Kuwait arrests political leader over Saudi ‘insult’

[Muhammad Bin Saad Al delightful ( الشيخ محمد آل مفرح ) was the head of the revolutionary “moderate Islamist” “Ummah Party,” before he suddenly died under mysterious circumstances in an Istanbul hospital.  He spread his message to UAE, Kuwait and Turkey, preached jihad in Syria, and called for democratic revolution in Saudi Arabia.  He was the father of Major General Ahmed bin Saeed Al delightful (اللواء ركن احمد بن سعيد ال مفرح), air defense commander of the Saudi National Guard.  Prof. Hakem Al Mutairi was arrested for joining-in with the Arab chorus of popular opinion, claiming on public TV that “al delightful” was poisoned in Turkey by Saudi intelligence…HOW IS THIS AN INSULT TO THE ROYAL VANITY?  Certainly, every political murder or assassination in the Middle East or anywhere else is blamed on intelligence agencies.


Kuwait arrests political leader over Saudi ‘insult’

Kuwait City // Kuwait has arrested the leader of the conservative Ummah Party for allegedly insulting the neighbouring Gulf state of Saudi Arabia on television.

Hakem Al Mutairi
was arrested at the instruction of the public prosecutor for “grossly insulting Saudi Arabia” during an interview, the ministry said in a statement.

Mr Al Mutairi is the head of the Ummah Party, a group of conservative politicians founded in 2005 but still not officially recognised.

The group said Mr Al Mutairi was arrested by the secret police on Friday and interrogated over remarks he made on television in December about the death of the Ummah Party’s former leader, Mohammed Al Mufreh, in Saudi Arabia.

It said Mr Al Mutairi raised questions that Al Mufreh may have died from poisoning at a hospital in Turkey.

In recent months, Kuwait has cracked down on online activists for criticising Arab leaders, especially those of Gulf states and Egypt.

Authorities have detained and questioned several activists and former MPs for “insulting” Egyptian, Saudi and Emirati leaders.

* Agence France-Presse

Umma Party/Hakim Al Mtayri

الشيخ محمد آل مفرح

Vision reformist Islamic Umma Party
The name of God the Merciful, Praise be to God alone, and blessings and peace be upon the Prophet after him .. After ..

This vision of the Islamic Umma Party for political reform every Arab public and Islamic country, and for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia especially, a project (the government an adult) pursuant to said peace be upon him (you my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the Caliphs after me cling fast, and beware of newly invented matters), has been interpreted by the Prophet God bless him and those Talks that are contrary to his Sunan and Sunan Caliphs after he said (the prophecy, then the succession on a platform of prophecy, then it will become Edaudha, then king algebraically, then return succession on a platform of prophecy), all except the caliphate of the King algebraic or king Edod based on non-Shura of the nation and selected is invalid, no legitimacy, and in the right (from the latest in a hurry This is what is not part of it), and the nation today needs political discourse Rashidi, based on the Quran and Sunnah in the affairs of the nation’s policy, and the origins of this discourse Rashidi:

1. to be constitutional, political, legislative, judicial, economic and media reference and all the affairs of state is the Islamic Sharia Bmusdriha the Quran and Sunnah, as he says {and judge them by what Allah has revealed}, and {said Obey Allah and obey the Messenger}.

2. The right of the nation to choose the government and power, choice free directly, as the Almighty said, and ordered them to counsel them}, as Umar told him (the emirate Shura among Muslims), and the pledge of allegiance to the authority of the pledge of allegiance to the satisfaction and choice without coercion or force, of the nation or represented true of deputies and Arafaúha representative, he said, peace be upon him (O people, I do not know who bless you who are not satisfied Varjawa even raise us Arafaakm commanded), and as Omar said in his speech – as in Bukhari – (from the oath of allegiance to a man without Shura Muslims do not sell them to him and who pledged allegiance Taken in to kill), and that was all the minutes of the Companions consensus was categorically agree with the book and the Sunnah.

3. The right of the nation in the Shura Council in all its affairs, with no text in it, not the government cut a general order in domestic and foreign affairs, and does not issue regulations and decisions only with the consent of the nation and Houraha, through his representative it represented a real Shura Council representative-elect freely, and refer to the people of competence in the specialty, as he says {and} go ahead it.

