And now we have the third world war …

“And now we have the third world war …”

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The former head of the East German Land Forces warns in view of the Ukraine-Crisis before a military escalation in Europe. An interview with Horst Stechbarth

Interview: Peter Wolter
Earlier Romania belonged to the Warsaw Pact - mittlerwe
Earlier Romania belonged to the Warsaw Pact – now practice the armed forces of the country together with NATO troops (April 21, 2015)

Horst Stechbarth is Colonel-General retd. Of the dissolved 25 years ago the National People’s Army (NVA) of the GDR. From 1972 to 1989 he was Deputy Minister of National Defence and Chief of the Land Forces. He celebrated his 90th birthday on 13 April.

The victory over German fascism 70 years ago has brought Europe many decades of peace. He is now under threat. The writer Günter Grass has given the Ukraine conflict still warned shortly before his death, that a third world war could be imminent. How do you see that?

I have to go back a bit. How is one to deal with the Russian leadership after the fall? You had promised that NATO would not expand eastward, countries of the Warsaw Pact would not be included in the alliance. And what has happened? Step by step moved NATO approached the border of Russia. Then there was added the missile shield. It was believed that one could deal with the Russian partners as you want. In addition, it would also come when Boris Yeltsin would have remained president. Vladimir Putin has finally taken over the helm, paid and told Yeltsin’s debt in a short time: we now make our own policy.

The course did not fit into the strategy of US imperialism. Putin was treated from the beginning with distance. Add to that a long time before Ukraine had been chosen as a kind of interim government, as a candidate for inclusion in NATO. And while last year escalated the situation in Ukraine, the matter was added to the Crimea. The peninsula had been given away in the 50s by the then state and party leader of the USSR, Nikita Khrushchev, to Ukraine. Putin would not respond to the desire of the Crimean independence, then today would be the NATO fleet in the bases, which Russia had leased from the Ukraine. The southern flank of the country would thus be further weakened. Putin could not act differently at all, he would not otherwise more President. The population would have never forgiven him.

And now it comes to the eastern part of Ukraine, since live Russians. On the other side are the Ukrainian fascists, ahead with the Bandera-men. This figure represents Russians haters. I understand that Putin his brothers, who are now under attack, can go the distance.

What is the strategy of the West here?

US imperialism believed he could eliminate Putin, dismember Russia and closer to its goal of being able to access its resources. The Putin has once defeated, so it meets the concentrated hatred. It has managed to bring many neighbors of Russia in NATO position. What was missing was the southern flank with the Black Sea and the Crimea. And since Putin has made the West a spanner in the works.

The location is tough: The NATO consists of 28 states, if only one of which is involved in a conflict with Russia, all the others are obliged according to the contract for assistance. And now we have the third world war. The can only be prevented if the people stand up and say Russia has had to complain enough deaths in World War II, you would again start a war? Therefore now take military specialists like me by calling the NVA generals the word. We warn against the war!

In the book published by my book “Soldier in the East”, I had admitted a mistake, unfortunately I have to noticed too late: I had the wives of professional soldiers given too little space. The family had given the many dislocations ten or twelve times to move, always it was in the hands of women to cope with all that. And as I said to myself: the error you have to make up to your 90th birthday you invite the women with to express them a thank you for their lifetime achievements. They have their men back reserved for the heavy service in the NVA, they have contributed to the maintenance of military balance, so that there was no armed conflict.

Assuming that the apocalyptic fears of Günter Grass would come true: What would remain of central Europe do?

The Chernobyl accident has placed a warning sign, it showed us that risk potential is given by a radioactive contamination.


Europe would bear the brunt of war, and with the use of nuclear weapons, our continent would no longer exist as a living and economic environment. This is an unimaginably horrible scenario, I am surprised that the public is so little awareness.

They were as Colonel-General Chief of the Land Forces, it is unlikely to be someone who can judge the military effectiveness of DDR better. Was there a special feature that the NVA different from other armies?

Our soldiers were better trained militarily. An example: When I was responsible for the training in the Department of Defense, I had the opportunity to influence programs and legislation to combat training. If we were to accept new rules from the Soviet Army, I let me get the appropriate NATO regulations using the Intelligence Directorate. . If it is, for example, said: After the target designation of the tank the first shot must be after ten seconds give, I have written purely in our version: After nine seconds.

Actually I wanted to take no gun in his hand – but after the Bundeswehr had been incorporated into NATO, which looked to me differently: We had better than NATO armies be so there is no war. That’s us also largely succeeded.

As part of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, which came in the 1975 Helsinki at the end, it was agreed that both sides sign any major maneuvers as confidence-building measure and allow observers of the other side. Once when I was introduced to the minister my maneuver planning, he admonished me: “Boy, do not show everything,” But internally, I said to myself: No, you have to show everything, so that they know that is best not to tangle with us.

