US May Obtain Mary Air Base In Turkmenistan

The Turkmen Mary may receive US base
Viktoria Panfilova

MaryTurkmenistan pipeline Galkinish, US base Turkmen delegation at the talks in Washington to discuss security issues of the country. Photo from the official website of the US Embassy in Turkmenistan

Ashgabat started implementation of the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI). Its resource base will be one of the largest deposits of “Galkynysh”, which will develop Japan and China. Security guarantees will provide the United States. This may cause a confrontation with Beijing Ashgabat, who wanted to personally engage in “Galkinish”, as well as Moscow and Tehran, who opposes traditional appearance or strengthening of the US in the areas of its traditional geopolitical influence.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, October 22-28, in the framework of Central Asian tour to visit Ashgabat. It is expected that negotiations with the leaders of the Central Asian countries will mainly be devoted to energy. Japan wants to get the cooperation of the region according to the formula “technology in exchange for resources.” Tokyo, in particular, is prepared to invest $ 2 billion. To the port of Turkmenbashi. Earlier, an agreement was reached on the participation of Japanese corporations in the projects of construction and oil and gas industry of Turkmenistan. In particular, the corporation Mitsubishi, Chiyoda, Sojits, Itochu and JGC concluded a framework agreement with the State Concern “Turkmengaz” in the arrangement of the field “Galkynysh”, from which will start the TAPI pipeline.

In terms of gas reserves “Galkinish” second only to “South Pars” and is the second in the world in terms of reserves – 21.2 trillion cubic meters. meters of gas. The emergence of Japan as a developer of deposits is unlikely to please China – two years ago, “Turkmengaz” and China Development Bank after talks of heads of state, Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov and Xi Jinping signed an agreement under which China agreed to build another branch pipeline from Turkmenistan to China from the field “Galkynysh” , including the agreement on the presence of a third party was not a word.

At the same time, Turkmenistan started construction of main arterial TAPI gas pipeline stretching 1,735 km and a volume of over 30 billion cubic meters. meters of gas per year. Part of the pipe length of 215 km, which will take place on the territory of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat build at its own expense and on their own. This project has been repeatedly postponed due to the unstable situation in Afghanistan. Today the situation in this country, at least not improved, and, apparently, the pipeline is connected with some enhanced security guarantees that Ashgabat has received from Washington during the recent visit of Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Rashid Meredov in the United States.

Expert on Central Asia and the Middle East, Alexander Knyazev, does not exclude that the Americans promised security and on the border, and for the construction of TAPI in exchange for the placement of its Air Force at the airport Mary-2. “The details are still unknown. All I know is that, apparently, because of this, without explanation canceled the proposed visit to Ashgabat, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, and was promoted the status of the Turkmen-American consultations on which, in fact, everything is discussed, “- said,” NG “Alexander Knyazev . According to him, the US side is happening is planned: just look at what the main points of the base and the US military presence precisely coincide with the route of TAPI. “In the same context, must be considered and the question of the extension of time and an increase in the size of the US presence in Afghanistan after the events in Kunduz, and Faryab, which could also be planned just as a pretext for the US in Afghanistan reincarnation. And the degree of panic around the Tajik-Afghan border in this case can be reduced to the order, the fun will take place in the Turkmen direction, “- said the expert.

Director of the Analytical Center of MGIMO Andrei Kazantsev noted that “there is such an arrangement, based on preliminary agreements: Japan gets the field” Galkynysh “, and begins construction of TAPI, which corresponds to US interests in the framework of the project” Greater Central Asia “. The meaning of it was just hovering in the region of contact between the AfPak (Afghanistan-Pakistan) and post-Soviet Central Asia to stabilize the situation in these countries with the help of energy projects that interest and Kabul and Islamabad. “The United States is to afford a military airport Mary-2, which is claimed for a long time, and give security guarantees to Turkmenistan”, – said the “NG” Andrei Kazantsev.

In his opinion, such a linkage between the geopolitical interests of the US and Japanese economic is not new and is found in Asia quite often. “In favor of the close of the show, not only the visit of the Japanese prime minister to the region and plans for TAPI, and visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan in the United States, as well as – the recent statement of the Turkmen Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev (and indirectly, the head of Vladimir Putin) that on the Turkmen-Afghan border, all right, and do not talk about the presence there of some threats, “- said Kazantsev. In his opinion, it is reasonable to assume that this statement Ashgabat hinted Russia and Kazakhstan that they “climbed” in Turkmen affairs, and he is going to agree with everything the West.