Mullah Dadullah Has Not Joined ISIS—ignore the British press

[Brit press pushing the Taliban unity psyop, just as they once pushed the “Taliban split” garbage, a.k.a., “good Taliban, bad Taliban” (SEE: Taliban declare end to leadership rift).]

Disaffected Dadullah denies joining Daesh after rumors


KABUL (Pajhwok): The senior Taliban leader Mullah Mansoor Dadullah on Thursday denied he had joined the self-styled Islamic State or Daesh group.

In a message to Pajhwok Afghan News, Dadullah said he was against Taliban’s new supreme leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, but he had not abandoned the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the official name Taliban used during their regime.

Younger half brother of late Taliban leader Mullah Dadullah Akhund, who was killed in 2007 by Afghan and foreign forces, Dadullah said he would continue waging insurgency until foreign troops remain stationed in Afghanistan as a member of the emirate.

He said he had not joined Daesh group and some people had started a negative propaganda against him. “We are with the emirate and will be.”

Earlier media reports quoted an IS supporter, who claims to be spokesman for the terrorist group in Afghanistan, as claiming Dadullah had pledged allegiance to the group.

He had said Dadullah was rescued from an offensive by Taliban militants, involving 2,100 fighters in southern Zabul province. He said at least 230 Daesh fighters were deployed to Zabul from western Farah province to engage the Taliban militants and rescue Dadullah.

Dadullah recently appeared in a video claiming that Mullah Mansour had been allegedly appointed , calling him a forger.

But in his message, Dadullah said the issue of his allegiance to Mansour was being investigated by religious scholars who would make a decision in this regard. “Some people are misusing my video, even they don’t recognize our 14 years of campaign,” he said.

In his video, Dadullah had said Mullah Mansour was illegally appointed as the new leader who had sent a special force of warriors to Zabul to assassinate them. He had said they did not want the blood of Muslims to be shed and had started efforts through religious scholars to resolve the issue in a peaceful way.

“We are trying to resolve this issue and build courage. But if it did not happen, we are compelled to defend ourselves in light of fitwa by religious scholars,” Dadullah said in his message. He said some Taliban fighters had been sent to Zabul for fitna, but they returned after realising the truth.