Japan and Turkmenistan Govt. Strike Deal To Develop TAPI and Super-giant ‘Galkinish’ gas field

Japanese consortium to equip Turkmen ‘Galkinish’ gas field


 Oct 17

Turkmenistan has signed a framework agreement with a consortium of a number of leading Japanese companies, according to which it will equip part of the ‘Galkynysh’ gas field, the Neutral Turkmenistan newspaper writes.

The construction of the gas field will allow an uninterrupted supply of the necessary volumes of natural gas for TAPI. According to preliminary estimates, ‘Galkinish’  is the second-largest gas field in the world according to the amount of gas, with estimated reserves of 21.2 trillion cubic meters of gas.

The Galkynysh Gas Field, formerly known as Iolotan gas field or South Yolotan

[Is the unanticipated, wholly unexplained, sudden, simultaneous resurgeance of the likewise moribund Afghan Taliban movement purely coincidental?  (SEE:  Collusion and Subterfuge Between Fake Taliban, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and US—ALL FOR TAPI )  Watch for the Taliban to suddenly strike-up a peace deal in the ongoing Chinese-brokered Afghan peace negotiations, which will allow TAPI to go forward.  If all of this happens, then it will mean that the new fake Taliban, under “Mullah Mansour,” will have suddenly gotten a lot richer.]

[Japan has breathed new life into the seemingly moribund project (SEE: Engineering-exploration works began on TAPI gas pipeline route—09.03.2015).] 

“A working meeting of experts of SC “Turkmengas” with representatives of Japanese corporations – “Mitsubishi”, “Chiyoda”, “Sojits”, “Itochu” and “JGC” has taken place the other day in the Central building of the Oil and gas complex of Turkmenistan. Interaction with Japanese partners is an important component for our country in a context of development of cooperation of Turkmenistan with the Asian region as a whole. Development of economic partnership, realization of joint projects in gas sphere became a theme of Turkmen-Japanese negotiations. First of all, there was a discussion on the third stage of development of a super huge “Galkynysh” deposit. Issues on use of high technologies in primary cleaning of natural gas produced here and construction of modern gas-purifying plant, as well as feasibility study of this project have been discussed. Results of discussion are closely connected with preparation of resource base for the TAPI pipeline, which will sell 33 billion cubic meters of gas per year.”

Japan: ISIS Recruiting Ground?
Sheik Hasan Nakata“Sheik Hasan Nakata”, a.k.a., Ko Nakata, a former Islamic law professor at Doshisha University

“Doshisha Initiative for Afghan Reconciliation Negotiations”.. Ko NAKATA.

Doshisha Center for Peace and Development In Afghanistan

Is Turkmenistan’s gas line a pipe dream?

“Turkmenistan insists that the pipeline’s construction will start by the end of 2015. The visit in May (20) of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to Ashgabat seemed to confirm this – both sides pledged to put fast track the project.—-(22 June 2015, attack on the Afghan parliament in Kabul )

Likewise the recent visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Turkmenistan () is also being seen as a boost to the project.

TurkmenGaz, Afghan Gas Enterprise, Inter State Gas Systems (Pakistan) and GAIL (India) are all equal shareholders in the Tapi Pipeline Company which will build, own and operate the pipeline.”

April 18, 2015
suicide bomb attack on a bank branch in Jalalabad–[FAZLULLAH, ISIS] has killed at least 35 people–Taliban condemns ISIS for deadly bombing in Afghanistan

9 April 2015
Gunmen dressed in military uniforms have stormed the office of the attorney general in the northern Afghan city of Mazar-e-Sharif, killing at least 10 people–Afghan attack: Deadly gun battle in Mazar-e-Sharif

24 Mar 2015
Bus passengers killed in Afghanistan attack, 13 people dead in Wardak province–[indicates Fazlullah faction, a.k.a., “ISIS IN AFGHANISTAN”]

Opening Statement  H.E. Daud S. Saba

Minister of Mines and Petroleum of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan

for TAPI 21st Steering Committee Meeting

19March 2015, Delkusha Palace, Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan to deploy 7,000 troops to guard TAPI pipeline
December 13, 2010


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