4. The right of the nation through its representative control of public funds revenue and spending, and the government is taking and ministers unless imposed by their nation of salaries and allowances, they are entrusted with the power and wealth, the Secretariat of the nation in their hands {God commands that trusts to their owners, and if you are going among the people you judge with justice}, and said God bless him and for the emirate and the state (it’s Secretariat), and do not have to be exercised in trade during the discharge of their duties in managing state affairs, as companions did with Abu Bakr, the first day he took the caliphate, they said (Suppose you from the house of money is enough for you and your household), and the policy of age (from where did you get this) with both took public office.

5. separation of powers, the executive, legislative, judicial and financial institutions, as did the Caliphs, was Abu Bakr, the first of the separation of powers, he chose the life of the judiciary, and chose Abu Obeida the house money, to ensure justice to the fullest in the judiciary and tender, and the nation from behind everyone through deputies hold them accountable and watched and Tsddhm, as in modern Allegiance (to the right and we are not afraid in God to anybody as long), and also said Abu Bakr (if done well Voaenoni though mispronounce Vqmona).

6. Ensure the independence of the judiciary and ensure its comprehensiveness and referentiality legitimate, and not subject to the executive administratively or financially, and inflict all departments to investigate and bodies of justice for the judiciary, and the right of appeal and litigation for all before the courts in each case, as he says {If you judge between people you judge with justice} and the implementation of the provisions on everyone, he said, peace be upon him (Ochwa in the limits of God and God, if that Fatima girl Mohammed stolen to cut off her hand, but your family came before you that if they stole them Sharif left him and if it is stolen including a weak set up by the limit).

7. Maintenance rights and public and private freedoms, Vllba right to enjoin what is good, and the call to the good, and the rejection of injustice, and the gap to the right, as he says {I am not of a nation claiming to do good enjoin right and forbid what is evil}, and as he says {Allah loves not speak evil of say only the injustice}, and also in the modern (if the right holder an article), and giving advice to the authority and the public alike as in the modern (debt advice .. and leaders of the Muslims and their common folk), and the right to meet in mosques and public and private places for consultation in the affairs of the nation, as Muslims was doing at the time of the Caliphs, nothing prohibits which has permitted God, and thus are not to be legitimate, but it, such as ordering the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

8. Respect for human rights and dignity, as he says {We have honored the sons of Adam}, and maintenance of liberty, he said Farouk (When did you enslave people were born free), and to ensure the financial rights, securing his living as in modern (from left both Valley Ali) and ensure the rights of justice, there is no crime and no punishment without text {those limits God is not Tatduha}, and paid the penalty of the compromise (Adraua border suspicions), the origin of the human innocence discharged, nor imprisoned man without a face right, and does not count the recognition under duress, as he prayed God be upon him (raising my ummah for mistakes and forgetting what they are forced upon him), as Umar said (Man is not the same Secretary of the jailed or beaten or Odjath that recognizes the same as not doing), and prohibits the use of torture, as in the correct (if your blood and Ibharkm haram you).

9. protect individual freedoms and privacy in their homes, and their meetings, and their contacts, and do not spy on them, or the violation of their sanctities, as he says {not} spied.

10. Returns Amosobh grievances and rights to their owners, as in the modern (not to sweat unjust right), is not waived the rights of limitations, and repeal the unfair and revocation provisions, and compensation of the damage as much as for the right of damage.

11. achieve justice, equality and equal opportunities for all, in public office, and before the courts, and in all that is shared by all, without distinction of any kind, as he says {believers are brothers}, and said peace be upon him (Muslims commensurate with blood), he prayed God him (people are equal no preferred Arabic to non-Arab nor white on black only piety).

And promoting the role of women in society, and promote the positive role, and approve all their legitimate rights, political, social, economic, scientific and professional, as stated in the modern (women are the sisters of men).

12. humans care, as he says {We have honored the sons of Adam}, and development capabilities of scientific and physical, psychological and spiritual skills, and create opportunities for him, according to his talents, by making a priority to spend on education and the development of curricula, at all levels, and take care of universities, institutes and research centers, and through attention to mosques and educational role, moral and social, and care in hospitals and health care.

13. carry the message of Islam to the world, and an invitation to him, in every way, in word and deed, and to promote the status of scholars, scientists and advocates, and to provide whatever help them carry out their responsibilities, in a statement of science and publication, advocacy and communicated {Invite to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching}, and the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice {I am not of a nation claiming to do good and enjoin}, and the promotion of moral values ​​(was sent to complete morals), and the protection of the family and young people, and to promote science, culture and knowledge, and care in the Arabic language and literature, connecting the nation to their religion and faith, identity, history and culture.

