US SECDEF Carter Admits That We Stir-Up Tension To Create Demand for War

[A simple formula…create tensions and you multiply the demand for US military intervention.  Here we have the US Sec. Defense admitting that US actions create demand for more American military intervention.  In a major psyop designed to be smoothed over and covered-up by pulling the strings of American patriotism, the Pentagon has learned how to create a demand for war, by inventing new enemies and pumping new life into old adversaries. 

The Pentagon has become a menace…a threat to all earthly life…but that seems to be the way that so many people want it.]

S China Sea tensions increasing demand for US presence: Pentagon
US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter (right) and South Korean Defense Minister Han Min Koo look towards North Korea at an observation post near the border village of Panmunjom, which has separated the two Koreas since the Korean War. Photo: AP

OSAN AIR BASE (South Korea) — Disputes over territory in the South China Sea are causing countries in the region to increase their demand for an American security presence, the United States defence chief said yesterday.

The attention to disputed claims in the South China Sea, the prominence of those disputes, is having the effect of causing many countries in the region to want to intensify their security cooperation with the United States,”—US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter