Turkey Claims Bust of ISIS Cell In Istanbul, Allegedly Training Tajik Children for Uzbek Interests

They set up camp in Pendik Isidor: 29 arrested


Pendik’te IŞİD kampı kurmuşlar: 29 gözaltı
Uzbekistan is prepared to go to war in Tajikistan Isidor pure in Istanbul and was captured 24 militants and 29 children.
She trains children in the schools they established group

Istanbul Anti-Terror Branch Directorate teams held a long time to get the physical and technical follow-up and the majority of the Uzbekistani people the night before the group consisting of simultaneous operation. In follow-up made to come to Turkey illegally from eastern provinces Uzbek choose Pendik district of Istanbul as their base, and Tajikistan-born individuals recently through Syria and Iraq Isidor reached the knowledge that in preparation for joining the ranks. Thereupon predetermined Pendik 13, at a site Kayaşehir luxury 5 different addresses were raided. Special Operations teams of the land, the operation held simultaneously with helicopter air support are active under the name of the school was raided many places.
24 operations in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan nationals with children under the age of 18 and 53 people were detained. The group calls made at home gidcek of Syria and Iraq in conflict zones maps and documents that the contacts were seized.

Children Isidor training

Most of Uzbekistan nationals were taken to the Anti-Terror Branch Directorate, Vatan Caddesi 29 to 50 people for questioning. Among those detained were 24 children under the age of 18 were taken to Pendik Children’s Bureau Headquarters. Children are also being investigated by the police allegedly taken to Isidor. Özbekv police terror in pursuit of his Tajik nationals of the people they hire, especially basements in this area and were determined to turn this place into training camp. Children, introduced the organization Isidor was allegedly given training on how to live in an Islamic state.


The promise of 30 thousand dollars

Al Qaeda limit extension showing more activity in Afghanistan as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, last August announced his allegiance Isidor meat. Uzbek intelligence of Uzbek militants in Syria over 5 thousand was reported that the conflict in the ranks of Isidor. Isidor Islamic groups in Uzbekistan promise of money in the reports of 30 thousand to 20 thousand fighters into their ranks to take his asserts.