Houthis Smuggle 1200 Taiz Prisoners Out, Before Al Qaeda Arrives

Houthis smuggle more than 1,200 prisoners from the central prison to Taiz


The central prison in Taiz

Local sources said that the militia in Taiz, Saleh al-Huthi smuggled prisoners with the approach of the Popular Resistance from the central prison perimeter.

In return, the agency “Sheba” controlled by Houthis said “The groups of al-Qaeda and militias reform today stormed the central prison in Taiz headquarters and smuggled more than 200 thousand of dangerous prisoners from the prison.”

The local source for “Yemen Press” The Resistance, is still in the vicinity of the central prison and did not reach it after, he refuted allegations that the Houthis say that the resistance stormed the central prison and the smuggling of hundreds of prisoners.

Sources said that all the escaped prisoners from the central prison in Taiz with criminal cases and none of them politicians or al-Qaida prisoners.

He said the junta leader, “The resistance when I arrived near the central prison in Taiz Houthis open the door of prison inmates also fled and left after Alihutheion central prison and now is not the one.”
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