What could the NVA what the Bundeswehr could not?

As the Bundeswehr the NVA took over whose officers have been amazed, 80 percent of our tanks were namely aufmunitioniert – the rest were teaching combat vehicles that would have been little ready later. In case of war, we would have been in half an hour from the barracks and drove out into the concentration chamber. We could go to war from a standing start. This has many Bundeswehr officers quite startled when they took over our stocks.

As the situation was tense at times, one sees the fact that NATO had created a belt of nuclear mines on the border with East Germany. At that time was still taught at the General Staff Academy in Moscow: Panzer ago and through! They would then smacked by the nuclear zone and into the depths of space.

The stationed in the GDR Soviet army was just the way we prepared. All combat vehicles were aufmunitioniert. The Polish armed forces were able to be compared to ours. The armies of the other member states of the Warsaw Pact that looked a little different.

The GDR has supported many liberation movements throughout the world. Are also soldiers of the NVA been used?

We had many contacts with armed forces outside of our alliance, which in Cuba about or in Vietnam. Even to those in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Angola. We have formed a part of the officers, including the ‘Officer School Otto Winzer “has been in Prora for this purpose founded. In Vietnam, we have set up a training center, I have even looked at the on the spot. In addition, specialists were sent from us to build a center for the decontamination of poison gas in Iraq. Otherwise, no one has been used abroad.

“Soldiers for Peace” (Soldaten für den Frieden)–Text

heinz-kessler-y-fritz-streletzHeinz Kessler y Fritz Streletz

Theodor Hoffmann
Admiral Theodor Hoffmann (Photo: SRK)

Horst Stechbarth2
Horst Stechbarth

cosmonaut Sigmund Jena
Cosmonaut Sigmund Jena

“Experience shows that Russians better friend than enemy.”

Soldiers for Peace

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Documented: The leadership of the former East German Forces warns of war and calls for cooperation rather than confrontation with Russia

As military personnel who were employed in responsible positions in the GDR, we turn seriously concerned for the preservation of peace and the survival of civilization in Europe to the German public.

In the years of the Cold War, in which we experienced a long period of confrontation and militarization under the threshold of open conflict, we have used our military knowledge and skills for the maintenance of peace and the protection of our socialist state GDR. The National People’s Army has been involved in a single day armed conflicts, and it has played a leading part in the events in 1989-90 that no weapons were used. Peace has always been the most important maxim of our actions. That is why we are firmly opposed to the military factor is again the determining instrument of policy. It is a secure experience, that the burning questions of our time can not be solved by military means.

It should be recalled here that the Soviet Army has borne the brunt during the crackdown of fascism in World War II. Only 27 million Soviet citizens gave their lives for this historic victory. You as well as the Allies, applicable on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of our thanks.

Now we note that the war has once again become a constant companion of mankind. Run by the US and its allies reorganization of the world has led in recent years to wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan, Libya and Somalia. Nearly two million people were victims of these wars, and millions are fleeing.

Now the war events, in turn, reached Europe. Obviously, the US strategy aims to eliminate Russia as a competitor and to weaken the European Union. In recent years, NATO has approached ever closer to Russia’s borders. With an attempt to make the Ukraine in the EU and in NATO, the cordon sanitaire should be concluded by the Baltic states to the Black Sea in order to isolate Russia from the rest of Europe. Under American calculus also a German-Russian alliance would be difficult or impossible.

In order to influence the public in this sense, takes place an unprecedented media campaign in the incorrigible politicians and corrupt journalists stir the drums of war. In this heated atmosphere, the Federal Republic of Germany should play a supportive role for peace. The areas both its geopolitical situation and the historical experiences of Germany and the objective interests of its people. This is contradicted by the requirements of the Federal President for more military responsibility and stirred up in the media war hysteria and Russophobia.

The accelerated militarization of Eastern Europe is not playing with fire – it is a game of war!

Being aware of the destructive forces of modern wars and in discharge our responsibilities as citizens we say in all clarity: Here already a crime against humanity begins.

Are the many dead of World War II, the vast destruction throughout Europe, the refugees and the endless suffering of the people already forgotten? Have the recent wars the United States and NATO have not already brought enough misery and demanded many lives?

Understand you do not, which would mean a military conflict on the densely populated continent of Europe?

Hundreds warplanes and armed drones, equipped with bombs and missiles, thousands of tanks and armored vehicles, artillery systems would be used. In the North and Baltic Sea, the Black Sea träfen another modern combat ships and in the background stands the nuclear weapons in readiness. The boundaries between front and hinterland would blur. Million mothers and children would order their men to cry their fathers and brothers. Millions of victims would be the result. From Europe a ruined desert landscape would be.

