Is ISIS/DAESH Just Another Name for Muslim Brotherhood/Ikhwan?

[Today, the Saudi press claims a major crackdown upon Daesh/ISIS cells, which had been dispensing the “deviant ideology” to local Saudis.  The Saudi authorities claim to have disrupted 6 ongoing attacks in a sectarian plan to raise-up squads of anti-Shia terrorists.  Were they really “ISIS,” or is ISIS just another handy lable, like “al Qaeda,” or “the Taliban”?]

Saudi Arabia Claims To Have Arrested 400 Islamic State Radicals-July 19, 2015

[This mass arrest in Saudi comes ten days after Dubai reveals arrest of Qatari intelligence in UAE.  It is claimed that the Qatari intelligence had been fundraising for multiple Sunni outfits in Iraq and Syria.]

Arrest of Qatari intelligence officials in the UAE

gulf today
By Habib Al Sayegh  – July 09, 2014
Emirati source: What was published in Doha was an attempt to cover up a series of intrusions into the internal affairs of a country
A source from the UAE quoted by the Arabic daily, Al Khaleej, a sister publication of The Gulf Today, claimed that “the arrested Qatari men in the UAE were intelligence officials” whose arrest “confirmed that the neighbouring Qatar is still detached from respecting the internal affairs of her neighbours thereby breaching the Riyadh agreement signed early this year.”

Al Khaleej quoted the source as saying that the available information on the spy agents contradicted what the Qatari paper, Al Arab, had said that they were on a tourism trip.

Al Khaleej further quoted the UAE sources as dismissing Al Arab’s claim because “hundreds of Gulf citizens enter the UAE or move out daily without any encumbrance.”

“For that case, Qatar has to come out clearly and open in the execution of her foreign policies whether within the Gulf countries or in any other Arab nation other than opting for underhand methods that have eroded confidence in her political expedition,” Al Khaleej quoted the UAE source.

The source said that the recent congratulatory message sent by the Qatari Emir to the leaders in the GCC and other Arab nations meant to break the isolation Qatar is facing but the message “does not reflect the reality on the ground which is exemplified by the latest arrest of spies in the land of the UAE.”

The source further said; “It is, therefore, natural for the UAE to take strict measures in matters pertaining to espionage or threats to the country’s security and stability.
This in light of what Qatar has been involved in before particularly regarding the ambiguous relationship with one Abdulrahman Al Nuaimi of an Al Karama organisation that was bent at promoting the Brotherhood, a.k.a., “Al-Islah” militia and discrediting the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

“Similarly, there was another individual, Mahmoud Al Jaidah, who claimed in the Qatari media that he was a traveller passing by the UAE yet the fact is he was raising money to free some members of Islah aka Secret Organisation.”

“Qatari’s security operation deliberately undermines and creates a rift among the relationships of regional countries.”