US Reviving Fake Taliban Negotiations In Qatar

[Mullah Omar has more than made it clear that the Taliban HAS NO OFFICE IN DOHA, and the real Taliban aren’t negotiating with any power before Western forces are withdrawn (SEE: Afghan Peace Talks Exposed–Agha Jan Mutasim Is A US Mole, Tayeb Aga IS Taliban Rep, and Brother Baradar Still Captive In Pakistan).]

Taliban and Afghan officials hold ‘reconciliation’ talks in Qatar


Both sides in ongoing conflict seek to downplay any expectations of official negotiations or peace coming from Doha talks

An Afghan soldier guards a roadside in Kabul
An Afghan soldier guards a roadside in Kabul. The army has increased security after at least 33 deaths recently from Taliban attacks on military posts in the north-east. Photograph: Hedayatullah Amid/EPA

Afghan and Taliban officials will hold two days of “reconciliation” talks in Qatar, the Gulf country’s state news agency has reported, although both sides have sought to downplay expectations from the meeting.

Chinese Edit Human Embryo–the first step in rewriting mankind

Re-Engineering Human Embryos


Chinese scientists re-engineer human embryo genes, and set off a global moral debate. We’ll dig in.

A landmark new research study from Chinese scientists is one of the first to edit the genomes of human embryos. (Dr. Yorgos Nikas/  SPL)

New report out of China, with potential implications for the rest of human history (SEE: CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing in human tripronuclear zygotes).

Human nature. Chinese scientists have used a new technique to “edit” the genes of human embryos. To snip and change the code. The recipe for human life itself. What gets inherited. They’re not perfect editors yet. But if and when they get it down, those edits will re-engineer human life. Maybe against disease. And for all kinds of traits. They’re searching for “genius genes.” Stronger. Faster. This hour on On Point: re-engineering human embryo genes. The implications, and the global moral debate.

– Tom Ashbrook