Can we get here? No, no!

Therefore, we turn to the German public:
Such a scenario must be prevented.
We do not need war rhetoric, but Friedenspolemik.
We do not need Bundeswehr missions abroad and also no army of the European Union.
We do not need more funds for military purposes, but more funds for humanitarian and social needs.
We do not need war agitation against Russia but more mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence and cooperation.
We do not need military dependence on the US, but the ownership of the peace. Instead of a “Rapid Reaction Force of NATO” on the eastern borders, we need more tourism, youth exchange and peace meetings with our Eastern neighbors.
We need a peaceful Germany in a peaceful Europe.
May recall in this sense, our generation, our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Because we know very well what war means, we raise our voices against the war, for peace.

Army retired general. Heinz Kessler

Retired Admiral Theodor Hoffmann

The Supreme General aD Horst Stechbarth; Fritz Streletz; Fritz Peter

The Lieutenant Generals retired. Klaus Baarß; Ulrich Bethmann; Max Butzlaff; Manfred Gehmert; Manfred Gratz; Wolfgang Kaiser; Gerhard Kunze; Gerhard Link; Wolfgang Neidhardt; Walter Paduch; Werner Rothe; Artur Seefeldt; Horst Skerra; Wolfgang Steger; Horst Sylla; Ehrenfried Ullmann; Alfred Vogel; Manfred Volland; Horst Zander

Vice Admiral retired. Hans Hofmann

The major generals retired Olivier Anders; Heinz Bilan; Bernhard Beyer; Günter Brodowsky; Kurt Brunner; Heinz Calvelage; Sebald thumb; Willi Dörnbrack; Alfred Dziewulski; John Fritzsche; Egon Gleau; Otto Gereit; Roland Large; Peter Herrich; Karl-Heinz Hess; Günter Hiemann; Lothar Hübner; Siegmund Jähn; Günter year; Manfred Jonischkies; Günter Kaekow; John Kaden; Helmut Klabunde; Klaus Klenner; Raimund Kokott; Kurt Kronig; Manfred Lange; Bernd Leistner; Hans Leopold; Klaus Listemann; Heinz Lipski; Hans Georg Löffler; Rudi Mädler; Manfred Merkel; Günter Moeckel; Dieter Nagler; John Oreschko; Rolf Pitschel; Hans Christian kingdoms; Fritz Rothe; Günter Sarge; Dieter Schmidt; Horst Schmieder; Gerhard Schoenherr; Gerhard Seifert; Kurt summer; Erich Stach; Manfred Thieme; Wolfgang Thonke; Henry Thunemann; Walter Tzschoppe; Günter Voigt; Gerd Weber; Dieter Wendt; Klaus Wiegand; Henry Winkler; Heinz-Günther Wittek; Erich Wöllner; Werner Zaroba; Manfred Zeh; Alois Zieris

The retired Rear Admirals. Herbert Bernig; Eberhard Grießbach; Hans Hess; Werner Henninger; Klaus Kahnt; Werner Kotte; Helmut Milzow; Gerhard Müller; Joachim Münch

Name a large number of colonels and captains at sea aD Volker Bednara; Frithjof Banisch; Bernd Biedermann; Karl Dlugosch; Thomas Förster; Günter Gnauck; Günter Leo; Friedemann Munkelt; Werner Murzynowski; Gerhard Matthes; Lothar Matthäus; Friedrich Peters; Helmut Schmidt; Fritz Schneider; Heinz Schubert; Helmar Tietze; Wilfried Wernecke; Rolf Zander; Lieutenant Colonel Günter Ganßauge

Other members of the NVA from the ranks of officers, ensigns, sergeants and soldiers express their consent.

Sen. Joe Manchin Thinks That A Special Forces Takeover In WV Would Be Great

[“Sounds like they have already run up the white flag to dictatorship in that State.” —John ]

West Virginia would ‘welcome’ massive special forces exercise – Senator

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.(Reuters / Larry Downing )

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin.(Reuters / Larry Downing )

A Senator from West Virginia said his state would “welcome with open arms” a massive US military drill that has southwestern states alarmed about government intentions. Texas in particular is wary of the exercise, called Jade Helm 15.

Speaking to Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show on Wednesday, Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va) said his constituents would be happy to host the military.

I don’t know what’s going on in Texas,” Manchin said. “I don’t know the paranoia that goes on in Texas, but the people in West Virginia welcome, welcome the special forces exercises. Please come to West Virginia. We’ll welcome you with open arms. We’re not afraid of you. We embrace you. We want you to be part of us.”

