Obama, name the enemy that we will be fighting for decades.

We no longer fight “al-Qaeda,” since we are allied with al-Nusra in Syria.  We claim to be hunting al-Q in Yemen, yet we help the Saudi air war to destroy al-Q’s enemies.

Obama’s policies are compound failures, doing untold damage, until they are corrected.  Allowing the Pentagon to dictate American foreign policy has been Barack Obama’s greatest mistake.

Judging from the overall tenor of ongoing American and international foreign policy debate, that world peace is in danger because of new tensions between the US and Russia.  Cast aside for a moment, the question of fault or guilt in this reversal of world events, the fact remains that popular opinion now holds, that the so-called “nuclear clock” is now advancing, after being frozen in time, because of world events.  If our then Sec. State Hillary had devoted one-tenth of her time pursuing “partnerships for peace,” there would have no political destabilization of Ukraine, Syria and Libya.  After all, even the Russians are also signatories to the PFP program.

Her machinations against Russia and against Europe caused the Maidan revolution and the civil war which was to follow.  How is it that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton could screw things up so badly in just over one year, that the US would cast aside years spent striving for US/Russian friendship and cooperation, in favor of reviving the “Cold War”?

By 2010, the “Peace Dividend” accrued after the end of the first Cold war had been squandered and Obama was pursuing a path of war against Russia and every nation friendly to Russia.  Why was it deemed necessary within the confused American administration to pursue a program of fomenting “regime change” (the new euphemism for “color revolution”) from Mali to Ukraine, without first giving due consideration for the negative fallout which would obviously follow such an overt policy of aggression?

Weighing the costs of continued peace-making with Russia and China vs the cost of a tragic World War, should have persuaded the elegant lawyer from Chicago and his Arkansan partner in crimes against humanity against a path of war.  Arms control treaties signed during the Reagan era are being walked away from, even though this gives Russia an excuse to modernize its nuclear arsenal.  Obama’s first-term choice to  abrogate his  authority as Commander-In-Chief to the Joint Chiefs, accomodated Pentagon ambitions to assert “full-spectrum” dominance over the entire world, but it neutered the American Commande-In-Chief.

This full-spectrum of control would rely almost entirely on the principle of “private contractors,” meaning that proxies and corporate entities would be assimilated and and contractualized to fight the Pentagon’s resource wars for them.  But, early on, the Pentagon handed the entire “Islamist” recruitment program over to the Gulf monarchies.  Qatar, especially, apparently sought-out the most radical Islamist killers available, just like in the original Afghan Jihad against Russia.  These types make excellent killers, but they are almost impossible to control.

The plan to assimilate all of the compliant armies of the world is centered upon the “Partnership for Peace” program and similar military-to-military exchanges, including acts of apparent Pentagon largesse in the gifting of obsolete weaponry to enable diplomatic bribery.  All of this is envisioned to be run by US Special Forces and their ragtag little “Lily Pad Armies,” who will fight their resource wars for them, and eventually guard precious pipelines yet to be built, since the rest of the regular Army and Nat. Guard seem to suffer from moral compunctions about fighting this kind of immoral, dirty war, which will have no foreseeable conclusion.  In order to enable this worldwide war of assassination, run by the professional killers of SOCOM, directing proxy armies in multiple wars to monopolize world energy markests’ expansion, American foreign policy must be wrested from the weak-willed, the suicidal, and those suffering from PTSD guilt.

Spec Ops wages undeclared war against those who resist US dominance, anyone who fights the “inevitable” American takeover of their country.  This is the war they want to fight; this is the war which the war on terror has been mutated into.  Any man who would take-up arms and fight against American domination is deemed a “terrorist” and the enemy.

The Pentagon objective is to return in force to their former sheltered cloister in peaceful Europe, while the “Lily Pad Armies” fight their resource wars for them.  The Pentagon is extremely ambitious (“gung-ho”) about its plans for remilitarizing Europe, even though their all-volunteer force is worn-out from 14 years spent “out of country.”  As a result of Pentagon plans to take American armor right up to the Russian border, Russian President Putin is justified in moving nuclear-capable missiles, Russian troops and armor right-up to the chosen frontier with Eastern Europe.  Even under the hawkish eye of George Bush, peaceful US/Russian frontiers were expanding and being reinforced.  What has happened since, under Obama, is that he has caused this horrendous reversal.

