Saudi Prince Arrested In Beirut, Smuggling 2 TONS of Captagon, Addictive, Amphetamine Mind-Control Drug

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5 Saudis Arrested so far:



counterfeit Captagon from Serbia1 

A study was conducted in Jordan by Alabdallah, 2005 at the Forensic Labs (SEE:  Chemical characterization of counterfeit captagon tablets seized in Jordan.). After analyzing 124 batches of Captagon seized and analyzed by Gas Chromatography.
His study revealed the absence of fenethylline in all samples analyzed.

[SEE: CAPTAGON—Saudi Mind Control Drug of Choice]

Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Aziz did not escape the duty, but was arrested with drugs in their aircraft.

The prince was arrested with two tons of drugs: “It is for their own use”

He thought he could hide behind its fine title: But duty came to the Saudi Prince bin Abdulaziz with 40 cartons dope.


On the package – several cartons – let the prince sticks his own name “His Highness Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Aziz”. He hoped that the load of two tons could go through the airport in Beirut without problems. But no.

He was arrested with two tons of drugs.

– It’s just for my own use, claiming the prince in the first interrogation.

The Saudi Prince and four other people were arrested at Beirut airport today, after trying to smuggle two tons of drugs in his private plane (not pictured).

Lebanese hashish is considered one of the world’s – maybe even the very best of hashish varieties. Better than Afghan hashish. There they experience who have tried it, but also drug dealers. It is grown in the Bekaa Valley, along the border with Syria.

But the young Saudi Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Aziz was flying in their own private planes all the way from Saudi Arabia to Lebanon, but not to buy hash. He was looking for cocaine and drug tablets of type Fenetylline.

“The only thing he did was to paste their own names on the boxes and hope that no one would stop him.”

Drug load was packed down in between the big boxes without using “hiding places” that drug smugglers commonly use. The only thing he did was to paste their own names on the boxes and hope that no one would stop him.

The Prince had with him four Saudi employees, Mubarak bin Ali bin Aied al-Harethy, Ziad bin Samir bin Ahmad al-Hakim, Bandar bin Saleh bin Marzouk al-Shrari and Yehia bin Shaem bin Saadi al-Shemari.

After a few days in Beirut was the load of two tons of drugs prepackaged for transport to the prince’s private aircraft that was parked at the airport in Beirut.

“We have stopped the Prince Abdul Mohsen bin Walid bin Abdul Aziz, who is one of the royal family members. He tried to smuggle two tons of drugs in their own aircraft. “

It writes Lebanese police said in a statement today.

A total seized by the customs 40 boxes full of dope.

Police said that the other four Saudis who were with him also were stopped when they were on their way from Beirut to Saudi Arabia.

A total seized by the customs 40 cartons filled with dope. All five, including the Prince, is now sitting in a jail in Beirut and interrogated by the police.

According to police sources acknowledging the prince that he wanted to transport the cargo to Saudi Arabia.

According to police sources, the prince was calm during the first interrogation, claiming that “the cargo is for myself. It’s for my own use, “and that he was heading to his home town of Riyadh.

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the official Lebanon is good. It takes polisärt cooperation and exchange of intelligence information, and even the movement of Saudi prisoners apprehended in Lebanon.

“It is not the first time Lebanese police put large drug loads that someone tries to smuggle through the airport in Beirut.”

Since Syria war broke out, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and the Lebanese Hezbollah almost hostile. Hezbollah is deeply involved in the war in Syria and fight the regime. Saudi Arabia supports with arms and money a variety of rebel groups fighting against the Syrian regime. Syria war made the already bad relationship between the Shiite Hezbollah and Wahhabi Saudi Arabia even worse. Saudi Arabia demands that Hezbollah should withdraw from Syria. Hezbollah, for its part accuses Saudi Arabia to massacre the people of Yemen.

It is not the first time Lebanese police put large drug loads that someone tries to smuggle through the airport in Beirut. In Lebanon manufactured drug tablets Fenetylline. Black irony of it all is that drug – largely grown and produced in the areas controlled by Hezbollah – mainly in the Bekaa Valley. Fenetylline sold for less than four crowns in Lebanon. However, it is a different class of cocaine because it is not produced here but smuggled from Latin America to Lebanon and on to the Gulf.

So, who are gossiping about the prince’s large drug load?

In Lebanon, everything is secret but everyone can feel it. It is a small country where nothing can be secret for more than 24 hours.

The interesting question is who has sold the drugs to the prince?

Saudi Arabia had arrested a normal citizen with a few grams of cocaine had this man received the death penalty.

In Lebanon, shall not be sentenced drug traffickers to death, but they can however get long prison sentences.

In the prince’s case, it is doubtful whether he will be tried. If one is to analyze the political game now so you have to make a direct link between the prince’s arrest and Saudi Arabia’s decision to assassinate imam NIMR al-NIMR.

NIMR al-NIMR is a Saudi Arabian dissident imam who is Shiite Muslim – that have the same belief that Hezbollah and Iran.

The captive Saudi prince passport.

Yesterday protested Iran against the verdict and threatened Saudi Arabia to pay a high price if you apply the judgment.

Today was arrested prince with two tons of drugs.

No doubt teach Hezbollah, which has great influence in Lebanese politics, exploiting the arrest of the prince to pressure Saudi Arabia to amend the judgment and, at best, dropping NIMR al-NIMR.

Saudi Arabia is in a difficult situation.

The prince, say, then in preliminary hearings that the drug load is for personal use.

He begins to recognize and uncover several high ranking within the royal family – maybe even the King himself – then it’s a completely different position for bargaining.

Kassem Hamade Kassem Hamade