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Taliban Civil War

[The CIA/Mi6 is behind all of this “Taliban split” news, including the
fake negotiations and the fake replacement for Mullah Omar. Most of the
key Taliban leaders involved in these charades, either the split, or the negotiations, have been CIA guinea pigs at Guantanamo, where they all received CIA ‘reconditioning.’

RAW involvement is incidental, other than its contribution to the CIA
programming (SEE: The Indian Art of Turning Jihadis Into Anti-Jihadis
and the War On Pakistan). 

Once again, we see the anti-Taliban faction, Fidai Mahaz Mujahideen the remains of the loyalists who followed Dadullah (SEE: Mullah Dadullah Faction Exposes All the Fake Taliban Negotiations), fighting the new CIA Taliban under Mansour.  This time, they not only fight in the south on their home turf, they hit the forces of coalition-supported, Gen. Dostum (SEE: Taliban kill 25 militiamen loyal to first vice president Gen. Dostum).  The real Taliban loyalists are willing to fight a civil war within the Taliban in order to stop the US-created fake Taliban.

This will be another war without borders, fought by the first Islamic Caliphate.]

5 dead in gunbattles between rival Taliban factions


  • AP, Kabul

At least five were killed in gunbattles between rival Taliban factions in southern Afghanistan, a top official with the insurgent group said on Saturday. The clashes took place at a time when members of the Taliban meet in Pakistan to resolve a leadership crisis following the death of its former leader Mullah Mohammad Omar.

It was the first confirmed report of deadly Taliban infighting after an announcement last month that Mullah Omar had been dead for more than two years. Mullah Omar’s family objected after his former deputy Mullah Akhtar Mansoor was named the new Taliban leader and rivalries have spilled into violence, said Ahmad Rabbani, head of a committee trying to reunify the group.

Rabbani spoke from the Pakistani city of Quetta, where hundreds of Taliban loyalists are meeting in an effort to resolve the split.

The five deaths came after Taliban commander Mullah Mansoor Dadullah, loyal to Mullah Omar’s family, led hundreds of gunmen against Mansoor supporters in the southern Afghan province of Zabul, where the Taliban have long had a fighting presence, Rabbani said.

Rabbani said his committee hoped to reach a decision on who should lead the Taliban whose leaders have been based in Pakistan since their regime was overthrown in a US-led invasion in 2001 by Tuesday.

Meanwhile, at least 13 police were reported killed in separate attacks in eastern and southern Afghanistan.

Col Asadullah Ensafi, the deputy police chief in eastern Ghazni province, said at least eight officers were killed and 15 wounded in separate Taliban attacks on police checkpoints on Friday in Andar and Qarabagh districts.

Insurgents have intensified attacks on police checkpoints in recent months, as they typically have few men and are vulnerable. Casualties have soared.

Separately, Ensafi said an Afghan forces airstrike killed 16 insurgents and wounded 17 late on Friday in Ghazni’s capital.

The war with the Taliban has been particularly tough this year for Afghan forces, who are fighting without international combat troops backing them up after the US and NATO pulled out last year.

Separately, in the Chora district of southern Uruzgan province, five police officers were killed when their vehicle hit roadside bomb, said Abdul Qawi, the Chora police chief.

Austria’s OMV sues Turkey for pulling out of Nabucco pipeline project

Austria’s OMV sues Turkey for pulling out of Nabucco pipeline project



Austria’s OMV, the largest oil and gas company in Eastern and Central Europe, is suing Turkey and its prime minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, for pulling out of the Nabucco gas pipeline project, the Austrian business weekly Trend reported.

OMV is seeking damages for Turkey’s decision to back out of the project, which was supported by the European Union and would have built a pipeline to carry natural gas from Azerbaijan to Europe, reducing dependence on Russian gas.

Ankara withdrew from the project and agreed in May to a deal with Russia for an alternative gas pipeline, the TurkStream.

OMV, which filed suit with a World Bank international arbitration panel in June, refused to comment, Trend said.

The Austrian energy company liquidated OMV Nabucco Gas Pipeline International GmbH, a unit created to build Nabucco, at a loss of 177 million euros ($197.9 million), the business weekly said.

OMV said during the release of its quarterly results that it was developing a strategy for expanding cooperation with Russia to shore up revenues amid the collapse of oil prices on the global market and production cuts in Libya and Yemen, two countries where it operates.

The Austrian energy company’s revenues plunged 38 percent in the second quarter, compared to the same period in 2014, despite higher production.

OMV signed a memorandum of understanding with Russia’s Gazprom, as well as with Anglo-Dutch supermajor Royal Dutch Shell and Germany’s E.ON, to double the capacity of the Nord Stream gas pipeline, which links Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea.

Gazprom and OMV also have an agreement in place to bring the South Stream pipeline, which will carry Russian gas via the Black Sea through the Balkans to Europe, avoiding Ukraine, to Austria. EFE