Just as Obama now seems to be awakening to one aspect of the dangers of his policy of trusting Saudi Arabia and Qatar in Syria (because they have caused him to lose contol of the river of Islamists now flowing into the Middle East), he must also face the facts that his policies elsewhere have been just as wrong, especially in Ukraine.  He must also reverse the flow of American forces and private contractors into Ukraine, for the purpose of removing the presence of Russia from Eastern Ukraine.

Stopping the Islamist Highway into Syria will require coordination with all of the local players.  Turkey must stop letting them across.  Qatar, Saudi Arabia and UAE must stop helping the insane jihadis who have been invited onto the Islamist Highway into Syria, just as they must disrupt the financing and supply of “Jihadi pioneers” looking for the highway West to Damascus.

Ethnic cleansing in Donbass, Ukraine, or religious house cleaning in the Middle East, it is all the same, echoing the same failed Obama policies that authorized the flow of Islamists and foreign fighters into Syria.



Russia Holds-Out Iskander “Sucker-Bait” To Seduce Wahhabi Kingdom

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“Russia would not sell regionally destabilizing weapons to countries in the Middle East. Simakov reiterated that Russia understood very well Israel’s concern about either Syria or Iran obtaining the Iskander or S-300 missile systems.”

Russia ready to export Iskander missile complexes to Saudi Arabia

tass russian news

The announcement comes across as a new development, since officials of the St Petersburg-based Machine-Building Design Bureau have said previously the Iskanders will not be exported

© Dmitry Rogulin/TASS

St PETERSBURG, July 3. /TASS/. Russia is ready to supply Iskander tactical missile complexes to Saudi Arabia, Igor Sevastyanov, a deputy director general of Russia’s state weaponry trading corporation Rosoboronexport said on Friday.

“If we, let’s say, begin the talks today they will certainly take some time,” he said. “I think if Saudi Arabia wants buying this equipment, Russia will supply it.”

For the process to begin, however, a number of procedures should be fulfilled as the first step. Also, the customer should have earnest willingness, Sevastyanov added.

In addition to it, a presentation of coastal guard ships and patrol vessels has been done for the Saudi Arabian delegation at the International Naval Show underway in St Petersburg.

Sevastyanov’s announcement regarding Iskanders comes across as a new development, since officials of the St Petersburg-based Machine-Building Design Bureau have said previously the Iskanders will not be exported. Nonetheless, the missile complexes have been entered in the least of defence products that can be exported.

In June, a Saudi delegation visited the Army’2015 defence forum in the Moscow region to hold talks on purchasing the complexes.

What Does Saudi Prince Expect To Gain From Extravagant “Gift”

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Doubts shed on genuineness of Saudi prince’s philanthropy


Former employees of ‘dwarf-tossing’ Saudi billionaire prince allege that he uses philanthropy to become richer

Jurgen Balzan

The Saudi prince who was last week awarded a Republic Day honour for his intention to carry out charity work in Malta is described as an “eccentric” man with ambitions to replace his ailing uncle who rules over the oil rich and repressive kingdom.

Although the majority of people who over the years have been awarded Republic Day medals fully deserve the honour, a number of recent choices have raised suspicion and given an impression that the awards have been turned into a commodity.

Last year, the best-selling author of Is-Sriep Regghu Saru Velenuzi Alev Vella Gera turned down a Republic Day honour, claiming that he couldn’t accept an award from a political class which “apart from some exception, has been causing so much damage to my country.”

He had also underlined what he termed as clear contradictions in awarding an honour to the Chairperson of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Valentina Ivanovna Matvienko who supports Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay campaign while also honouring transsexual Joanne Cassar.

“I feel I’ve made the right choice not to involve myself in this farce, where someone who is given a national honour becomes a pawn in the insidiousness of the Maltese political game,” Vella Gera had said.

