The Generational American Covert War Against the European Left

Basic reasons for which the US deep state will try to prevent the rise of the Left in Europe

failed revolution

by system failure
It is certain that various US think tanks will be monitoring right now the rise of the Left in Greece with the radical-Left party SYRIZA, as well as Podemos in Spain and other countries in Europe (
It’s quite remarkable that the US political system, especially after Clinton administration, has been adopted by Europe, with the transformation of the Social-democrats. A characteristic example is Greece, as the Socialist party PASOK under Kostas Simitis, implemented the neoliberal perception of the free market and the financialization of nearly every aspect of economic activity.
However, as in the US the Left was demonized for decades and totally vanished from the political scene, Europe was meant to be the field of the new Leftist political powers, after the latest global financial crisis. Inevitably, any possible change will start from Europe and follow a reverse direction of that of neoliberalism in the early 90s.
Therefore, a first potential consequence would be that such a possibility could become a good example of an alternative political solution against the bipolar plutocratic political establishment in the US, which was enhanced rapidly after Clinton administration in the early 90s, secured big capital’s interests and left no choice to the majority of the American people to vote for their interests.
A second consequence for the US deep state would be the loss of Europe in the new Cold War. Except from Britons, who have traditional deep ties and common interests with the US, the rest of Europe could slip to the Sino-Russian bloc which grows rapidly in the military and economic field and increasingly gaining independence from the Western economic system, attracting other countries too. (
A third consequence would be the abrupt termination of the Greek experiment and its deployment in Europe and the US. This could trigger a reverse situation against the accelerated expansion of the neoliberal doctrine* in its most extreme version as a forerunner for the new global Feudalism.
Plutocrats will do whatever necessary to buy more time. The war already started in Europe. The systemic establishment in Greece try to present SYRIZA as a non-serious political power and downgrade the rapid change of the Greek and the European political scene especially after the latest euro-elections. At the same time, current government is ready to collapse and therefore already tries to force the Left to compromise and agree on the catastrophic measures imposed by Troika. SYRIZA, of course, refused to do this and asks for immediate elections.
Post-WWII history shows that the United States tried to prevent the rise of the Left in Europe during the whole period of the Cold War, because of the fear of the Soviet further expansion. This was done through provocative operations against Leftist organizations (Gladio in Italy) (, or, by supporting dictatorial regimes (junta in Greece) (, etc. Surely, the US deep state will try to prevent a domino of rise of the Left in Europe, for one more time, as this will probably bring serious trouble to the economic elites both in the US and Europe. The propaganda by the mainstream media already started.
All these scenarios, however, could also make neocons even more anxious to impose their lunatic plans to provoke a general conflict with Russia as the only alternative against the dramatic shift of the global geopolitical balance, unless we see a fast creation of a corresponding political power in the US inspired by the European Left. It would be even better if such a power could rise from the movements in the streets (Occupy movement, etc.), like Podemos in Spain.
A unified Left could trigger rapid changes globally against the neoliberal expansion, destroying plutocracy’s plans for total domination. Of course this would require to remain ideologically pure, not to be transformed and absorbed by the neoliberal perception like Social-democrats. Οtherwise, the new political gap could trigger unprecedented and uncontrolled, chaotic situations, in the absence of any other political alternative that could fill it.
* According to these plans, the ultimate goal would be probably to dissolve the vast Russian territory in future and bring in power Western-friendly puppet regimes, in order not only to conquer the valuable resources, but also to impose permanently the neoliberal doctrine on “unexplored” regions and populations.

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What happened in Ukraine – geopolitical aspect

Nikolai Starikov


Understand what is happening in Ukraine is possible to evaluate and forecast the development of events is much more difficult. But in any case it is necessary to perform consistently one rule: put aside emotions. Blood, death and destruction – a serious emotional blow, but if you think of any proper assessment of emotion, nor a correct prediction will not work.

