Obama’s Human Flotsam Washes Ashore In Macedonia—Repelled By Tear Gas

Macedonian police teargas thousands of refugees crossing from Greece – reports


Migrants camp near the village of Idomeni at the Greek-Macedonian border, August 20, 2015. © Alexandros Avramidis / Reuters
Macedonian police fired tear gas at crowds of thousands of migrants and refugees trying to cross the border from Greece, Reuters reported. The country declared a state of emergency on Thursday over the migrant crisis.

Police fired tear gas from behind barbed wire as an angry crowd demanded passage through Macedonia.

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Thousands of migrants were stranded near the Macedonian town of Gevgelija trying to get in from Greece, where they entered Europe. They aim to travel on to prosperous northern European countries.

Macedonian government sent riot police and army troops to restore order and deal with the inflow of people choking rail hubs.

Greece and other Southern European countries are being deluged by tens of thousands of refugees from troubled regions of the Middle East and North Africa. The EU is struggling to deal with the arrivals, with members bickering over quotas to accept them.

IDF Jets Bomb Syrian Positions In Golan



An Israeli airstrike against a Syrian military outpost in the Syrian Golan Heights killed one soldier and wounded seven others, Reuters quoted a Syrian army source as saying on Friday. Israeli jets attacked a base on Thursday night in the Quneitra area near the Israeli borders, according to Syrian state television. The Israeli military said it had retaliated against rockets that earlier hit an Israeli village near the Lebanese border. The attack reportedly set off fires but caused no casualties.



Israeli planes hit car in Syrian Golan, 5 civilians killed – Damascus


An Israeli airstrike hit a car in a village in the Syrian Golan Heights along the border, killing five civilians, according to the Syrian army. The attack took place in a village near Quneitra, Syrian state television reported, citing a military source. The air raid comes a day after Israel launched strikes against Syrian army posts in the border area. They were conducted in retaliation for what Israel said were rockets fired from Syria into Israel by Palestinian militants, Reuters said.