14. Development of Awqaf and take care of it, and not infringed upon, or confiscated, or cashed in non-banks, for their role in the service of society and civil institutions.

15. field open for civil society to do whatever activity he needs, whether politically or professionally, culturally, or a jurist, by allowing the establishment of gatherings advocacy, charities, trade unions, political organizations, and all the work needed to the community to achieve it, as he says {and cooperated righteousness and piety} and {those saying Hezbollah but Hezbollah are the successful}.

16. development of economic resources and development and conservation, and investment of natural resources, and the reconstruction of the Earth {brought you forth from the land and Astamrkm}, and diversify sources of income, and the distribution of wealth equitably for all regions and groups, and mainstream development, roads, transportation and service projects in all areas, as Umar said (and God if an animal found in Iraq for fear that God did not ask me about the way I worship her).

17. protection of private property, and the maintenance of public funds to the nation {money that God made you standing}, and enjoyment by all public utilities, and their participation in natural resources in the pasture and water, roads and energy, as in the modern (people partners in the three water and pasture and Fire).

18. residential, agricultural and pastoral land protection, no fever, but God and His Messenger, as Umar said (no fever, but God and His Messenger, and Allah it to land them fought in ignorance and they converted to Islam, and Allah does not Ebel charity is protected from land Shubra), and secure residential care for every family and the distribution of land to everyone equally, and not to feudalism a thing of the land unlawfully, make revival of the land commons for all, he said, peace be upon him (from the revived land Muata it to him), but the power function to organize this right to equality between the deserving, and opportunities for everyone to invest in natural resources, and every economic activities, according to the law regulating it among the beneficiaries, and the jurisdiction of the bodies before watching it.

19. provide employment opportunities, and to encourage the private sector to be found, and to facilitate investment in the interior.

20. Industry care and development, technology transfer and indigenization, and encourage domestic and foreign investment, and to provide facilities to them, and the establishment of scientific studies and research centers, vocational training, and all that would achieve the strength of the nation scientifically, politically, economically and militarily {and prepared them what you can of power}, and Modern (strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than a weak) insured ..

21. Maintenance of the rule of the nation, the state and its independence from any external influence, and power setting, and attention to the army, and to strengthen its military capabilities, to face external threats, as he says {and prepared them what you can of power, including horse monks the enemy of Allah and your enemy}.

22. promote unity and union between the countries of the Islamic world, and promote the integration of political, economic and military with him and cooperation, to gain access to the full meaning unity {and this is your nation one}, the verse and the rope of Allah and do not dispersed}, to regain the whole nation and its unity, sovereignty and succession in the land of the new as he says {God promised you who believe and do good deeds for the land Istkhalvenhm}.

23. lend a helping hand for each Islamic country is exposed to external aggression, and defend it, and help people, and Igatth saying to God’s peace be upon him (Muslim brother does not oppress him nor betray him nor forsake him).

24. reject any foreign aggression against any Islamic country, and the right of the nation to resist reported aggression, and the liberalization of its territory, as he says {Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you not transgress}, and the District of the Zionist entity, and refused to deal with him, and to work for the liberation of the land of Palestine, and retrieval of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque, and ensure the right of the Palestinian people, the Diaspora by reference to the land, and statehood, and to reject any agreements or treaties through which the waiver of any rights of the nation or an inch of its land or interests, and non-recognition of those treaties.

25. establish relations with the countries of the world and its peoples on the basis of the values ​​and principles of Islam, and to achieve justice and interest and cooperation with them on what to achieve the good of humanity, and the rejection of all forms of injustice and aggression, and the support of oppressed peoples, and provide relief to the affected people, he said the Almighty, and say to the people Well}, in Modern (O My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and made it forbidden amongst you, do not oppress one another), and in the modern right is championing the oppressed and ATD, and take advantage of human civilization and development, science and knowledge, and mechanisms and tools, and contribute to, and benefited the age of administrative systems and the codification of the offices of the Persians and Romans, Pursuant to the right to speak (you know things your world) ..

This is the vision (Party of Islamic nation) for political reform in accordance with the origins of speech Rashidi, as is true for the government, which is committed to doing it (adult Government), is obligatory for the whole nation and its people, and in every state, the work of these assets as possible, as the right to speak ( What I commanded him they brought it what you will), and the party reach out to anyone who wants reform whether partial reform or completely, as he says {virtue, righteousness and piety}, legitimate policy is all the work of the nation him closer to righteousness and justice, including corruption and injustice, God bless our Prophet Muhammad and his family and him.

Umma Islamic Party