Europe turns Left as Greece breaks all records

Europe turns Left as Greece breaks all records


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A historical moment for Greece and Europe
by system failure
Greece lives historical moments. For the first time, a Leftist party is close to govern the country and its leader will be the youngest prime minister in the history of the country. SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras, was born in 28 July of 1974, only four days after the fall of the military junta in Greece.
In case that SYRIZA will manage to form government eventually, Tsipras will be also the first prime minister born after the end of the military junta, in a 40-year period where the only parties that governed Greece were New Democracy and PASOK. Tsipras represents a whole generation of Greeks, born in the early 70s and lived under New Democracy and PASOK governments so far. Undoubtedly, we are talking about a radical change in the Greek political scene after 40 years.
It seems that the first scenario is the most probable as described: “SYRIZA forms an autonomous government, or, a coalition with the help of the parties of the anti-austerity front. It will be the worse scenario for the global financial mafia as it could trigger an “uncontrolled” general rise of the Left in Europe. In this case, the banking-media dictatorship in Greece will declare war against the new government, try to destabilize it, and throw it from power as soon as possible. […] Especially in the case of scenario 1, the ECB will blackmail the government by threatening that will not purchase government bonds, therefore cut liquidity, in case that Greece choose a different path towards the reconstruction of the social state and labor rights, bringing minimum wage at pre-crisis levels, etc.” (
Unfortunately, the marginal win of SYRIZA makes things more easy for those who will fight strongly against the Leftist party, aiming to throw it from power as soon as possible. Things would be better if the win of SYRIZA would be bigger, giving a wide majority in the Greek parliament.
However, in case that SYRIZA manage to survive from the war and remain ideologically faithful to its principles, it may become an example for Europe and drive other Leftist governments to power. This is a historical chance for Europe to change course and fight against destructive neoliberalism.
Already mentioned that “The mobilization by the global financial mafia this time will be more intense, as its representatives know that a potential Leftist government in Greece who may strongly resist against the austerity policies, could trigger an ‘uncontrolled’ domino rise of the Leftist powers in Europe, who will fight against the neoliberal agenda. Make no mistake, the war will be hard. But there is no alternative. Either the European people will choose to fight determined and united, or, will be surrendered to the plutocrats who will bring the new Dark Ages. The ‘Battle of Greece’ will be decisive …” (
European people have won a decisive battle in Greece, but they must fight harder now to win the war.