Boko Haram—The Example of Imperialist Terrorism in Africa

Boko Haram : The Example of Imperialist Terrorism in Africa

By PD Lawton
Boko Haram is the excuse for US/UK military intervention in Nigeria. Boko Haram are Saddam Hussein`s weapons of mass destruction, Syria`s sarin gas, Gadaffi`s dictatorship, Somalia`s Al Shebaab, Central African Republic`s Seleka rebels, DR Congo`s M23 ( and now FDLR), Mali`s Islamic extremists, Uganda`s LRA, Liberia`s Ebola, Iraq`s ISIS and the Middle East`s Al Qaeda. In short Boko Haram are justification for militarization and foreign intervention according to the new international law called R2P. This stands for Responsibility to Protect. This law was brought in just in time for NATO to bomb the hell out of Libya. And now the AU are sending 7,500 troops to Nigeria whose military might was quite capable of `restoring law and order` in Sierra Leone and Liberia during their civil wars/economic revolutions.
Image Attribute: Militaire Nigériens contre Boko Haram, March 2015 / Source: Wikimedia Commons
This is all linked to 9/11 and the resulting War on Terror which conveniently replaced the Cold War.
The USA is based on a war economy. This is called the military industrial complex, which means that the military forces of the USA are being used to defend the corporate interests of industry. Only fools are still believing that Saddam Hussein had WMDs which justified NATO bombing of Iraq and the death of 1.5 million Iraqis and the continuing carnage which is all part of the oil and heroin destabilization program.
The problem in Africa at present is the progress of a new banking system associated with the BRICS bloc, Brazil Russia India China and South Africa. This is the supreme threat to the Rothschild-owned Central Banking system that operates current global finance through the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( IMF), the Federal Reserve of America and the Bank of England. All these establishments are privately owned by a British based cartel headed by the Rothschild family who have economic hegemony over Africa.This hegemony was once called colonialism and is now called neo-colonialism.
Under Muammar Gadaffi, Africa`s banking system was due to be changed from UK/USA/Rothschild petro-dollar based debt system to the gold based system. Libya had stockpiled gold reserves worth an estimated $6 billion. Muammar Gadaffi was, behind the political scenes, bringing African leadership together to form an African economic union that would operate free of World Bank and IMF policy. Since his assassination and the destruction of Libya these gold reserves have disappeared. The white-collar criminal network that disguises itself as NATO have stolen it.
If Nigeria joined BRICS this would mean the end of UK hegemony in West Africa. Or in other words the end of colonialism in West Africa. Nigeria is particularly important to the Central Banking system because it has always been Britain`s St George. This term was how the British foreign office described Nigeria, according to declassified memos from the 1960s. St George was sent “to slay the Ghanaian dragon.” The Ghanaian dragon was Kwame Nkrumah and his new economic system was set to end colonialism/neo-colonialism/the British Empires economic control. Kwame Nkrumah`s system was the Organization of African Unity. And Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya, Liberia and many other rule-by-proxy African states of the 1960s did indeed slay the Ghanaian dragon and finally gave birth to a mutated corrupted version of Nkrumah`s OAU.
Today the African Union, as the OAU is now called, is how the Central Banking system/ British Empire/ imperialist powers conduct destabilization in Africa while looking African and Black. The African Union is not overtly a proxy institution, it is controlled through voting so appears to be democratic. As long as the majority of member-states belong to the British Commonwealth voting is always in favor of pro-Western policy. Blackmail is routinely used against leadership that does not tow the line. This blackmail can be economic as in the case of Zimbabwe. After Zimbabwe sent troops to aid Zaire from invasion by British agents Museveni and Kagame, the IMF called in Zimbabwe`s loans leading to the current economic collapse in Zimbabwe. Blackmail is also carried out by demonization, character assassination or governments overthrown by foreign engineered coups.
Nigeria has been the making of Royal Dutch Shell. This British-Dutch MNC has quite literally set new records for the word corruption. This corporation has owned Nigeria in every sense of the word for decades and it is one of the pre-eminent corporations of the City of London, otherwise known as the Corporation of London, the raw materials hub of the Economic Empire. Nigeria is a prize asset because it is large, geographically strategic in French-corporate dominated West Africa, full of oil and is industrialized with this currently being in the `right` hands. Nigeria is set to be one of the Central Banks/Empire`s Next Eleven. Next Eleven is the Goldman Sachs rating system for emerging economies.
Currently Jacob Zuma of South Africa is undergoing character assassination for his part in BRICS. This is not to say that Jacob Zuma is a decent leader or has a government that behaves decently to its citizens. Julius Malema`s EFF and the Democratic Alliance are part of a proxy process to bring down the ANC. The European and American sanctions against Russia are an attempt to bring down Putin.And although it is refreshing to see Blaise Compaore flung out of Burkina Faso this revolution more than likely involves Compaore`s interest in getting Burkina Faso to join BRICS.
This is not to say that like Saddam Hussein`s WMDs, Boko Haram do not exist. Boko Haram do exist in a mutated corrupted form of the original if it is indeed Boko Haram carrying out these acts of aggression and terrorism and not a completely new movement based on British cultivated radical Islam aka ISIS. Something similar but on a lesser scale just happened in France with the terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo journalists. This event was like the many attributed to Boko Haram, staged acts to instil fear in the public and in government. France had just prior to this event, muted a desire to end sanctions against Russia and had been in favor of recognizing a Palestinian state; both detrimental to the Central Banking system/the City of London and its desire to engineer the next Cold War with Russia over the Ukraine and to keep the Zionist State of Israel as the cuckoo of the Middle East ie Terrorism Central. Kenya`s Westgate Shopping Mall was a staged terror attack ( very clearly staged) in preparation for the current invasion of Nigeria by AU forces and very likely a reprisal against Kenya-China trade deals.
When Ebola erupted Ellen Johnson Sirleaf embraced it with enthusiasm. So enthusiastic was she to allow Liberia to be militarized by US forces posing as nurses that she attempted to shut down parliament and hold Liberia under martial law right done to its government. Luckily she did not get away with this. So does Ebola exist or not? The natural form of this disease exists in the fruit bat population of the jungles who most likely also supply immunity and a cure. The weaponized form of Ebola exists in a Tekmira laboratory in Canada and is most likely only passed on by injection/ `vaccination`.
Joseph Kony has proved a lucrative problem for the Ugandan Goverment.But does he exist? Most likely is that the LRA was formed by Joseph Kony to resist the British agent in the Ugandan government who has a private war against the Acholi people of northern Uganda because they do not want to vote for him. And whilst having the duplicated version of the LRA, militarization of northern Uganda can be justified. For his troubles with terrorism, Yoweri Museveni is paid billions of dollars by the British Foreign Office and the American budget for supporting anti-terrorism is unlimited.
The man who founded Boko Haram was called Mohammed Yusuf. He was murdered in police custody in Nigeria in 2009.The rare photo of him does not resemble Boko Haram`s offspring of Al Qaeda/ISIS bearded , AK47 , RPG waving, black flag flying Islamic lunatics. And to disagree with Western education is not a crime and not necessarily a backward Taliban concept. Western education is flawed to extreme levels and a Darwinian concept of the Universe is not only atheist but spiritually and scientifically harmful.

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PD Lawton is founder of, a writer, researcher and revisionist historian working for true African liberation and a real end to colonialism. Also, a Guest Writer at Pambazuka News.

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