Therefore, as would be difficult as it may be, set it aside. To assess the geopolitical game (namely it to us), we need only head. Thy mind (and heart rate – as for Yeltsin in 1996) offer a conscious manipulators …


The United States and the West faces a cumulative one of the strongest crises in its history. The strength and depth of the problems are compounded by the fact that … the West won. It incorporates almost all of Europe, crushed to varying degrees by the whole world with a few exceptions.

Therein lies the problem – a lifetime West lived robbery. Now you can rob someone – those smaller, and with whom it is necessary to share “loot”, ie quality of life resting on unrestricted emissions dollar – as more and more. Hence the huge public debt. The United States is 18 trillion. dollars, but such debts and even worse proportion of GDP, national debt is at all so-called “developed countries”.

What is the solution looking for the US and its closest allies in this situation, it is now evident to everyone. This output – the war. Chaos. But this chaos and this war to be “controlled collapse”. In its result, the US must eliminate two threats its power – China and Russia. Ideal – to push them together. To do this, you need to change the power in one of these countries. It is obvious that the Americans seem – in Russia is more than a simple task.

The question is how to achieve this? Orange technology did not work in 2011, Putin became president again.

And that’s what makes the West in a situation of loss on any territory – is the most important for the understanding of the events in Ukraine.

When we talk about losing the West, we have a view of the failure of his plans, and loss of control over a certain area, full or partial.

How come Western strategists in such a situation?

1949. Britain “leave” from India. Before leaving, the British set up the Anti-India – a new state of Pakistan. Next tension, military conflicts between states. In short, the opportunities for Anglo-Saxon Mass.

The same in 1949. As a result of the civil war in China, Mao Zedong wins pro-Soviet – US lose control of China. What to do? Create Anti-China -Tayvan. Evacuated army there Chiang Kai-shek and cover her with his fleet. Tension, the permanent possibility of war between China and the Anti-China. Tiananmen Square, 1989, Beijing – who are different “desperate” mainland Chinese from Taiwan agents of special services?

I draw your attention – diplomatic recognition in the geopolitical game has to follow the current interests of their country and nothing more. First, the United States recognized China Taiwan. For those who do not know – until 1973 at the United Nations as the representative of China met exactly Taiwan. But then changes the position of Washington recognizes Beijing and ceases to recognize Taipei. At the same time strongly supporting Taiwan and preventing the connection of two “China.”

Let’s not far removed in history. But usually permanent Anglo-Saxon Western strategy states: lost control over the territory – create antithesis.

In 2011, the West loses control of Russia – while not completely, but his plans did not allow Putin to another presidential term failures. Begins dismantling Fifth Column, Russia strongly defends its interests in the world.

What the West? Create antithesis. That is – Anti-Russian.

And the Anglo-Saxons begin to do it – the soil is prepared in Ukraine. Propaganda is from 1991, and even earlier, militants trained, money has been allocated, the elite bought and prikormleny.

According to the US plans Yanukovych should be removed during the elections in 2015. Remove way to launch the anti-Russian hysteria and begin to create anti-Russian Ukraine. Forced by circumstances to start earlier, but in compliance with the main rule – do not care Yanukovych need peace, and the overthrow of the blood to accuse Russia.

What is happening in Ukraine nothing but a creation of the Anti-Russia is not. Propaganda, hate, destroy and kill the willingness on the part of the nationalists and the deceived citizens.

What are the US? By the war between Russia and Ukraine. According to the “initiative” of Ukraine. When? When will pump Ukrainian army, equip, create, prepare. It takes about five years. Then the US will push the two parts of one nation, incite Ukraine to Russia. Occasion – Crimea.

It does not reunite with Russia Crimea, he as an excuse still remains. Finding the Russian army in the Crimea, where pro-Russian population living would give a lot of opportunities for the organization of conflicts and provocations. Therefore, regardless of the actions of Putin and the West Crimean plan all the time is the same.

What can stop the development of this terrible scenario sliding into a major war between the brothers?

Support for those who do not agree with this development in Ukraine itself.

West creates anti-Russian, Russian to help and support the anti-anti-Russian.