A frequent guest on the show, Manchin said he would have to ask his friend Rick Perry, former Texas governor, for “the scoop” on the exercise. Perry has criticized current Texas Governor Greg Abbott, a fellow Republican, for ordering state troopers to “monitor” the forces involved in Jade Helm.

It’s OK to question your government. I do it on a regular basis. But the military is something else,” Perry was quoted as saying by the Dallas Morning News. “Our military is quite trustworthy. The civilian leadership, you can always question that, but not the men and women in uniform.

Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, also dismissed fears of Jade Helm’s potential for abuse.

These are incredibly capable, patriotic Americans and the notion that they’re going to be some sort of private army for the president to take away all our guns is just silly,” Thornberry told the Dallas Morning News.

Texans and Americans are not calling into question the military, actor and conservative columnist Chuck Norris wrote earlier this week. “What’s under question are those who are pulling the strings at the top of Jade Helm 15 back in Washington.”

Back in March, Army Special Operation Command spokesman Mark Lastoria attempted to allay concerns by saying that “Jade Helm does not have anything to do with martial law.”

“Its sole purpose is to train US Special Operations Forces in their core skill sets for future use overseas. Inaccurate and untrue information is being circulated about training exercise Jade Helm either accidently or to promote personal agendas,” Lastoria said.

Due to begin July 15 and last for eight weeks, the exercise involves elite teams from four branches of the military, including SEALs and Green Berets. Up to 1,200 special operations personnel are set to be involved in what has been described as “realistic military training” in towns across Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

Military maps designating portions of those states as “hostile” and “permissive,” including an “insurgent pocket” in southern California, have alarmed residents across the seven states.

Image from the US Army Special Operations Command

Image from the US Army Special Operations Command

Persian Gulf Devoid of Traffic, As US Navy Ends Escorts of Tanker Ships

[(SEE: US halts mission to accompany cargo vessels in Strait of Hormuz; MAERSK TIGRIS Container Ship–Shady Goings-On In St. of Hormuz ; Iran releases Maersk container ship seized in strait of Hormuz ).  Maersk now hauling ass off Dubai.]

maersk hauling ass

[Perhaps the following snapshots will help demonstrate that something is afoot in the Persian Gulf, even if it only channels our suspicions in a different direction.  I have never before seen an empty Persian Gulf zone on, but today, that is what we find.  Every ship in the Gulf is anchored, or at port in Bahrain, Qatar, or UAE.  There are hundreds of ships holding position in the southern end of the Gulf, while the northern half is empty, as is the Hormuz zone.  What’s up?]

Persian Gulf May 7a
Persian Gulf May 7Hormuz May 7

Iran Claims it Chased US Warship in Gulf of Aden

arutz shiva israeli

Iranian navy confronted US vessel and several aircraft, causing them to ‘rapidly’ change direction, off the coast of Yemen.
By Ari Soffer


The Iranian navy is claiming to have chased off a US warship and several American aircraft, in the latest aggressive move by the Islamic Republic’s military.

According to the semi-official Fars News Agency, 2 US reconnaissance planes and US Navy destroyer DDG81 “rapidly changed direction” on Monday, after being confronted by an Iranian fleet in the Gulf of Aden, south of Yemen.

The Iranian Destroyer “Alborz”, part of Iran’s 34th fleet, sent a warning to the US vessels telling them to turn around after the Americans strayed into the “5-mile standard distance” from the Iranian fleet, Fars claimed.

Iran has released video footage of the incident:

“Checking foreign warships in the international waters and surveilling potential threats to Iran’s national interests is our essential responsibility,” the commander of the 34th flotilla of warships, Commodore Mostafa Tajeddini, said on Tuesday.

The Iranian 34th fleet is conducting an “anti-piracy” patrol off the coast of Yemen, according to Tehran.

But the US and others claim Iran is using its military assets in the region to back Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen, and the US Navy has been deployed off the coast of the war-torn country to prevent the transfer of weapons from Iran to the Houthis.

However, Iran denies claims its operations in the region have been altered at all by the US deployment.

“The news report by the foreign media that we have changed our route after the US fleet’s arrival is only a media ballyhoo,” Tajeddini said.

“We have had communications with many naval units since we entered the Gulf of Aden, but no country has ever dared to warn the Iranian Navy,” he added.

The incident is just the latest aggressive move by the Iranian navy, which triggered an international crisis after seizing a Martial Islands-flagged ship, the MV Maersk Tigris, last week.

Iranian state media reported Wednesday that Iran has now threatened to sell the captured ship, if its owners refuse to pay a hefty fine – despite it having been seized in international waters.

In a recent video, a senior Iranian military commander vowed that Iran’s hostility towards the US would continue regardless of any nuclear deal, until America becomes an “Islamic Republic.”