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Report that can seriously turn the Lebanese street: Siniora killed Hariri and was in connection with Mossad.

The Algerian newspaper sunrise published a report: “ahead of three days of the issuance of the report from the israeli Winograd Committee, appeared Winograd report was expected to overthrow the government of Olmert, while the second is ratified information contained in it .. it means a coup, magic turn on the magician and ignited a fire under conspirators feet on Lebanon.

Everyone here in Lebanon are wondering about the secret return of serious information posted on the Website Zionist nearly three weeks ago to the fore again? What is now trading in the media landscape and the Lebanese street on the Prime Minister “Fouad Siniora,” and accused him of employment in favor of the Zionist Mossad and his involvement in the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, all news circulated the Arab media and the world on the basis of the report of the “Israeli” but quickly close the file, which returned to open again after the assassination, “Wissam Eid,” Chief, Division of information in the Lebanese Internal Security Forces, which is interpreted by some views the opposition as “the liquidation of internal between conspirators on Lebanon followed Pantqamat,” adding that “the conspirators began to expose their plots and reveal their plans sordid themselves” .

Report are prohibited from publishing

The roots of the story while the Zionist military censorship prevented the deployment of a topic in the Hebrew newspaper Ha’aretz on 08 January current, which reads as follows:

“Officer” Israeli “former Aaron Goldberg and accused of betraying the Israeli state through the sale of the information super-secret intelligence Russian and currently imprisoned in a military facility awaiting trial on charges of treason, confirms that, during his tenure at the Mossad between 1970-1989 as an officer of a field, managed via a third party the recruitment of Mr. Fouad Siniora, the Lebanese prime minister, backed by the U.S. administration. ”

The report adds: “Israeli officer high-level had been discharged from the army after he was convicted of selling arms and ammunition to the Mafia Israeli believes that its customers organizations subversive belonging to Fatah and Hamas in Yehuda and Samaria, and then discharged from the IDF after completing a prison in secret because to position the former military and security, imposed strict conditions Attorney General out of Israel, and it seems According to the novel, which leaked attorney Gilad Lavigne defense lawyers.

Have suffered a former general and his family difficulties material considerable denial comprehensive and County Court of his friends and neighbors and relatives, Vanazl in the village of Dogmegal north of Tel Aviv, away from public life between 1994 and 2003, after which the progress of the Attorney General at the request travel for tourism to the State of Lithuania to visit his son, who have a trade office there. ”

Russian intelligence and “treason”

The report continues narrative story Fjord: “lawyer confirms that the psychological state of the unfortunate and distress material and loss of friends and friends made the officer, who served in the Mossad for many years a man حاقدا looking for revenge, took advantage chance leaving Israel and tried to stability in Lithuania, but intelligence Russian Foreign learned his command, I called and worked to recruit him and asked him to return to the country in order to be activated after a period. ”

He continues, defense counsel in telling the story of the officer the high-level forbidden from talking with the press says: not recognized Gen. Goldberg any activity that affects the state of Israel, but returned immediately and contact his colleagues and disciples of former Mossad in order to tell them what had happened to him with Russian intelligence, what was of them, but transferred him the judiciary, which ordered the police to arrest him on charges of treason charges passed accurate information about his previous work in the IDF and the Mossad for the Russians, note that Gen. Goldberg and always according to his lawyer had leaked information is correct and is important for the Russians to convince them of his honesty in collaboration with them, while the Attorney General that the Goldberg has already collaborated with the Russians, and then returned and regrets she did try contacting Mossad coverage and to inform them about it.

Goldberg insists on his innocence, as does his lawyer, who received an order from the Attorney General in writing today to stop the transfer of the former general messages to the press culpable because what threatens borne the security of the State of Israel.

Details of the process of recruiting Mossad Siniora

As for the most important and most dangerous what is stated in this report, the outlawed is about telling the recruit Lebanese Prime Minister “Fouad Siniora” for Mossad in the seventies, says the report on the lips of the lawyer, citing his client’s former general that “Goldberg worked in his youth operations officer responsible for training and follow-up workers with an Israeli intelligence external Mossad in Lebanon, and that the dossier as “light” with the number 345 548 handed to him for follow-up and training, go to Beirut through the airport in Paris, a French passport forger and booked himself a furnished apartment in Park High in Mount Lebanon, and from there Contact Customer Noor , whose real name is Fouad Siniora Mohammed from the city of Sidon, so he بتدريبه on the means of communication, secure messaging and information gathering technology and mislead investigators. ”

The report adds the words of the same source: “It was that in 1974 he saw Siniora Mr. Goldberg twice after the first in Israel after he was transferred to Greece in secret and then to Tel Aviv and was in the year 1976, and the second in Paris, and also by a Jordanian passport forger and took place in the year 1977. ”

In three meetings The purpose of the meeting is to train light and follow its evolution in the collection of information, especially since relations began to be consolidated with the elite of the Palestinians and Lebanese.