When the South-East of Ukraine people up who do not agree with the Kiev coup, few have a clear idea what a terrible scenario they “cross the road.” The presence of anti-anti-Russian as part federalised Ukraine, refusing either to arm the West, nor for him to pull the chestnuts out of the fire, dammed Western plans to unleash the Ukrainian-Russian war. Remember the end of spring 2014? Moscow’s insistence to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, to the federalization, to negotiate. Moscow needs integrity of Ukraine, where pro-Russian part of the society “connect” hands militants and bought politicians and will not allow to draw all the people of Ukraine in the war. West needs not the world, not prosperity of Ukraine. He needs militarized state with an aggressive ideology in the form of hatred against Russia.

Kiev began aggressive actions in respect of Donbass. Immediately begins propaganda about “terrorists” and the Russian military. Fighting with cruelty to civilians give the West are two possibilities:

  • win by military means and then start the collapse of the planned economy of Ukraine, as the beginning of its preparation for war with Russia. Fed do not want to fight. And blame for the difficulties and hardships Russia, and military service gives small but prosperity;
  • draw Russia into war, forcing her to send troops to Ukraine. The defeat of the Ukrainian armed forces of any role for the West does not play. He did not need a victory, but the war. And more will die of Ukrainian citizens in the fratricidal war than for the West better – rebellious Slavic nation destroys itself. And as a result of the war with Ukraine, the West will try to repeat in 1917 and “overthrow the bloody Kremlin regime.” To take the course have to prepare the war between Russia and China.

And then there was a problem. No military success, nor the invasion of Russia and its participation in the civil conflict was not achieved.

What’s next? And then that’s what.

The existence of the DNI and LC as anti-anti-Russian is the key to inability of the West to start a war between Ukraine and Russia.

Weight on the leg does not allow the United States to send Kiev on this great war with tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of victims.

That is why Moscow strongly helps Donbass, which is why Sergei Lavrov says that we are for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

That is why Russia does not recognize the DNI and LC as a separate state. Recognize them, give them separate – this means the countdown to launch the war with Ukraine. Plan of the West in this version starts running: is Russia, there are anti-Russian, and there is the New Russia. Anti-anti-Russian is no more. In the case of inclusion of Donbass to Russia, in Washington stand up and applaud standing. All – war becomes almost inevitable. The enemy image of Russia created by Russia itself.

In today’s situation in the Russian tactics of the situation in Ukraine, the only true. US should pay 40 million people, Russia should help 3 million in the Donbas and 1.5 million refugees. Moscow constantly insists on negotiations without giving Lepim West aggressor “remove the weight” with legs, without giving cause DNR and LC military defeat.

How long will the West is willing to pay for the crumbling economy of Ukraine without guarantees of the beginning of its war with Russia? These guys just do not do, do not spend money for nothing. Even militants in Chechnya in the 90 years they have not given the dollars and gave them a cliché for printing dollars. Self-financing – is the principle of Anglo-Saxon policy, in extreme cases a refund within a short time. A striking example – the Bolsheviks with gold Russia through Swedish banks and the subsequent concessions, today’s Libyan “freedom fighters” with clear where income leaving Libya for oil.

Time – that’s what today is about. The rate of the West – to arrange Maidan in Russia, the Ukraine if the path to war was blocked courage and determination militia fighters DNR and LC. The rate of Russia – a loss of interest in West Ukraine because of high costs without any tangible benefit. Desire to get “anything” from Washington leads to pressure on Europe to paradoxical desire of Europeans to build South Stream. Paradox? No paradox. Washington wants to get away from the instability in Ukraine, at least the possibility of gas blackmail Moscow. And Europe.

That is the essence of current and past events in Ukraine.

And the last thing I want to say in this regard.

Today in Ukraine, few understand what a tremendous role in today’s world politics courage residents of Donbass. They save the entire Russian world today. And the paradox – they save the lives of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens.

The same children that today “jump” in Ukrainian schools, whose parents collect money for ATO support the Kiev authorities, in case of defeat Donbass through a very short period of time to plan the US should go into the trenches.

That’s what you need to remember all, regardless of our current citizenship.