Human Contradiction—Psychopathy and Profound Compassion, In ONE VESSEL

[The following is an attempt to understand the human animal.

One side will prevail; either compassion or psychopathy will one day come to dominate the human race.  If we believe accepted Prophecy, then we know that good will win-out over evil, but at great cost.  If we believe, then we know that mankind is NOT the first race to occupy regions of this beautiful planet.  How can we “replenish the Earth,” if we are the first race upon the Earth?  It is very likely true that humankind is a hybrid creature, a fusion of two races, but our knowledge of pre-history is all anecdotal.  Who were the two races?  Was this a reference to homo sapiens and neanderthals, or was the second race of unknown origins?  Was the mixing of species an intelligent hostile action, or was the intent benevolent?  Was the unknown intervention in human evolution an attack, or a gift?

This is the spirit of the following articles.]

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The Human – And, The Earthling