Siniora, “the most important client of the Zionist entity”

The report adds in the context of his narrative of the novel serious: “It appears that after he arrived, Mr. Siniora to power at the head of Lebanon, see Gen. Goldberg client former Fouad Siniora, or light on the TV screen Vtzl on the spot, especially since the latter had come always in his hand a gift the coach is a famous Lebanese candy on behalf of his family and was adamant that it made his hands. ”

The report adds: “General Goldberg prevented from adding any contact through his lawyer with the press, and it seems that the revenge of the judge who يحاكمه will not continue and will stop at the borders of detection Siniora كمجند for the benefit of the State of Israel for decades, something that may not be harmful significant, because what he did to Mr. Siniora publicly in the second Lebanon war waged by Nasrallah and Iran on civilians in Israel, and what to do after the war of meetings semi-public in Washington and Beirut with reporters, officers and diplomats, ministers Israelis, and what he did from the parking publicly against Hezbollah and its leader, Hassan Nasrallah, all of those things combined make up great services for the benefit of the State of Israel can not recruit in the Mossad, whatever, whatever the degree that provided. ”

Hariri’s assassination at the hands of those closest it

Site “Failaka Israel” who talked about the story of “recruiting Mossad Fouad Siniora since 1974,” published a report prepared by Professor إيلياهو Bniemson, known Bmaadath of the Zionist entity and its support for the Palestinians, Bnasimmon transfer is also about Goldberg “involvement Siniora in the killing of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri , “he said:” It was a key point of efforts to uncover the murder of Hariri is based on trying to figure out who the person is close to him, pointing to the Siniora, who know the killers itinerary motorcade, and is the one who gave the killers heading signal from Parliament to his home hours assassination? ? .., some observers official accused security of the former, which has not lost sight of the procession only day of the assassination, known as Wissam al-Hasan, who was rewarded by Fouad Siniora on its failure to protect his master Rafik Hariri that the eye is responsible for the largest security apparatus in Lebanon, a branch of information which was supported by the strength and funded and trained by America and Britain, France and several Arab countries. ”

Serious secrets revealed Siniora

While he called the disclosure about the history of Siniora spoke Professor Bnasimmon, saying: “Let’s review the history of Siniora public to see if his actions match and described the alleged informant secret among the elite of Lebanon to the Israelis or not: arrived Fouad Siniora at the beginning of his appearance social and quickly to the Office of President Salim Hoss, the leader of the Sunni sect Crowned at the beginning of the era of Elias Sarkis, 76, until the arrival of money and bribes Rafik Hariri in Beirut in 1982.

Action Siniora in the President’s Office Salim Hoss as an intern in the office of the prime minister, a position he held Salim Hoss for periods of several before and after the emergence of Rafik Hariri, the Lebanese political scene, but as soon as the emergence of the name of Rafik Hariri, financially and politically, leaving Fouad Siniora, his work with the teacher, a former economy Salim Hoss , and jumped to Hariri boat upside.

Was that the same last accountant key to his companies in Lebanon, and then chairman of one of its banks big in Beirut Bank (Mediterranean), which Thumper through it Fouad Siniora in the years 1987 to 1992 on the Lebanese pound, fell to its exchange rate against the dollar than fifty pounds to three thousands of pounds for one U.S. dollar.

Thus flew billions of Lebanese deposited in banks, including the four banks fully owned by Rafik Hariri. ”

He adds Professor Israeli: “To the memory of all, President Salim Hoss presented in 1984 for trying to blow up a car bomb which are charged at the time, former intelligence chief of Lebanon’s pro-Israel, called Johnny Abdo, an inventor formula employment open to Israel, and a guide Ariel Sharon’s invasion of Lebanon In 1982, “pointing out that” Johnny Abdo is a companion and adviser Saad and Nazek and Fouad Siniora, the main political and security which Siniora also lined with Rafik Hariri, after the political prominence in Beirut. ”

Allies beat each in difficult moments

As noted at the beginning of the article that most of this information circulated Lebanese media since the days is not a small figure, what is the secret behind their appearance and more days Alvartin, especially since the leaks on both occasions sources Zionist media, It is clear that Olmert’s government began to sense that they were uttered breath Last The report of the Winograd will knock out inevitably, in an attempt to save what can be saved, creating what can be described as a success, Olmert is currently seeking to weaken Hezbollah or involvement in an internal war or make a conglomerate domestic and international against him eventually leads to weaken and disarm, and These attempts are months ago, and more cooperation with the ruling group in Lebanon, which correspond interests with the interests of the Zionist and American, but it seems that the failure of the this team in that endeavor, which culminated in the failure of the process of the recent terrorist targeting “Wissam Eid” to achieve its objectives The choice of personal target and timing were very stupid, and did not Ahakqa required both involving Syria and its Lebanese allie in the process, or to ignite the internal front of Lebanon, which made the party Zionist in an awkward position is no salvation from him – by his belief – only by clicking on the lebanese ally “Fouad Siniora “in order to move more effectively than ever before, but it is clear that all of the conspiracy against Lebanon and his people strangled in darkness after the defeat of their balance.

* Sunrise correspondent of Beirut: Walid Arafat

– تقرير خطير يقلب الشارع اللبناني: السنيورة قتل…|By ‎مأرب برس‎


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