

The blast killed 12 people, including the commander of the Greek Cypriot navy, along with the commander of the naval base.  The head of the Army resigned in protest, after the disaster.

Syria announces discovery of new gas field near Homs—August 17, 2011, Daily Star

Executive Order 13582– Blocking Property of the Government of Syria and Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to Syria—August 18, 2011

On October 11, 2011 Two Men Charged in Alleged Plot to Assassinate Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the United States. 

Heir to the Saudi throne, Crown Prince Sultan, Bandar’s father, died on October 21, 2011. 

an attempted bombing of Bashar Assad (which killed his intel. chief) on Jul 18, 2012, On July 19, 2012, Bandar became the new head of Saudi intelligence.

His near assassination on Jul 31, 2012

(Prince Turki and his international organization enabled Reagan to bypass Congressional bans on sending weapons to the Contra death squads.  It has continued to operate in secret since then, without restraint of any govt. oversight, utilizing private contractors and retired military and intelligence personnel to carry-out America’s secret foreign policy.  Through random publicity of their exploits, they became known as the “rogue” CIA.  This international paramilitary force came to call itself the World Islamic Front for Jihad Against Jews and Crusaders, before Bush and Cheney started calling them “Al-Qaeda.”)  This is the “Al-Qaeda” that is fighting for US interests in Syria and elsewhere.  They are the mercenaries who hire themselves out to the highest bidder.  In addition to these veteran killers, there is always a growing force of true “jihadis,” who are eager to wage war against the “infidels,” in the name of Allah.  These are the berserk killers who have swallowed the CIA/Wahhabi doctrine, hook line and sinker.  The Saudis are professionals in the advanced arts of brainwashing, as developed by the CIA.   As far as buying mercenaries to act as “true believers,” nobody can outbid the Saudis in their quest to kill their neighbors.