Yemen Press Reveals “Colombian Snipers” Are Really Blackwater Agents

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Mercenaries “Blackwater” under the name of Colombian soldiers to Yemen


Palm-questioned columnist Abdullah bin Amer in health to be Colombian soldiers and officers to be sent to Yemen to be from Colombia army but mercenaries belonging to the company “Blackwater”.

According to Yemeni site-Presse, quoting Amer, he did not rule out the validity of reports that send Colombia troops to Yemen on the Saudi request, but he believes that Colombia is considered a central hub in attracting recruits “Blackwater” and trained by American influence in this country, which he described a lot of followers as “the Israel of Latin America.”

He noted Amer that “Blackwater” organization that provides military and security services are granted recruits immunity from prosecution under the legal action has been taken under the previous US administration, has turned out its role in Iraq following the US invasion so committed troops massacres ugly against Iraqis, especially in Fallujah, as well as her very bad history in Afghanistan.

Amer talk about Recruiting Colombian soldiers not only the creation of the media and public opinion on the soldiers follow the Colombian system and cover up the fact that these recruits are not only gangs “Blackwater” the most secret organization in the world and take it.

Amer added that there are other reasons to pay states aggression not to talk about the fact of will be recruited from Colombia and those reasons relate to the bad reputation of the company “Blackwater” and that prompted its leadership years ago to think about changing its name after the abuses in Iraq.

He spoke Amer said “Blackwater” services are also offered for all allies of the United States and present elements in most conflict zones, the company is implementing a suspicious roles in favor of the new world order where it was created for this purpose under the Bush Jr. administration and managed by one of the Americans extremists and who has a relationship with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and has already a presence in Abu Dhabi, 2011 for the purpose of establishing a secret special force of mercenaries are under the command of the UAE system.

He noted Amer that the UAE authorities then contracted with “Blackwater” millions of dollars after fears of expansion of the so-called Spring Arab it is still the relationship list until the moment which enhances the accuracy of the information that talks about call Windows Abu Dhabi to “Blackwater” for control of Aden .

“Blackwater” is the first organization in the world supplying mercenaries and form a private army and make a difference for the assassination and has more than 2,700 recruits and a fleet of planes and combat operations slogan “kill and then make sure that he was the enemy.”

Amer confirmed that the countries of aggression against all standards scandal if you do not stop the import of mercenaries “Blackwater” under the name of Colombian soldiers process, pointing out that everyone will know the truth of these soldiers and the fact that their role sooner or later also revealed the fact that nowadays some Gulf regimes such notorious company link.

He added Amer said there are several indicators confirm that the coming stage will witness conflicts between the countries of the same aggression and between various factions Vastdaa “Blackwater” is not only to carry out guerrilla warfare and assassinations that could affect the leaders of the different factions in order to create the ground for the existence of the power of influence and one controls the Aden specifically and then on rest areas.