Moreover, in the past Malta honoured foreign dictators such as Korean leader Kim Il-Sung and Muammar Gaddafi. The Korean leader was given an honorary award in 1985, while Gaddafi was awarded honorary membership of the Xirka Gieħ ir-Reppublika in 1975 and became a member of the National Order of Merit in 2004.

This year it was the turn of Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal who portrays himself as a global philanthropist and is considered to be the richest man in Saudi Arabia and one of the richest people in the world.

On Saturday he was made Honorary Companion of the National Order of Merit for charity work he is planning in Malta and his long-standing interest in Malta.

But in an article published by Business Insider in 2012, former employees alleged that the Prince’s charity work is more for appearance, and eventual profit, than for altruistic reasons.

“He’s a huge philanthropist, but it’s all for the press,” one of Alwaleed’s former employees said, adding “I was there over five years. I went to every African country. Cash was given out in millions of dollars. They would go for a meeting and we would give a bag man millions of dollars of cash. And then we’d return two or three years later and guess what, we’re going to build a hotel there. Anything [Alwaleed] does worldwide is for a reason.”

The report explained that in 2003 Alwaleed’s foundation donated some $ 1 million to Ghanaian charities including an early child development center, an education fund, a children’s preschool program, and a clinic to study AIDS, malaria, and malnutrition.

Three years later Ghana awarded Alwaleed a “Companion of the Order of the Volta” medal. Then, in 2011, Alwaleed opened a $120 million hotel in Accra, Ghana.

Charged with rape

The US-educated prince, worth around $30 million, has been embroiled in a number of scandals, including charges of raping a 20-year-old model in Spain.

In 2008, the prince was accused of drugging and raping a Spanish-German woman Soraya in Ibiza, Spain on board his luxury yacht Turama.

He denied the charge, saying he was not even in Spain at the time and refused to attend court or provide demanded DNA related evidence.

In 2012,the Spanish court dropped the case over “contradictions and vagueness” in evidence from the alleged victim.

In a separate case, the prince was sued by Daad Sharab, a Jordanian businesswoman who said she was not paid any commission for brokering the sale of a jet to former Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

In a humiliating legal defeat, Alwaleed was ordered by a British court to pay the $10-million commission and the Judge described his evidence as “confusing, unreliable, hopeless and pathetic.”

Moreover, last year the prince sued Forbes magazine for libel in a British court, alleging its valuation of his wealth at $20 billion was short of the mark by $9.6 billion.

Through his Kingdom Holding Company, Alwaleed owns large stakes in the vacillating Citigroup, Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, Twitter and Apple among other companies. He is also owner or part-owner of luxury hotels including the Plaza in New York, the Savoy in London and the George V in Paris.

Dwarf-throwing billionaire

Beyond his shrinking fortune, various reports in the foreign press say that Alwaleed has set his eyes on the Saudi throne currently occupied by his 90-year-old uncle King Abdullah.

But Alwaleed penchant for luxury has led him to have a personal throne on one of his private jets, a Beoing 747 on which the Prince flew in to Malta.

But his bizarreness doesn’t end there. Speaking to Business Insider, Alwaleed’s official spokesperson confirmed that like a medieval ruler, Alwaleed keeps in his entourage a group of dancing, laughing, joking dwarfs.

Reportedly, at one of the parties Alwaleed habitually holds in the desert, he tossed $100 bills into a fire, encouraging the dwarfs or “jesters”, to run into the bonfire and pull the money out.

The Business Insider also reported “one source, who left Alwaleed’s employ with a letter of recommendation from the Prince, says that at least once, Alwaleed set up a “midget-tossing” contest, promising money to whomever could throw the little people the farthest. There were pillows. “

Alwaleed denied the stories and his supporters claimed that dwarfs are outcasts in Saudi Arabia and the benevolent prince hires them to take them off the streets.

The prince also takes pride in the fact that nearly 65% of the staff at his palace and his investment company, Kingdom Holding, are women. The prince also hired a female pilot to fly his jets in a country were women aren’t allowed to drive cars.

However, he’s been accused of doing it for publicity and reportedly the prince told his aviation staff that female pilot Hanadi Zakariya Hindi would never fly his aircraft.